Is this Nude the Port Dickson Candidate

We have received a set of photographs which by all accounts appear to be authentic. At least from the viewfinder of an iPhone.  The photographs all 6 of them show Anwar Ibrahim in compromising positions with a male in a room with a bed as a backdrop.

Anwar Ibrahim and the male in several different still shots appear to be engaging in what purports to be intimate poses of a sexual nature. One shows them purporting to engage in mouth to mouth kissing. Another of Anwar shows Anwar from the back completely naked.

If it is indeed authentic and an indication of Anwar Ibrahim as described by Mahathir then God help not just Port Dickson and its featherbrained Tamils there, but God help us all indeed.

If these pictures are not authentic and indeed doctored, now having gone viral just prior to the October 13 by elections in Port Dickson, then God help us again. Because the ministry of communications run by a buffalo herdsman with a law degree under the thumb of incompetence and lawlessness has not lifted a finger to put a stop to the publication of these photographs.

Neither has Gobind Singh made comment on the photographs knowing full well what the impact of these photos circulating just prior to the 13 October 2018 by elections in Port Dickson could have on the candidate Anwar Ibrahim.

Someone somewhere in government needs to be held accountable for the slur.




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