The Malays- “Back to the Kampungs”


At least 125,000 jobs in the public service will go by the middle or end of 2019. Thats just the first phase in Mahathir’s vengeance on the public service who he believes sided with the Barisan. The actual number of jobs to go is more than double that figure.

Don’t blame Guan Eng alone simply because he is not shedding any tears over the proposal and budgeted axing of 125,000 jobs. These will be jobs mainly held by Malays. It is Dr. Mahathir’s and his daughter Marina’s idea.

As we ferret our way into their networks and secure information, a hunt is on to find who it is who is leaking what we have been publishing.

There have been volunteers who have written to Dr. Mahathir to suggest whom it may be. But thats to be expected of butt lickers anywhere.


Mahathir has a vendetta against the Malays. Most of the ‘Malays’ he is close to these days (as has been the case during his previous tenure in office) are the ‘Thulukans’ (a disparaging term which although it is not, is considered demeaning to Indian Muslims.

The slash and burn at the public service is expected to halve the budget in government expenditure. And the jobs being made redundant are expected to go abroad, to call centres and business process outsourcing (BPO’s) centres across India, the Philippines and Bangladesh.


Another set of proposals which is likely to be implemented by force Mahathir style is the centralized administration of all Malaysia’s universities (except the privately owned and run one in places like Sunway).

Education, Health, Transport and Finance are all being outsourced to BPO’s owned by Vincent Tan, the owners of Sunway and Multimedia and a few of Mahathir’s closest advisors and aides.

This idea was initially mooted by the owners of Sunway and the MultiMedia university who first brought the proposal to former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

DS Najib unfortunately failed to advance the proposal which led to some disquiet amongst both Lim and the owners of Sunway. Such an arrangement would have provided them with a huge windfall servicing the educational sector with the government as their primary client. It will become a reality for them now with Mahathir.

The idea was borrowed from the Sarina Russo business model in Australia where labour party darling Sarina Russo managed to secure for herself large lucrative contracts from the department of education to supply lecturers and staff to universities on a private contractual basis.

The outsourcing exercise earned people like Sarina Russo tens of millions of dollars each year without having to fork out the attendant statutory payments like annual leave, maternity leave and other payments like superannuation payments to what became ‘private contractors’ to her organization. The supply of nurses, doctors, specialists, lab technicians and pharmacists followed suit. The Health Department is said to have saved hundreds of millions in statutory payments to staff.

Most lecturers and administrative staff at Australian universities these days as a result of this vulture feeding on government through outsourcing to the private sector became contractors without security of tenure as was the case previously. 


The defence forces and the Police force are next on the list.

The changes being mooted there are potentially destabilizing for Malaysia. The beneficiaries as always are well placed Chinese and ‘Malays’ close to Mahathir. Only this time it may come at a price when the Malays feel the pinch at being marginalized in their own country.

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