The election of Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to the office of the 8th President of Malaysia’s largest and most powerful political organization, the United Malay Nationalist Organization (UMNO) is a sign of how fluid and rapid the changing face of Malaysia’s politics is today.

A quiet and somewhat shy man, Hamidi has shown a distaste for the brash, loud and intimidation of moneyed politics of his predecessors at UMNO by rejecting a desperate offer to merge UMNO with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM). The consequence of that rejection by Zahid of an offer from Mahathir, bent on destroying UMNO and everything it stands for, was to be branded a liar by Mahathir.

Zahid is spearheading a revival by the Malay hinterland’s angry fightback to regain prominence as custodians of the land they call Tanah Melayu and their political heritage with it. The revival and fightback by the Malays at UMNO was directed against the pretenders, converts to Islam and half breed Malays and Royals who have over the years systemically plundered UMNO’s and the Malays treasury and its wealth. Entrusted to leaders like Mahathir, UMNO’s wealth and dignity was traded and systematically plundered for the benefit of a handful of urban Malays and the Chinese. UMNO has been a piggy bank to underwrite Chinese risk and the business ventures of Mahathir’s close associates and family members with no discernable benefit to the majority of Malays.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is a step by step politician never given even under the most testing of circumstances to show his hand. Mahathir recently desperately tried to woo the man and UMNO into the money ring of Mahathirsm by suggesting Zahid merge UMNO with Mahathir’s floundering ‘flash in the pan’ political party PPBM. That proposition did not go down well because Zahid resisted the temptation of money and the hollow rhetoric of Mahathir who threatened him with reprisals if Zahid refused his offer.

It was “an offer too good to refuse” in Mahathir’s own words. Mahathir who is known to often watch his favourite movie of all time “the Godfather” time and time again and is said to draw many lessons from that trilogy by Francis Ford Copolla was not very subtle with Zahid. Mahathir believed that Zahid’s tilt at the presidency was a lost cause because of the sheer volume of Mahathir money floating around UMNO’s weaker candidates KuLi and Khairy Jamaluddin. Mahathir had miscalculated badly. Mahathir was wrong.


Vengeance will now as expected flow from Mahathir’s government directed at the Malays he has shown so much unadulterated contempt for since becoming prime minister this year.

Mahathir is hurting because he denounced as a criminal the immediate past Prime Minister Najib Razak, using the corrupted Polis Di Raja Malaysia and elements of the special branch on his payroll to set up the former Prime Minister for a fall.  In the process, he also compromised and corrupted the former head of Malaysia’s Reserve Bank Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ungku Zeti Akhtar binti Ungku Abdul Aziz. It has been revealed that the former Prime Minister Najib Razak was set up by Zeti with the redirection of MYR2.6 billion into his personal account then feeding the fact to the media.

The vice appears to be closing in on Mahathir whose hold on the government is dependent in Anwar Ibrahim’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) holding a bank of seats with the Democrat Action Party in parliament to give Mahathir that majority over the Barisan Nasional (BN). That coalition of convenience with the PKR hangs midair not knowing what it is Anwar Ibrahim had in mind and what he is up to now.


Anwar’s formidable foreign friends are no friends of Mahathir. That includes the Neo Cons in Washington who were relying on a pro US (BITRAC) Mahathir as a bulwark against “Chinese expansionism” in the region. Their support for the Mahathir bandwagon had nothing to do with love of the man. Rooster today Feather duster tomorrow.

Anwar is able to fulfil that role with the backing of the majority of the Malays under Zahid. Its horses for courses and not permanent loyalty that is paramount in politics. Will Zahid give in to Anwar? Time and necessity will tell.

Mahathir’s doom began yesterday at 5.00pm Malaysian time when the die was cast at UMNO. Anwar may be looking to leverage his 29 seat lever in achieving what Mahathir had conveniently appropriated to himself and his PPBM. The math is not the same now that UMNO is back in the equation.


Mahathir’s plan was to merge with the PKR, humiliate UMNO, have someone like the treacherous and overly ambitious self serving Khairy Jamaluddin become its president and ride the UMNO horse into a Mahathir stable. That would have enabled Mahathir to have the biggest majority with UMNO, PKR, the DAP and his Parti Pribimi Bersatu under his control giving him more than the 2/3rds majority in parliament. It would have given him the legitimacy he craved to run a one party state and change the constitution and laws of the country at the stroke of the pen.

He after all has a dim witted inexperienced and slavishly compliant crew including Tommy Thomas a self appointed constitutional expert, Guan Eng an embarrassment and other equally incompetent people like Waythamurthi, minister for technology. All of the components in this trinity would be hard pressed to sign their own names without someone holding their pens for them and showing them how to do it. But that’s precisely the quality of ministers Mahathir wants to run a totalitarian state where he could change laws at will, arrest anyone who opposes him and purge his past misdeeds forever with the use of force, coercion, manipulation and abuse of the legal system.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has to now be careful as to who he selects as his advisors. He has to painfully cut himself off from his immediate past (the Najib government) and set himself up as his own man eventually facing off with Mahathir. Zahid has to show Mahathir that it is he who now holds the cards even though in opposition and that the Malays are there to reclaim their political and cultural identity from Mahathir’s team of opportunistic carpet baggers.


The critical evidence needed to bring to justice the Forex, Maminco, Bank Bumi and the more recent PKFZ scandals in which both Mahathir and Ling Leong Shik were culpable and able to escape without consequence is now available to anyone willing to prosecute. In fact it always was available for prosecution but Najib failed to act on it.

That evidence which for one reason or the other was not put before Najib, parliament and the courts can now be tested in open court perhaps even outside Malaysia where much of the money was parked and laundered from these scams.

The foreign connection to the stolen billions in UMNO money over the years through fictitious, insider trading and oppression of minorities transactions by accountants and lawyers in Malaysia was approved by the corporations watchdog intimidated by Mahathir.

The foreign account money trail and nominee companies set up abroad going through the BVI, Caymans, Bahamas, Gibraltar and Panamanian companies (through London, Singapore and Hong Kong are not invisible). That trail makes Mahathir and his team vulnerable to arrest and trial in foreign jurisdictions. UMNO may wish to settle for Malaysia as a forum for a corruption trial except that Mahathir has corrupted the courts and judges with people like Tommy Thomas.

The last thing the US or even Singapore wants is an unstable Malaysia. This is because of the importance of peninsula Malaysia to free passage of US naval fleets and international trade via the Straits of Malacca.

The Malays demand the return of billions of their dollars plundered from UMNO’s treasury by Daim Zainuddin, Mahathir and their cronies who distracted them with false claims against Najib. The tide has begun to turn.

Rumours of the death of UMNO have been grossly exaggerated it seems.

  1. IT.Scheiss says:

    Whilst I am not sure all of what you forecast will come to pass, however in the run up to the UMNO elections, it had crossed my mind that once these elections are over, UMNO will begin to gear up to play a more forceful role as an opposition party and quite possibly hit at the isues such as Bank Bumiputra, Maminco and so forth during Mahathir’s first time as prime minister.

    I would also not be surprised, if UMNO perhaps in collaboration with PAS and their allied NGOs, engage in street protests against Mahathir and/or the Pakatan government, just as Pakatan parties and their allied NGOs did against the BN government previously.

    Here, the Pakatan government may find it difficult let the police act against them using the FRU, water cannon, tear gas, arrest of the leaders and so forth because Pakatan has said that it is committed to allowing such forms of protest, as long as they are peaceful.

    Whilst it is may be too early to say, until the Pakatan government’s first parliamentary session on 16 July, however between 10 May and today, I feel that the present government has done little else besides going after Najib and Rosmah, after officials in relation to 1MDB, digging into the extent of Malaysia’s national debt, replacing heads of departments, forcing or pressuring the resignations of GLC heads and so forth but has done hardly anything to lower the cost of living, prices of essential items, helping the economy get moving and so forth.

    The Pakatan government has approved TNB to impose an RM1.35/KWh surcharge on commercial customers, an additional cost which businesses could well pass on to their customers.

    If the Pakatan government does not succeed in bringing down the cost of living and stimulate the economy, these are issues I believe UMNO and PAS can take issue with.


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