Khairy Jamaluddin or KuLi it remains Mahathir


“Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and forever”. -Leon Trotsky

There is no virtue in abandoning your station under fire. It is the sign of cowardice and a weakness which has no cure. It is the mark of the lowest of the low, the weakest of the weak.

Khairy Jamaluddin is a coward in no uncertain terms. Another Mahathir man in the ranks on a fat retainer to corrupt UMNO.

On learning of the BN’s losses at GE 14 he urged Malays at UMNO to join Mahathir. This is the caliber of a man who wants to lead UMNO on Saturday. Under fire from the enemy he shouts “join the enemy join the enemy”. Go to the Harapan.

What Khairy did on 9 May brought UMNO, the Malays and Malaysia’s armed forces into irredeemable disrepute. As a former officer in the armed forces he ought to have known that courage under fire is what makes an officer and leader. Deserting his post makes for a coward and a traitor.

Today he sings from a different hymn book espousing the virtues of a  Mahathir totalitarian system bought and paid for in dollars but not quite in those same words or terms. Khairy encouraged desertion when he ought to have been standing stoically and firmly against a foe that threatens to tear the fabric of his people to shreds over a personal vendetta and quest for UMNO’s wealth. Their wealth.

Khairy Jamaluddin from his university days coveted the UMNO leadership even if that meant getting in through marriage which he did. “The African” as some refer to him as disparagingly behind his back is articulate and young. Intelligent too but with as much leadership qualities as a mouse armed with a piece of cheese. 

Khairy showed his true colors bashing the party “he loves and wants to lead” with the call to members to cross over to Mahathir’s PH. That’s the man many are seeking to vote president on Mahathir’s behalf today.


Khairy and KuLi are in fact seeking to take over all of UMNO’s assets sharing the spoils with Mahathir and his friends. When Mahathir resigned 20 years ago he believed the MYR7,000,000,000 to MYR 12,000,000,000 (7 to 12 billion and perhaps more) in Malay assets would remain shared with him. After all he says he created those assets. Not the Malays not UMNO. Najib refused and that’s where the campaign against Najib began.

Tonite Khairy and KuLi seek to regain all UMNO assets and gradually merge them into Pakatan Harapan with each of them receiving something worthwhile in return. If they can’t, then Mahathir will use all his coercive powers as PM to disband UMNO and appropriate all its assets to Pakatan Harappan giving him control of all Malay wealth as he always coveted it.

That’s the real choice UMNO members really are faced with tonite. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Khairy Jamaluddin’s campaign and tilt at the UMNO presidency is paid for by none other than Mahathir. The entire GE 14 and its aftermath is evidence of the shallowness of a bunch of sheep in Malaysian politics drunk on their status as an economic miracle in an otherwise largely impoverished Asia. Those who have any spine and the ability to think independently are far and few especially in UMNO.

UMNO is not about corrupted leaders. If that were the case then Khairy and KuLi, Mahathir (from previous years) and every other Malay is corrupt because one; they allowed it to happen: two; they turned a blind eye to it or did nothing about it and funded it.

Just to give an inkling of what lies ahead, Vincent Tan claims he did not know about T7 global’s interests in a particularly large scale local venture. In most countries that’s negligence and actionable by shareholders if the chairman of a firm pleads such an excuse of engaging their money in a venture without knowing anything of it.

But this is Malaysia of great lawyer’s writers, clean politicians and investigators. If it was hubris that brought the Najib administration down, then it was ignorance and sustained corruption that brought the Pakatan Harapan up.


Most Malaysians of the previous opposition variety cheer Mahathir as if they brought him into power and are “relieved” their “sufferings” in a “corrupt” regime is over. Now let’s examine that claim closer.

Corruption is rife not just in UMNO, it is also rife in every level of public life in Malaysia. Take the Port Kelang Fiasco. That’s $7 billion of it. No one has really been brought to account for it inspite of a PwC forensic report on the affair and a CIA published though redacted study of the affair.

What Mahathir and his proxies which includes Khairy Jamaluddin have done in enriching themselves through robbing UMNO the so called NGO’s assisted him through ignoring his excess.

His daughter Marina featured prominently in flirting with foreign NGO’s to cover the smell.  The previous opposition now in government were the other factor. Ignorance and arrogance combined. They now have to eat what Mahathir dishes out. They underestimated him and he quietly sidelined Anwar their man. But no one seems t know that. The Chinese are now mopping up the windfalls after the deluge with Mahathir as their protector.


Mahathir was the most hated man in Malaysia (and dare I say in many parts of the world as well) for his corruption, totalitarianism, curtailment of human and democratic rights, bullying and hatred of Malaysia’s Indians he still refers to as Keling. But with the Indians that’s okay. They matter little to even themselves in Malaysia. Whats important is that Mahathir conned them through Marina’s NGO’s and made them believe they were voting for an Anwar government. Not so. But fools often learn the hard way. Some of them.

There are the Renong Papers, the United Engineers Papers and a host of other matters which people merely have to know where to look for and to find if they want to know how and where the money went from UMNO and why Mahathir is so desperate to control UMNO again with a proxy.

In early 1990 UMNO through proxies working on its behalf, principally Halim Saad and Anuar Othman had regained control of the most lucrative of UMNO’s assets. And largely through United Engineers, those proxies had also built Hatibudi Nominees into another large business that was beholden to the UMNO leadership under Mahathir. One significant chunk of shares in Utusan Melayu though remained tightly held in the hands of Razaleigh (KuLi) as insurance for him and beyond the control of the UMNO leadership. But to clear himself he signed a public declaration that these shares really belonged to UMNO. No they did not because they were registered in his name.

Halimtan is a private and exempt company in which Daim figures prominently. Here Vincent Tan also a non Malay and some other Chinese hid behind the corporate skirts and veil of prominent Malays. Others held Mahathir’s stakes. But according to Daim and Mahathir these were for the “Malays”.

Renong after recapitalization in unlawful mergers and take overs was capitalized at one stage at between MY$6- 7 billion. All of this the private fiefdoms of Mahathir, Daim, Halim Saad and others. And for good measure some of the royal families were given shares for nothing which without shareholder approval is unlawful. Therein lies one of the hooks Mahathir has over the Agong and the Sultans. They are literally his slaves for want of a better word.

It is people like Khairy and KuLi, the blue bloods by marriage or by birth that have corrupt not just UMNO but the entire Malaysian population.

The whole idea of Mahathir’s return to government is to purge his corruption from the public record as he does with a compliant and blissfully ignorant Tommy Thomas as his Attorney General. And Khairy Jamaluddin and KuLi are there to assist him. Wolves’ dressed as sheep.

Today the Malays cement their destiny turning it from a nasty rumour about their intelligence (or lack of it) into fact.

Anwar Ibrahim where oh where are you when your country needs you most?


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