The idea of splitting the growing nationalist movement of Malay Muslims is threatening the very fabric and stability of the PH government and its wannabe successor Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr. Mahathir knows the value of the ‘Ultra’ as a distraction and convenient ruse to split any growing opposition to his weakened government. He employed this tactic before and after 13 May 1969 to destabilize the Tunku. He is doing it again with DSS Najib’s former ‘Allies’. Thats no secret nor is it a move that lacks transparency.

DS Najib and his wife in particular have been under attack for one reason or the other. DS Najib for not knee jerk reacting to every ill wind that blows his way. His wife is attacked for being his wife.

There is no Malay household where “Ibu” is not in control behind the scenes. There is no president or prime minister anywhere whose spouse does not have a say or whispers into their ears. Nancy Reagan often prompted the most powerful man on earth even at press conferences. At home she was no different. 

Raisa Gorbachev was known to pull the strings of her husband Mikhail, Hillary her husband then president Bill’s and even Lǐ Shūméng better known as Jiang Quing or Madam Mao, the great leader’s strings and his heart. It would be unnatural for a spouse not to comment on state affairs just because they do not hold elected office.

If the truth be known, and most people tend to ignore it, the power behind Mahathir is his vengeful and power hungry wife Siti Hasmah.

There is an undeniable force of Malays and Muslims gathering like a tropical storm in the horizon. We hear the peals of political thunder and the see the bolts of lightning threatening on the horizon. The PH has indeed stepped on a live scorpion in Malay rights by allowing ill informed over zealous MP’s like Waythamurthi and Patto to turn Malay rights and their religion into a race issue which it is not.

Sadly not realizing that sometimes, oftimes, silence is the best defence to such transgressions and brutal allegations, the so called champions of the Malays appear to be on opportunistic and self serving rampages claiming to champion the causes of Malays and Muslims.

The momentum behind DS Najib has been growing that he is now not only a threat to the PH government but also to a terribly inept and directionless UMNO full of political eunuchs.

DS Najib appears to be the ‘comeback kid’ in Malaysia which is a threat to the establishment at UMNO and its princelings who helped it lose the GE14. PH and Anwar Ibrahim are both peddling as fast as they can throwing money like confetti behind those who once claimed to support DS Najib.

Nothing is what it appears to be. The weak fall for their own weaknesses whilst the tough get going.

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