The Low Spark of High Heeled Girls- Julie Bishop


Two photographs of Julie Bishop, one of her dining with Jaime Packer and Mariah Carey, the other with Malaysian beneficiaries of her Regime Change largess funneled through Australian “research grants” and other covert programs have begun to surface in social media.

The release of these photographs are  believed to be deliberate leaks by the Chinese government designed to embarrass Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop. And they are not the only thing Ms. Bishop has to worry about. Her government’s role in bringing down the government of Datuk Seri Najib appears to now be clearer than what it was believed to be previously. Bishop’s controversial role in that political assassination appears set to  bring her and her government down.

The above link to a 45 minute documentary produced and aired by the ABC is an essential and integral element to understanding the contents of this article. It is integral to understanding the extent of espionage activities funded and directed by Hillary Clinton and Australia to bring down the government of Datuk Seri Najib and UMNO.

The objective of weakening the Malays and destroying UMNO in favour of the anti Semitic Dr. Mahathir, PH and his manly Chinese non Malay cronies goes much deeper than what the opposition media and its propaganda machine  tried to cover up with their ‘corruption’ rhetoric.

The ‘4 Corners’ documentary exposes evidence of the depth of corruption in Australia at all levels of its government. It also exposes Australia’s vulnerability to the dangers that come with their involvement in the parlous pursuit of Regime Change and the politics of cash and corruption in their neighbourhood


Chinese intelligence agencies constantly monitor the casinos of Macau as part of their own anti corruption drive code named ‘operation fox hunt’ have turned their attention to Julie Bishop and her involvement in ‘their business’ elsewhere. Their primary purpose is  to nab corrupt Chinese officials who steal  government money, laundering it at Macau’s casinos. But now these Chinese agents have a new found interest and target to play with. Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop.

The Chinese are reported to have filmed someone who looks uncannily like Ms. Bishop in Macao (seen in the company of one of two luminaries in that photograph published about a year ago) engaging in possible illegal ‘party activities’.

In the second photograph Bishop is seen in the company of her Regime Change allies in Malaysia. Each of the parties in the second photograph is understood to have received generous financial and technical assistance for nearly a decade from the Australian government in a covert operation to destabilize and overthrow the government of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Under the supervision, guidance and funding by the Australian government to the tune of nearly $50 million is a group of particular significance to many foreign agencies. This is the group who smuggled into Australia one of the two policemen found guilty by a Malaysian court of having murdered Mongolian prostitute Altantuya Sharibu.

The man Sirul Azahar was sentenced to death in Malaysia but escaped his Malaysian prison and now lives in Australia.


Amongst those in the second photograph with Bishop, is former reserve bank of Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dr. Ungku Zeti Akhtar binti Ungku Abdul Aziz (far right or “Zeti”).

Zeti is daughter of Professor Unku Aziz a well-known Malaysian academic outed in the 1960’s as being on the payroll of the CIA in Malaysia. Julie Bishop had been in constant contact with the woman Zeti.

From the evidence, Zeti  was complicit in allowing a third party to deposit a large sum of money into the former prime minister’s personal bank account. Zeti then proceeded to leak the facts of that deposit to the media, claiming not to know the identity of the depositor. This is Zeti former head of Malaysia’s reserve bank.

That particular event precipitated the intense and brutally destructive campaign of slurs directed against Najib alleging he was corrupt. Julie Bishop lent weight and credence to that claim in a statement attributed to her published in the Australian in June 2016.

The campaign to discredit Najib was a joint effort by ASIO in conjunction with the National Endowment for Democracy (a CIA front) with the willing assistance of Zeti. Najib is it said was targeted because he was too close to China thus posing a security threat to the west (and Singapore) in the region.

This is where the irony of Australia’s involvement in destabilizing Malaysia’s government surfaces.

Other Regime Change participants in the group photograph are: the former head of the Malaysian Bar, Ragunath Kesevan, Datin Faridah Noor. Noor’s chequered career in the Malaysian civil service is the subject of another article in the making. The group she founded, the G25 was also funded surreptitiously by Bishop’s and Clinton’s agencies. Much of it disguised to cover its sources it is alleged. Also in the  same photograph is one Khairy Jamaluddin, failed UMNO leadership hopeful.


Julie Bishop is clearly vulnerable now to her own dark secrets being exposed. She is out of her depth in the minefield of Regime Change. Bishop lacks the pedigree and cross cultural knowledge required to engage in the dangerous business of the Deep State outside of Howard’s Anglosphere.

Her vanity puts her in the company of spivs (albeit well dressed and moneyed ones) and by association she is tainted by the activities of the company she keeps.

Bishop’s own background in politics is covered in muck and reckless opportunism. Her history shows she is not beyond trading political favours in exchange for money and other benefits to advance her own personal ambitions even if to the detriment to others in the process.

Packer is one such person she has approached for favours offering to grant him some in return in the past according to sources. Chinese billionaire Huang Xingmo is another who holds sway over the woman. Bishop is after all rumoured to be after Malcolm Turnbull’s job and needs all the money and ‘friends’ she can lay her hands on to dislodge him. And Malaysia may have been her lab to test out her skills in this regard.

The benefits the Chinese have channeled to ‘Bishop’s electorate’ exposes a complex web of deceit and money trails leading to China’s espionage in Australia. Some say it will eventually destroy the woman and her government. The Chinese like the proverbial piper will come calling when it suits. The Chinese believe that Bishop interfered with an important cornerstone of their strategy for south east Asia with the overthrow of Datuk Seri Najib. Who knows? One can only speculate at this juncture. But the evidence against Julie Bishop and Australian government involvement in Najib’s ouster is too strong to ignore.


Bishop’s constituency in the state of Western Australia received a large cash donation via then prime minister Tony Abbot who received the money all $770,000 from Huang Xingmo (see documentary). Bishop is like her political rival Julia Gillard a Hillary Clinton groupie. Between her, Gillard and Kevin Rudd they funneled over US$100,000,000 to the Clinton foundation to advance Hillary’s presidential ambitions without any consultation or consent of the Australian people.

Sheri Yan is a Chinese spy who seduced then married top Australian spy Roger Uren using him to engage in stealing sensitive Australian government secrets. Sheri is currently in jail in the US for bribing former UN president of the General Assembly John Ashe (since died) and attempting to buy influence in the US.

Interestingly Julie Bishop was a close friend of Sheri’s and beneficiary of her largess (although Bishop avoided answering questions about her relationship with Sheri at the time).

Both Sheri and her husband Roger Uren former ASIO top dog stole then passed on sensitive and secret Australian documents to the Chinese. (see documentary). Uren is still said to  enjoy top security clearance in Australia.


There are more damaging leaks beginning to surface on Dr. Mahathir, his family, Ramon Navaratnam former civil servant and G25 member, a professor of Constitutional law at Monash University, Hannah Yeoh, Ambiga Srinivasan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Tommy Thomas, Lim Guan Eng, and a list of others in the public service and academics.

Disturbingly in the midst of all these revelations is mention of judges including one Richard Malanjum who is named in the leak as being one of several judge recipients of Australian and US money ( ostensibly to destabilize the Najib government).  Malanjum’s email account and those of three other judges whose private emails were hacked a couple of years go provide a treasure trove of how deeply embedded (the stench of corruption) within the Malaysian judiciary extends to.

In return for their efforts, each of them it is said received cash handouts, trips abroad, expensive gifts and paid for accommodation. At least one of the judge recipients of Regime Change is said to have participated in the inquiry into the Lingham tapes farce.

Directing the traffic in many ways was and remains Marina Mahathir who was at the very least, point of contact. Underwriting the message of Regime Change were elements within Australia’s national media corporation, the ABC.


The only way by which the complete truth to the treacherous, unlawful betrayal and overthrow of Datuk Seri Najib and his government and the undermining of the Malays will be revealed is, if these matters were to be litigated or it becomes the subject of a Royal Commission of Inquiry under the broadest possible terms in Australia itself.

Australia and Australians have as much at stake in getting to know the truth behind these events and the illegal activities of their government in both Malaysia and in Australia. 



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