Anwar may be facing his Waterloo in Port Dickson soon. By no means are we wishing Anwar loses but the writing is on the wall and Anwar has been putting out feelers and making overtures to UMNO. The two sides deny these negotiations and overtures by Anwar strenuously without regard to Mahathir’s eyes and ears everywhere.

Anwar has lost his magic with his “get out of jail free card”. He hammered the final nail in his coffin when he shook hands with Mahathir for the sake of coming out of jail. In that kiss and make up (which everyone knew was nothing more than opportunism gone mad) Anwar sealed his fate and swallowed his poison.

Dr. Mahathir’s comments in New York recently signaled the return of the man Mahathir and his evasiveness not wanting to commit to anything. He has worked tirelessly to undermine Anwar and Anwar has helped him along the way.

We wrote some time back that American foreign policy as far as their stooges like Anwargo, is littered with the bodies of those who served them. Suharto, Habibie, Marcos, countless Thai Generals, South Vietnamese Generals and presidents, South American dictators and of course the Pakistanis who opened their doors to China for the US.

Anwar unfortunately believes he is unique and that perhaps he is. But Anwar is not unique for the same reasons he thinks he is unique.

In defence of the man one cannot help but feel sorry for him because unlike Ambiga and the others he went to jail for his causes instead of sucking up the mess of others just to stay free and kept.

Anwar may well be defeated in Port Dickson because of the money he spent buying off the seat of Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah which will taint him if he wins. He and Danyal deny the fact. The constant in all of this is the belief that Dr. Mahathir is stupid and a winner only by chance.

Many of Anwar’s supporters have jumped ship and now side with the devil incarnate himself Dr. Mahathir. Othes still are looking at UMNO. Such is the fickle nature of Malaysia’s middle classes and its politics. Not long ago Mahathir was responsible for everything under the sub including climate change and the melting of the ice caps in the polar regions. Today these same people who condemned him speak as if he was always their choice of prime minister.

The seven cornered battle for Port Dickson is designed to divide the electorate and split the vote so Anwar struggles to the point of losing. Anwar comes to any fight with a lot of drag and heavy political baggage. The irony of it all if it weren’t so comical is for Mahathir to have thrown in Saiful Bukhari into the battle as if to say to Malaysia “just in case you have forgotten”.  UMNO has done well to stay out of this fight.

Mahathir’s comments about jailing Anwar which he gave to a media audience in New York recently is quite at variance to what he said when he took office in May 2018. Then it was “Anwar is innocent”. What did he mean by that?

Now he says “the court made that decision not I ” (about Anwar’s guilt and jailing). If that were the case, Mahathir’s jurisprudence is at odds with that of the courts and history. It is common knowledge that Mahathir exposed Anwar as bisexual and a sex predator and set him up with Karpal Singh laying the ground work for the fall (Hansard 1998) in parliament. So why is Mahathir changing his tune? Is it because he has Karpal’s son by the short and curlies in case Gobind and his mates defect to Anwar’s camp after Port Dickson?

The wheels are beginning to fall off Mahathir’s wagon and with it Anwar’s ambitions. UMNO appears to be sitting pretty in the midst of all of this because Mahathir was not PKR choice. It was a marriage of convenience something that never lasts in any situation for Mahathir to win and keep Anwar out inspite of the hollow promise he made as if he had the right or authority to make that promise.

Mahathir knew that UMNO will always hold the balance and unless he gets a hold of it, Anwar will pull his strings and not the other way round. Anwar suspecting Mahathir will renege on his promise which could spell the total of everything Mahathir. Both men are now desperately planning the demise of the other.

There are dark clouds over the horizon and sadly most Malaysians are unaware of it. The Malays are beginning to regroup. They are bitter and angry at the non Malays for their betrayal and attempts to marginalise them in the name of Jesus.

Mahathir believes he has the Chinese from the DAP on his side. They on the other hand think they have him by his short and curlies because he is fast losing support and friends. The Malays are already building up a head of steam and reaching critical mass. When they do it will be a critical mess.

  1. Seeker says:

    Is it because he has Karpal’s son by the short and curlies in case Gobind and his mates defect to Anwar’s camp after Port Dickson?

    Exactly what does Mahathir have against Karpal’s children?


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