Gopal Raj Kumar is a state of being.  As a blog we seek to provide the news behind the news.

A contrarian sometimes a conformist at other times. What’s important is that Gopal Raj Kumar is neither gender nor religion specific, apolitical without affiliation to political party and identifies only with the human race. All of these other distinctions being man made concepts in his view can take a back seat. Gopal is near divine.

In Malaysia for instance when convenient people can be Malay, Indian or Chinese whilst at the same time demanding they be called Malaysians, whatever that may be .

Some cling to a past which died out a long time ago and find it difficult to come to terms with a future that may well have passed them by. They cling to it for comfort. It is not an uncommon phenomenon with migrants anywhere trapped in such a state of existence.

There are issues of national, international and personal importance at social and political levels that need to be aired freely in any society. In order that people may do so freely, preferably in the relative security and comfort of their private space without fear, this platform seeks to promote that idea of free thought and expression within civilized parameters.

In the case of Malaysia and its highly vocal opposition, there is one critical element missing in their interpretation of democratic rights and freedom of expression. That component being the freedom and courage to allow an expression of views they disagree with.

Inspite of the claims made on many of the opposition blogs abut the absence or restrictions of freedom of expression, the opposition blogs appear to provide more than adequate justification for government suppression of ‘free expression’ through debate as they see it. Being oblivious to their own shortcomings in this regard is no crime. We are all human after all.

Gopal Raj Kumar has like many others had the unpleasant experience of having his views excised from the Blogs of others.  On other occasions he has received that highest form of flattery known to man from his detractors. And thats through imitation and copying his writings and opinions as the work of others. But thats not always a good thing.

The best test of any theory in Gopal Raj Kumar’s view, whether that be in the form of commentary by former judges,  serving politicians or practicing lawyers is to debate these theories openly, to challenge them and to do so with candour, courage and conviction supported by fact.

Gopal Raj Kumar welcomes all and sundry to this blog. Make yourself heard but more important make yourself relevant.Try not to be too loud.

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  1. This excerpt is from the following site – Hindu American

    HAF Meets with Malaysian Ambassador Jamaluddin Jaris
    October 5, 2009 (Washington, D.C.) – The Hindu American Foundation met with Malaysian Ambassador, and Member of Parliament, Jamaludin Jarjis on October 5th. The Foundation raised concerns over the incident in Shah Alam where Muslim Malays carried a severed cow’s head to the State Secretariat’s office protesting the relocation of a temple in the area. The Ambassador was noncommittal about the need for Hindu temples to be relocated to Hindu majority areas; about the Internal Security Act (ISA) being used to harass and intimidate Hindu/opposition leaders; about sharia courts weighing in on matters of conscience; and about the need to end Bumiputra laws that discriminate against and treat non-Malays as second class citizens.


    1. JJ as Ambassador in the USA was known for his cigar smoking, bottom pinching ambassador who did not know the differnce between Malaysia’s National Dya, Hari Raya or Warriors day-it was an utter blunderbust-so to speak. He bought a beautiful porche to run about0-so much for diplomacy or diplomatic.


      1. At least he did not pimp on his citizens, sell opium or heroin, bribe public officals and do all those lovely things certain other groups engage in
        then complain of being discriminated against. Good luck to him.


      2. Well if you take your medication as prescribed things will get better and the world will be a better place full of people like you. Perhaps there was a bit of Roman Italian in him which could explain his bottom pinching. Or maybe a German for his love of the PPorsche or even part Cuban for his cigar chomping. Whats diplomacy got to do with it Towkay?


  2. Very well written except for missing punctuation. What is the relevance of all that is written here to a hungry stomach today, and what active role is being taken to end its perpetration.

    What is being written about here, is due to the lack of 100 years of self-action to ensure that once brought into the land of opportunity that the opportunities available are taken.

    The demise of many institutions, notably being Oriental Bank and the non-performance of others like Maika is our own doing not of others.

    Please do not mislead the masses with infatuation with the Queen’s Counsel.


    1. good point but not relevant. we publish. if you are hungry then find food to eat. if your mind is hungry for information we provide some sustanance, help yourself to it. as to the Oriental bank and Maika it is hard to see its relevance in this debate. keep off the thani man. its the scourge of many an Indian. what is it that you find misleading? again I suggest you stay off the juice.



  3. what a gem of a blog!

    finding lucidity in a malaysian forum is such a rarity.

    just finished your latest entry. probably going to use this xmas break to read everything you’ve offered thus far.

    thank you GRK!


    1. Could well be true. Its not about how good or bad BN is peceived to be. It is more of what the altenative is capable of. Lim Kit Siang’s blog is an example of what to expect in an alternative tyrnaical Chinese lef government. They excise and censor comments which question their one sided rhetoric about Malays (referring them to UMNO Puteras) through their government. Much like what any Chinese dominated country would do. Name me one with Chinese leadership that is democratic or tolerant of others?

      Their idea of an argument is name calling (whch I finally resorted to myself which they agreed to carry on their blog) the use of invectives (calling Gopal Raj Kumar blackie in reference to Indian skin colour). That Kit Siang calls fair coment and allows publication of.
      Gopal Raj Kumar is a publication not an individual , the use of the word pariah (in reference to the caste used in the pejorative) which Kit Siang allows to have published on his blog. But not a counter argument with logic or evidence which he disagrees with.

      There has to be resistance to a Chinese dominated opposition and it will arise by the time of the next election. The extent of it will be decided by the conduct of the opposition. They will reap what they sow. One would have thought that as so called democrats Malaysian would want leaders who can stand the pain of a counter argument and tolerate different points of view and learn from it rather than to silence critics simply because they take a different view point. Thats something this leopard the Chinese cannot change in its spots. If it offnds some by my being direct then so be it.

      Anwar and Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Susan Loone and Theresa Kok all apply the same standards of ‘free speech and the right to be different’. Perish the thought we have a government of their ilk.

      I would rather the devil I know subject to changes which they will allow through negotiatin than the tyrants in the wings.

      Gopal Raj Kumar


  4. Dear GRK…just found your blog. It rocks! Finally I found something that I can read without fuming. Fuming at the audacity of some people to call themselves advocate of freedom of speech but find it fit to censor and resort to name calling of people that doesn’t share their opinion. I used to be sympathetic to the Opposition, to Anwar and his ilk. I cried when he was arrested and vilified 10 years or so ago but now I have grown up I have nothing but contempt for the man and the like of Kit Siang and Theresa kok. They are such a bunch of hypocrites. your blog is something that is worth spending time on. thanks


    1. I hope in ten years from now you could say the same thing about this blog. People change, and those who cannot accept change wwill find it passes them by. As to the opposition in Malaysia, I do no t think oppositins in themselves are useless. However the opposition in Malaysia’s great racial divide consist of loosers who are great at name calling and pointing the finger but doing nothing constructive to offer suitable alternatives.

      The Malays and the NEP are not the problem . Corruption is. And no one race has a monopoly on that vice. Till the opposition can come to grips with that notion they are not worth supporting. Enjoy reading.

      Gopal Raj Kumar


  5. grk… your writing are nonsense.

    i am an engineer working overseas. i dont know whether MIC or UMNO paid money for such crap on your blog.

    if msians are smart, they will pick the lesser of the 2 evils. at the moment, pakatan fits the bill.

    stop the jackass attitude. stop worshipping samy vellu and mahathir for god sake.

    we dont look at anwar and lim kit siang as god.

    do some meditation, yoga and go into spiritualism.

    this world is crap. it is hightime vishnu destroys it as Kalki.

    as long as ppl like mahathir defended by indians like you, this world should come to an end.

    GE13 is the last. if UMNO wins again, many of us leaving the country.


    1. Interesting. Its crap but you read it and bother to comment on it. Well thanks for the complaiment.
      As for Mahathir, UMNO or MIC whre does that fit into the equation? and why would you want to leave
      Malaysia if Mahathir wins the next election?………Mahathir at over 80?

      You sound very much like from the boy who would take his marbles and leave unless he gets his way in the game. Sad.



    2. Dear DSK Democrat

      Could I adopt a Jill ass attitude then? What’s your problem? There is no compulsion on your part to accept what we write on our blog. “If Malaysian’s are smart” (??) which by your standards and by Pakatan’s standards they remain stupid as they ostensibly have for over 3 decades, what then? will our ‘stories’ be any different from your perspective? If this world is crap then let me know which world you live in and at least give me the choice to decide which of the two worlds I would like to live in. From what you have written here I prefer your idea of ‘crap’.



  6. Gsk Democrat is an engineer working overseas and threatening to “leave the country” if UMNO wins again.

    Gsk Democrat wishes that Malaysians pick “the lesser of 2 evils”, at the same time also calls Vishnu to destroy this world. What a bleak sentiment. Why bother arguing at all if your bottom line is “the world is crap”, lets get rid of it?

    GRK, this Malaysian follows your blog and admires your sensibility and writing. Go, Fight, Win!!


    1. It would only be worth two cents if I did respond to RB. I am not a terribly commercial blogger.
      These are people who are best described in that old Malay proverb “saperti rusa masuk kampung”.
      Or perhaps “saperti kera dapat bunga”.

      Either ways it is befitting people like Rocky bru who make allegations and come to all sorts of conclusions
      about the NEP, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed and about Malays in general. Thats because they have somewhere down
      the line had their heads kicked in and their dignity trashed out of them. But unlike most Malays they gave in.

      There are bloggers out there who make allegations for which they neither proffer evidence nor raise
      any proof to support their allegations. However they are quite content to regurgitate other people’s political wet dreams on their blogs.

      As my colleagues and I have so often challenged these prophets of doom to, “come out with the evidence
      in admissible form and we will pay for the law suits against the corrupt they say enriched themselves,
      because Dr. Mahathir allowed them to or that he engineered the corruption”. So far there have been no takers.

      The Bunga in that proverb is the freedom of the media via the internet blogging. The kera??? well you need
      no imagination for that.



  7. some ungrateful lot this gsk democrat! when u lost, u run away! when u lost again, u drop dead!! hahahaa…
    me & my colleagues regard our motherland highly & would not run away like a loser! we had our basic education here, further studies abroad but glad to be back home to give back to this beloved nation till we die!!! no regret at all…


    1. Let GSK cook in his own juices. Malaysia has broad enough shoulders to accept him when they throw him
      out of wherever he is like me.

      Get a grip of yourself man.

      Happy New Year.



  8. good blog, keep up the good work. dont let people like gsk democrats deter you. people like him are like the malay saying “kacang lupakan kulit”. they easily forgets their roots, forgets the hands that once fed him.


    1. Thank you. Many would disagree with you. The name Gopal Raj Kumar
      is blacklisted with most other so called ‘democracy and free Malaysia’ bloggers
      and their online publicaitons. They refer to what we do here as Bull Sh#t and thats fine.
      But for aa Free Malaysia we would like to hear free voices who practice what they preach.
      That includes the Nutgraph, Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider,
      The Malaysian Bar and most recently the the watch over the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances
      surrounding the death of Teoh Beng Hock. They brook no criticism that questions their predetermined positions
      and views on the matter.

      Thank you for visiting us.



      1. No Khadija I am encouraged by the truth and the privilege to write freely. Do keep reading. Every reader counts. Every opinion counts even if I do not agree with it.



  9. I am unable to thank you more than enough for the articles on your site. I know you set a lot of time and effort into these and truly hope you know how much I enjoy it. I hope I could do exactly the same person at some time.


    1. Am back with more. It includes up coming articles on Ambiga Sreenivasan’s funding from foreign
      sources and the Selangor State government.

      Selamat Hari raya Aidil Fithri.



      1. You should change the name GRK. A name like Abdulah bin/Bt Abdullah will suit you better.Have you heard baling batu sembunyi tangan???.I think that is what you are.I wonder what right you have to questions Bloggers like Bru,RPK or activist like Ambiga or others.At least we know their face and know their real name but you……………………….. I remember when Gandhi called for stahya Graha…. He was called many names by people like you. It is said a person borned rightfully………..I would like to see your real photo appear in this blog and with the correct biodata pr at least attend the bloggers club to intoduce yourself.


      2. After all whats in a name. If the others you mention are after a democratic society which they claim Malaysia is not and from your comments I must
        assume you support that view, why are they not to be questioned or criticised? Whats so special about these fools and idiots anyway? RPK is a madman
        and a coward and liar to boot. Bru is nothing more than that and Ambga the Amah is an abject unmitigated disaster of a lawyer a liar and a traitor.
        The great thing about the internet is that it does not demand photos unless one is as vain as Amah and RPK. It is quite clear that the substance of
        my writings is sufficient to draw people like you in as well. I have no intention of being a fan of myself. I would rather rely on you. I see myself
        in the mirror each morning and thats enough for me. Not for those you name though.

        You must be bloody old to remember Gandhi calling for Satyagrah. He was called many names by Brahmins like Ambiga. And of the likes of RPK
        the half castes who serve their white masters he said this” Monuments to British adultery in the east, possessing the virtues of neither but the
        vices of both”.


  10. thanks putting your views online, interesting. But like Helen Ang’s blog, i dont egree with everything she write. but i do actively join the dicussion in the commets section, Do drop by , may be you and helen can exchamge links or join in the discussion, C .


    1. + LIKE.

      Heck with punctuation & grammar. you’ve smoothly comunicated your thoughts. got English Language police here meh… takuuuttttt.


  11. dear grk,

    i admire your splendid writing on the chinese gold scam, the ah long and the latest about CM Guan Eng. Have you ever thought of penning down an article about Tunku Abdul Aziz comments on how DAP operates itself? I chose to believe what he said simply because it made perfect sense.

    It made sense because DAP took him not just because he was a politician and an activist but was also vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Transparency International… they took him for show. he was too naive and believed 100% what the party advocates (zero corruption, democracy, freedom of speech). they kicked him out shamelessly and as usual blame BN/UMNO for evrything that was wrong.

    i watched a couple of videos on youtube about his confessions during his tenure in DAP and must say that he looks like an honest and sincere person. It also scares the shit out of me because after all that has happen, why are some of the people (rakyat) still blind???! especially the malays and indians. wake up and smell the coffee….!


  12. In this great pattern of things you’ll get a B- for effort. Exactly where you misplaced me personally was on your specifics. As people say, details make or break the argument.. And it could not be much more true here. Having said that, permit me inform you what did deliver the results. The writing is actually rather engaging and this is probably why I am taking the effort in order to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Next, while I can see the leaps in logic you make, I am not convinced of how you appear to unite the ideas which inturn produce the actual final result. For the moment I will, no doubt yield to your position but wish in the foreseeable future you actually connect your facts much better.


    1. Now take your hand out of your pants and wash it. Sarcasm they say is the lowest form of wit. You contradict yourself by lying about not doing this often. I think what you mean is that you don’t do this often enough. You like what you read, wish you had the skills to do so but don’t agree with what we write. That’s okay.

      Now gather your friends round, have a drink and tell them how you scored.


    1. No I was not. But I was briefly a contract lawyer in the employ of an agency funded by the world bank and the Asian development bank investigating the Suharto estate and its involvement in embezzlement and misappropriation of state funds provided by multilateral aid agencies. The investigation uncovered several links to the Mahathir family and their corporate structures and nominees with links to Mizran, his father in law Liem Soei Liong and the Suharto network of companies. I assume you are referring to Mizran Mahathir, Mahathir’s son in your question.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish i can talk with Mirzan. The last time i met him was at an event in PWTC. He had his son tagging along. I cant believe all the things being said abt him. He was not “that kind of man.” He was nice, quiet, well behaved, full of decorum.

        Have you personally met and talked with him? If yes, do you hv his contact info?


      2. In what context do you post your question in regards Mirzan (whom I have to assume is Mirzan Mahathir)?

        When you say he was not “that kind of man” are you suggesting he is “that kind of man now?”. If it was a gramatical slip I apologise for raising it because I too make these slips from time to time.

        As for anyone with allegations of corruption leveled against them remember this saying: “And Brutus was an honourable man”.

        Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, loved animals,a great fan of Charlie Chaplin (and friend) and had a Jewish woman as his personal chef. Yet it did not stop him and his Third Reich from doing all those horrible things he and his Reich did to millions of people.

        As a journalist, I do not reveal my sources and certainly do not share any contact details of any of my sources or contacts with anyone. It is unethical and dangerously inappropriate.


  13. Gopal Raj Kumar,
    It is true what you wrote “Amar vs. RPK” about Sikh “Indian Soldiers” in Sri Lanka. I cannot verify but i accept what you write. However, you wrote – and condemn the whole Sikhs i.e. past, present and future. I would have expected a better standard to writing from you. Let me clarify, the Sikhs are NOT expected to be loyal to corrupted governments, leaders etc. The Sikh are duty bound to do Honest living (earning), service to mankind and Naam simran of the good lord. That woman Ghandi did bad things and murder poor people and pilgrims to the Golden temple ( i write in simple summary here).
    So you have done a great disservices. Whilst the Sikhs are fast loosing their principles, there will always remain (by grace of good lord) who will continue to uphold the principles taught by Sikhism. It will do you good to know more about Sikhism. Amar may be a Sikh, all Sikhs are not Amar. RPK should have belittle the Sikhs by saying funny things in public about the turban. You sucking up to him is also not helping (you are duty bound to educate him)


    1. I make reference to the Sikhs of Malaysia because the context demands I do so.

      I draw from examples in the subcontinent and elsewhere also because there are some valuable examples there too.

      In Malaysia the Sikhs exist out of choice as a religious entity. By and large they are separatists. Khalistan the land of the pure.

      When people ascribe and subscribe to such exceptionalism Khalistan and Sikhism they invite generalizations. Their attitude towards other Indians in places like Malaysia is deplorable and isolationist. Amar is not alone. He is one of three celebrated high profile Sikhs all crooked and opportunistic mercenaries. Karpal Singh for his betrayal then defence of Anwar. His son Gobind by bringing the Teoh Beng Hock inquiry into disrepute through an unmitigated act of misleading the inquiry by submitting an unsigned document purporting to be from members of the MACC a document of doubtful provenance.

      There is nothing noble or exceptional about that that does not deserve the bile and vitriol I serve on them through their “meritorious” and exemplary sardar in Amar Singh, Karpal and his son Deo a “Choor” and a “Chutia” in equal measure. They deserve their crown of thorns.

      One cannot afford to be forgiving or soft on any racial or religious group where its adherents or members remain silent in the face the egregious disgraceful misconduct of their most vocal and or high profile.

      They can’t have it both ways. The glory without the pain and scrutiny.

      I condemn the Chinese and the Indians (other Indians) of Malaysia a nation built and thriving on racial division when the occasion calls for it.

      It is a path that each of these groups chose at the birth of the state and only complain about such divisions when one group outfoxes and outdoes the other economically.

      14 April 2019 marks the centenary year of the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh by General Dwyer. The Sikhs will not join the Indian government in demanding a member of the British Royal family in whose name the massacre was conducted, come to the place of the massacre and apologise to India.

      The Sikhs were not the only ones who received the short end of the stick from Mrs Gandhi. All of India suffered at one stage or the other. But she was also a great prime minister who could take on all the world as she did in Bangladesh stopping the US 7th fleet in the Bay of Bengal following India’s intervention in Bangladesh, defeating the Pakistani army at Dhaka. 100,000 prisoners of war in 94 hours. No other army has matched that record in modern times. The Sikhs who not in the majority at that war were quick to take credit for it and the Indians gave it to them graciously.

      No government or prime minister can claim to be clean or perfect. Politics does not tolerate lillies and daisies. DS Najib is a prime example of a lilly not fighting back. So he wears his crown of thorns for that.

      But by any standards even that of her late father Nehru Indira was exceptionally better leader .

      The late Mark Tully took me into the Punjab and to Amristar where through a field commander’s (a Sikh) binoculars I saw for myself what the Skhs who occupied the temple had done.

      They defecated from the towers surrounding the inner sanctum of the temple throwing it at outsiders and the army. They defiled the temple including the Parikrama.

      They were by their own admission holding hostages (women whose sons or husbands did not side with them or were accused of being informers).

      These morons had been cultivated by the late Gen. Zia Ul Haq and his intelligence chief the brilliant military and intelligence strategist Hamid Gul. The Sikhs were mercenaries. A large majority of them did not support Brindranwale the goat.

      The good Sikhs (and yes there some) warned Mrs. Gandhi against supporting and nurturing the man into politics. That was her mistake. Theirs was not to condemn the Khalistan supporters many of whom like the Karpal clan remain loyal to their “cause” of separatism by paying in donations to a worldwide money laundering racket.

      What occurred during the anti Sikh riots that followed Indira’s assassination was an outpouring of grief by a nation that loved and venerated her.

      Most of the world’s leaders from the west were at her funeral. None at Brindranwale’s.

      I agree that the massacres in Delhi could and should have been stopped. But it could have been prevented had the fanaticism of the Sikhs been curtailed and discouraged by the Sikhs themselves. They instead sat by idly on the fence and paid dearly for it.

      I have no regard for Amar Singh as he will eventually be sold down by Mahathir and the destabilization that will soon follow.

      I have a great admiration for Mahathir who gifted me with his personal autograph on 3 of these but I am equally critical of him and his conduct this time round.

      As with all such situations and people as Gandhi once said of Hitler:”for a time they will think they are invincible and infallible. But like all dictators throughout history they will fall”. That wisdom applies to us all.

      It is no longer up to Amar to wash his sins away crying foul.

      Amar will stand to be condemned for what he did recently before a more just and fair tribunal in the days to come.

      ” In the hereafter as are all gathered,

      One sole court shall judge all, one pen record decree.

      As is reckoning called at the Portal,

      Shall evil-doers be crushed like sesame grains yielding oil.” Guru Nanak


      1. Dear GRK,
        Many Thanks for the response
        1. Your opening statement “In Malaysia the Sikhs exist out of choice as a religious entity. By and large they are separatists. Khalistan the land of the pure”. Shows that you have a very strong and biased opinion of the Sikhs. It is obvious you are off the mark by miles.
        2. Karpal, his son and Amar are by no means representative of Sikhs (prominent in Malaysia – probably as stated by you) – you are entitle to your own opinion about this individuals – nothing to do with religion – Unfortunately you are religion profiling to the extent of being discriminative/racist.
        3. Than you indulge in “sophistry” on Sikhs, the Golden Temple, Gandhi being good etc.;
        4. I expected you to be a person of high intellectual and moral values – however, when you say “….credit for it and the Indians gave it to them graciously.” and “binoculars I saw for myself what the Sikhs who occupied the temple had done” , etc.; I begin to wonder about your real intentions and motivations?
        5. Then you try to paint Najib as “Jesus”. Again seems that you have totally replace philosophy with politics. I understand you are a trained Lawyer – but Lincoln had a lot of morals.
        6. GRK – seems a Hindu name and probably you are a practicing Hindu. If it is so, than you of all the people should be happy and proud of sikhism – the 9th Guru save your Hindu Religion. This is well recorded in history and even if you want – you can deny it but that makes you a “Harami” – this is an arab word meaning to change after having made a promise, after eating someone salt to deny the someone.
        7. Your quarrels with people like Amar, Karpal, his son and many others ..is something common that takes place in politics, governments and power play.
        8. I am totally not interested in Amar, Karpal..Najib or your Malaysian politics BUT i have a big problem to comprehend your motivation to condemn Sikhs worldwide, Sikhism contributions in the past and deny the truth. In case you are paid to condemn the Sikh religion – i fully understand that money is the motivation. Have you ever been hurt by Sikhism (Religion) not race – so don’t confuse the 2 and use them interchangeable. Amar, Karpal and his son are Indians by race – same as you.
        9. You may not value or even acknowledge that poor innocent people killed (real humans) by their own government during the 1984 Golden Temple destruction, it is both cruel and cowardice on your part to suggest that “Sikhs themselves destroy their own mother”. How convenient for the Gandhi, then people like you spread the “fake ” news. This is 2018 – we are no longer uneducated and we are no longer the simpletons – peasants. A lot of documents in the meantime have been declassified.
        10. A Sikh is a soldier and gentlemen. Unfortunately you met karpal and son (2 lawyers) and Amar (policemen), what you expect.

        I would humbly suggest that Sikhism is not a separatist or violent religion. However, the Sikhs have valour to stand up and help the poor and weak from being bullied by the strong and arrogant. History speaks for itself. Once again i speak of Sikhism as a religion – not Indians that is the race of a majority of the Sikhs.

        Hoping to meet you in person someday. Btw, I am in neighbour Singapore



  14. “You ought to spend a little more time reading whats written. All you have done is to reinforce what we wrote”…..maybe you cannot comprehend simple English. I should probably write my response in Bahasa or Hindi, you might find it easier to digest.


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