The Death of Everything Malay- Now for Ketuanan Cina-Ketuanan Mahathir

“A people’s relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother.”

It is always, has always been and will always be the business and the right of the Malays to advocate for what they want and to protect their heritage and their dignity as Malays in their own land.

If as a majority they chose to remain silent bystanders and spectators to their own fate, destruction and misfortune, then so be it. It is their choice.

Today as DS Najib walks into that court, humiliated dressed in the orange prison garb he will wear, the whole nation is being dragged into that court along with him. They brought him into office. For Christians who celebrate his humiliation there is a parallel in the new testament to whats happening to the Malays and to DS Najib.


When the Romans crucified Jesus Christ, they mocked him calling him “King of the Jews”  dressing him in a robe of the the royal colours of Rome, purple, then spitting on him for daring to say he was “King of the Jews” (ordained by his father in heaven of course).

They were of course mocking him, spitting on him dressed in the purple robe they gave him and insulted all those who believed he was their messiah.

DS Najib was indeed a prime minister of the majority. His sins, whatever they are, cannot have been any greater than the sins of those who charge him today. The Mahathir government that is.

When he enters court again today, the government of Mahathir would show the Malays how he Mahathir (and Anwar) is able to trample on the dignity of not just DS Najib, but of all Malays who he despises as “lazy, corrupt and dishonest.”

It is the rights, the dignity (or what’s left of it) and the heritage of Malays that he tramples on in public and in a most humiliating way. Only the Malays can pick up the pieces and restore their dignity to themselves.

“We may stumble and fall but we shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle.”

Malays do not behave like Mahathir does. Not even to the murderous Sultan of Johor did they drag into court and parade him as the common criminal he was.

This is an unprecedented slight and outrage against the people of Malaysia and especially its Malays, their dignity and all of their cultural institutions.

This is how Islam becomes the last refuge for Muslims and turns them violent and radical.

When all legal institutions and the “rule of law” is corrupted and all power concentrated in the hands of one corrupt person the ordinary Muslim has no one but God and to the words of the prophet to turn to. The Syariah will become the “rule of law”.

And if those of you who can do otherwise stand idly by; your children as servants of the Chinese will ask “why did you not fight back when you were a majority and the armed forces were also in a majority Malays?”.

The only refuge of Malays from this day on is the Sultans (those like the Sultan of Selangor only thus far) and the armed forces (those who have not been bought off by the Ismail family of Mahathir’s in laws and Mahathir himself) who can correct this situation. It has gone a mile too far.

The Malays themselves can refuse to go to work and take a day off each week to bring the economy and the government of Mahathir down. If the Malays don’t then they deserve to become Amahs and peons all over again.

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