Amar Singh’s for his supper- A Crooked Cop


The following is our response to supporters of Amar Singh who say our support of Raja Petra’s article on the man is racist, a generalization and tarnishing of the image of Sikhs.

We make reference to the Sikhs of Malaysia because the context demands we do so. We draw from examples in the subcontinent and elsewhere also because there are some valuable examples of the perfidious and mercenary nature of Sikhs recorded there.

In Malaysia the Sikhs exist out of choice as a religious entity. By and large they are separatists. Khalistan the land of the pure. They do not wish to be associated with other Indians or people from the Indian subcontinent considering themselves to be purer and better than the rest of them. Sikhs are Punjabis, Kashmiris, Rajastanis and UP Wallahs who are Sikh by religion.

When people ascribe and subscribe to such exceptionalism, Khalistan and Sikhism, they invite generalizations. Their attitude towards other Indians in places like Malaysia is deplorable and isolationist.

Amar is not alone. He is one of three celebrated high profile Sikhs all crooked and opportunistic mercenaries to the core.

Karpal Singh, for his betrayal then defence of Anwar. His son Gobind Singh Deo for  bringing the Teoh Beng Hock inquiry into disrepute, through submitting into evidence  a document of doubtful provenance in an unmitigated act of misleading the inquiry. His was a manufactured unsigned document purporting to be from members of the MACC .


There is nothing noble or exceptional about that that does not deserve the bile and vitriol we serve on them through their “meritorious” and exemplary sardar in Amar Singh, Karpal and his son Deo  “Choors” and a “Chutias” in equal measure. They deserve their crown of thorns, the spite and contempt of all members of society.

One cannot afford to be forgiving or soft on any racial or religious group where its adherents or members remain silent in the face the egregious disgraceful misconduct of their most vocal and or high profile. They can’t have it both ways. Glory without pain and scrutiny belongs to no one.

We condemn the Chinese and the Indians (other Indians) of Malaysia from time to time when the occasion calls for it. Malaysia is after all a nation built and thriving on racial division . Self governing segregation

Racial and religious divisions is a path that each of these groups chose at the birth of the state. They only complain about such divisions when one group outfoxes and outdoes the other economically.


14 April 2019 marks the centenary year of the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh by General Dwyer.

The Sikhs will not join the Indian government in demanding a member of the British Royal family in whose name the massacre was conducted, come to the place of the massacre and apologise to India.

The Sikhs have joined the  resistance to this call to spite the Indian government. Yet they want the protection and benefits of an undivided India for its markets and security especially.

The Sikhs were not the only ones who received the short end of the stick from Mrs Gandhi. All of India suffered at one stage or the other from her ‘excesses’ and discipline. But she was also a great prime minister who could take on all the world when the occasion called for it as she did in Bangladesh. The country ws unmanageable at the time. The world was a different place then.

It was her grit that was responsible for stopping the US 7th fleet in the Bay of Bengal following India’s intervention in stopping the Bangladeshi massacres (2,000,000 by Pakistani troops) defeating the Pakistani army at Dhaka.  100,000 prisoners of war in 94 hours. No other army has matched that record in modern warfare history.

The Sikhs who although not in the majority at that war were quick to take credit for it and the Indians gave it to them graciously. There was a Jewish General an Indian Jew in Gen. FTR Jacob who said nothing demanded nothing because the Parsee Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw was lauded by the press as if it were he alone who fought that war. Thats the army for you.

But as good soldiers Gen. FTR Jacob and others like him including Muslim officers knew that they should not try to outdo the good name of their commander and respective units seeking private glory for themselves like the Sikhs did. They were all decorated who fought.


No government or prime minister can claim to be clean or perfect. Politics does not tolerate lilies and daisies. DS Najib is a prime example of a lily not fighting back. So he wears his crown of thorns for that.

But by any standards even that of her late father Nehru, Indira was exceptionally better leader . She did not deserve to die at the hands of her Sikh bodyguards. With her died the myth Sikhs are honest or loyal. Amar and the Karpals should swallow that.

The late Mark Tully took me into the Punjab under his pass in 1994 and to Amristar where through a field commander’s (a Sikh) binoculars I saw for myself what the Sikhs who occupied the temple had done and were doing at the time.

They defecated and urinated from the towers surrounding the inner sanctum of the temple throwing it at outsiders and the at the army. They defiled the temple including the Parikrama with impunity. All Sikhs around it knew of it and did nothing till the Indian army under the command of a loyal Sikh General Brar dislodged the terrorists a month later.

They were by their own admission holding hostages (women whose sons or husbands did not side with them or were accused of being informers).

These morons had been cultivated by the late Gen. Zia Ul Haq and his intelligence chief the brilliant military and intelligence strategist Hamid Gul. The Sikhs were mercenaries. A large majority of them did not support Brindranwale the goat.


The good Sikhs (and yes there some) warned Mrs. Gandhi against supporting and nurturing the man into politics. That was her mistake. Theirs was not to condemn the Khalistan supporters many of whom like the Karpal clan remain loyal to their “cause” of separatism by paying in donations to a worldwide money laundering racket.

What occurred during the anti Sikh riots that followed Indira’s assassination was an outpouring of grief by a nation that loved and venerated her.

Most of the world’s leaders from the west were at her funeral. None at Brindranwale’s.

I agree that the massacres in Delhi could and should have been stopped. But it could have been prevented had the fanaticism of the Sikhs been curtailed and discouraged by the Sikhs themselves. They instead sat by idly on the fence and paid dearly for it.

I have no regard for Amar Singh as he will eventually be sold down by Mahathir and the destabilization that will soon follow.

I have a great admiration for Mahathir who gifted me with his personal autograph on 3 of these but I am equally critical of him and his conduct this time round.

As with all such situations and people as Gandhi once said of Hitler:”for a time they will think they are invincible and infallible. But like all dictators throughout history they will fall”. That wisdom applies to us all.

It is no longer up to Amar to wash his sins away crying foul.

Amar will stand to be condemned for what he did recently before a more just and fair tribunal in the days to come.

” In the hereafter as are all gathered, One sole court shall judge all, one pen record decree.

As is reckoning called at the Portal, Shall evil-doers be crushed like sesame grains yielding oil.” Guru Nanak

5 Responses to “Amar Singh’s for his supper- A Crooked Cop”
  1. Seeker says:

    If the turban is so sacred, why isn’t Gobind Deo wearing one?

    Punjab is notorious for its female foeticide, heroin (chitta) epidemic and child sexual abuse. It is also notorious for street-shitters. Only in Mahathir’s racist Malaysia are they considered “superior” because they have a tad less melanin than Tamillians. But if look at the names of India’s chess grandmasters and the CEOs of Microsoft and Google, they all hail from the south.


    • grkumar says:

      It is why the Punjabis are referred to in India as its brawn whilst the south its brain. Putting to one side that bit of trivia,

      Here we are discussing the Sikhs who insist they are a race. They are a religion by even their own definition. If they are a race the following they must accept:

      If the Arabs were no longer Muslims, they will remain Arabs. If the Turks and Persians stopped being Muslim they would still be Turks and Persians. But if the Sikhs like the Pakistanis stopped being Sikhs and Muslims tomorrow they will be nothing more than second hand Indians. Thats because they put their religion above their race.

      Gobind wore a black Khalistan turban as a symbol of his support for their terrorism and the separatism of the Sikhs belonging to this class of Indian.

      When things go wrong of their own Sikh accord they cry foul. It is why they are so confused about what racism is.


  2. hindu dog says:

    As expected,the jealous black cobra had to put in its 2 cents out of its extreme jealousy and insecurity. And pray tell,which pariahs killed Rajiv Gandhi?Which pariahs killed 1000 unarmed Sri Lankan whos hands were tried and then executed?

    After that prostitute indira was gunned down it was your filthy pariah species that went on a rape and murder rampage. Even in Malaysia you cobras tried to stir trouble.Temples were attacked but with the swift action of the Malaysian police these black rapists ran away.Thank You PDRM.Even in Malaysia you cobras are the top murderers and rapists. Its only a matter of time before people get fed up of your species and ship your black ass back to the estates.

    Lol these pariahs keep on calling us superior.Thank you. But your real intention is to make us inferior to you and bow down to Brahminism cow worship which we will never do.
    When the malay goes on a racist outburst against us you join in thambi. Don’t worry when they have a racist outburst on your snake species we will join in too.

    The most racist people in this country are this black snakes who just cant stand the sight of a Sikh.Try your best thambi.Indian government ass licker. This 31’st we will be celebrating the death of that randhi indira gandhu.Ill surely cut a cake and send you pictures thambi.


    • grkumar says:

      I accept you are a Hindu dog. You must be Sikh and sick. Your racial outbursts and your attempts to injure by calling people black as if it were an insult is what we are talking about here.

      This is Sikhism at its best. YOu do us all a favour by reinforcing what we say about the Sikhs.

      The terminology you use and stereotyping is most welcome so much that we decided to approve your letter. It is Sikhism at its best.

      its all about Sikhisms tolerance, humility, integrity and humility and treatment of everyone as brothers.

      I’ll let the readers make up their minds. But thank you on behalf of Sikhs for your contribution.

      Now go kiss the Guru Granth with the same mouth you’ve spat your bile out of. It perhaps deserves such a mouth to kiss it having sread the words of the great Guru..


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