In a show of unpardonable (British) stupidity, arrogance and political desperation, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom William Hague made a “shoot from the hip” statement last month, threatening to attack the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange, publisher of that controversial website Wikileaks.

Assange had sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy and political asylum in Ecuador to avoid arrest and deportation to Sweden on what he claims are trumped up charges.

What many in western diplomatic circles and in the media failed to recognize or deliberately chose to ignore were the far reaching implications and the dangers  in Hague’s remarks and his threat. Hague, in one fell swoop, in a reckless act of belligerence, legitimized the actions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in 1979, a breach of international law rejected by the world at large till now.


In that one spectacular unprecedented act in contemporary political history, Iranian Revolutionary Guard over ran the US embassy in Tehran, seizing its staff, holding them hostage for over 400 days. In sacking the US Embassy  in 1979 the Iranian Revolutionary Guard also seized mountains of sensitive diplomatic cables and other confidential documents shredded by embassy staff prior to the embassy being over run.

Communication equipment and confidential files which the Revolutionary Guard seized, including documents in shredded form, were all painstakingly re assembled like a massive jigsaw puzzle, over several months to produce a lethal treasure trove of information now infamously referred to as the Teheran Papers.

The Teheran Papers unearthed a treasure trove of highly prized and sensitive information about US and other foreign diplomatic posts worldwide. Those documents identified the structure  and components (including human assets) of US and Israeli intelligence operations and operatives at their various diplomatic missions in a number of countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Singapore was one of the more sensitive stations named in the documents. It featured prominently as a friendly outpost for the Jewish state seeking to monitor Islamic states  and their activities in the region. Amongst those named as targets for Israel’s monitoring identified were Malaysia, the Philippines (Moro rebels) and Indonesia.

The covers of spies in each of these posts was also revealed. So too were the codes for communication deciphered by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, referred to then as “students”. Clearly these Guards were highly trained operatives of the revolution and not simply students as claimed by Iran. El Al the Israeli airline never flew into Singapore again and had lost its landing rights in the island republic after that disclosure.

William Hague last month gave explicit and official recognition to the legitimacy of that event of 1979 retrospectively. In short, William Hague’s statement translated would have meant this in unequivocal terms to the world:

Britain recognizes the right of a host state and its security apparatus to violate the sovereignty of a foreign diplomatic mission on its soil for reasons it unilaterally considers to be legitimate’.

The inference to be drawn from Hague’s statement? To hell with international laws and our international treaty obligations. His conduct gave express and timely recognition to the Iranian event of 1979, many radical Islamic groups in the middle east had long been waiting for. It was a resounding victory for the Iranian revolution 33 years after it occurred. Every radical Arab and Islamic group in the region had now been given the green light to repeat the events of 1979, and repeat it they did. Hague has not been sought out for comment by a compliant western media for his blunder,


A year or so Before Hague’s tactical blunder over Assange, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had endorsed the street mobs of a political organization in Malaysia calling itself Bersih. Bersih is a political organization led by a rhetoric charged leader, the insufferable and egotistical Ambiga Sreenivasan, a lawyer by training.

Bersih is in fact the paid offshoot of a state government of the opposition PKR in Malaysia, the civil societies movement of US foreign policy and a host of other foreign funded and trained political movements or “NGO’s” as they would prefer to be called.

Ambiga was for reasons best known to her hosts invited to the White House to be conferred an obscure honour by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There Ambiga stood beside a group of third world misfits, house girls, Hillary amongst them for credibility in a  photo opportunity which resembled a political “turkey shoot”.

There these women were bestowed with a dubious ‘order of merit’ by the White House for being “brave women” serving the interests of the United States in far flung regions of the world the US considers ‘its interests’. These regions represent what civil societies a sinister organization, funded by the CIA and financier George Soros see as their colonies of the future.

The imperious Hillary Clinton sees herself as patron of operatives of civil societies funded groups like Ambiga and Lim Chee Wee. There to serve the White House and US foreign policy was Ambiga Sreenivasan on behalf of an undemocratic power hungry set in Malaysia, whose ideas of change is not the ballot box but bloody street riots  for their own political gain and advancement.


Today in an about face, the Secretary of State calls on nations in the middle east to “avoid the Mobs” , a clear reference to the “Arab Springs” now turned an “Arab Winter of Discontent” for the US in the region. It may be a little too little a little too late for Secretary Clinton and the US government to wish their bloody deeds away through mere words alone.

The Arabs by a majority did not endorse the violent overthrow of their leaders or their regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya or Syria. If they did so it was not for to turn these states into free for all western types anarchic disordered societies. The Arabs are an ancient civilization. Much older and than the west.

A small and highly vocal section ( many of whom are now in hiding) of western educated cadres in these countries allowed themselves to be flattered first then led by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in the false and now fading hope that they too would in destroying the old enjoy the fruits of Obama’s “audacity of hope”.

Many of these groups like Malaysia’s Bersih, continue to be supported by Hillary Clinton, the French government (especially of Sarkozy) and in Malaysia’s case by Singapore, the UK and Australia for the potential they represent to the west. These countries are viewed by the west as potential client states. These groups like Bersih operate willingly as a Trojan horse (or fifth coloumn) to be unleashed against their governments in anger each time a state refuses to toe US foreign policy initiatives in a given area.

Today Singapore remains on red alert for the activities of such mobs. Its population now 38% foreign born, many from the people’s republic of China and Bangladesh, are peoples not imbued or intimidated by the Lee Kuan Yew school of political thuggery. They are volatile. In their midst a growing dissatisfied and marginalised Islamic Malay population. There is evidence of a Bersih offshoot in Singapore under a different name. Singapore remains wary of them.

The Malays on the island state have long been treated as outsiders by the Lee regime and their Chinese constituents. The Malaysian Chinese now seek to replicate that Singapore model in a Bersih PKR led Malaysia. The object of Bersih, Malaysia’s answer to the nightmare once called the “Arab Spring” is to overthrow and render redundant and impotent Malay culture, their majority position, their religious and customary rights and beliefs and their rights as a people under the Federal Constitution.


The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar are nearly 400 million people with a common culture, language, heritage and origins. They may be divided by religion but religion if it were to play a significant role in regional politics, must prioritise the needs and sensitivities of Muslims in the are who are a majority.

They are also a market of over 800 million the Indians, Chinese and American covet. The Chinese through organizations like the Malaysian Bar and the other so called NGO’s mismanaged by the west have an advantage they will in due course seize to secure their dominance in the region.

Hillary Clinton now desperately needs a rethink of her position with Ambiga and the Bersih movement. She will need the Malays now to defeat China’s hegemony in south east Asia. China now acts in total defiance and indifference to US and other interests in the region. China is nation that has naked regional and international territorial ambitions in what it sees as a natural extension of its own territory, south east Asia. The US ‘s influence continues to wane with the majority in the region.

China is heading towards more than a diplomatic war with Japan and Korea over certain disputed islands it claims are its own. Its approach is not too different to that of the US, France and the UK. Shoot first ask questions later. China is at variance with all of its neighbours without exception, flexing its military might against each of 6 south east nations who have laid an equally legitimate claim over the Spratlys and Paracel islands in the South China Sea.

China disputes the legitimate rights of other nations in the region with claims to the Paracels and the Spratly islands. It seeks control of the Straits of Malacca from Myanmar’s ports. The local Chinese population in each of the south east Asian countries support China’s ambitions in this regard. For a token they have the Ambiga’s of this world to front up for them.

The US has an obligation not only to itself but to the rest of the free world world to ensure that a China surrogate or proxy like Bersih or the DAP does not achieve that level of influence with its help in the region. If it does the US and the west can kiss goodbye the rights of free passage through the vital sea passage of the Malacca Straits. And in this regard Hillary Clinton appears to be as blind and as naive as Chamberlain was with Hitler.

The US appears to have no firm identifiable long term policy for containing China’s aggressive territorial ambitions in this region. It has had no cohesive policy for its position in this arena since its defeat at the hands of the Viet Namese. Therein lies a grave danger not only for the US but for all other nations in the region who have an interest in their independence and security.


On 11 September 2012, the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York, another milestone in US foreign policy failure was being carved out in Libya. This time the stage for the event was Benghazi in Libya, a country in which the withered hand of failed and ill-conceived US and British foreign policy had not a year earlier brought down a government in “reality TV style”.

The “Arab Spring” , a convenient term used by the US and western media to describe their political interference in the middle east, particularly Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Yemen,
Syria and Libya. Early this year that “Arab Spring “claimed in a most horrific and brutal way, the life of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi .

Gadhafi was sodomised and raped by his assailants, a US backed and trained “peaceful, freedom & democracy loving” mob financed by the west. His rape and subsequent murder was televised to the world via social media. He was shot by an operative of a political rival. The assassin was paid and trained by the US and Britain as has been widely reported. Hillary Clinton at the time in Pakistan for a meeting responded thus when shown a graphic video of Gadhafi’s murder: “Ewwwwwuh?” Her expression came complete with an amused grin on her face.


Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan (Ambiga) admitted in July of 2012 to receiving funds for a larger purpose or “bigger project” (Malaysiakini) in Malaysia which we conclude she secured from the same sources that funded the Libyan, Egyptian, Syrian and Tunisian carnage. More on that later as it unfolds. More on Ambiga’s and Lim Chee Wee’s plans for Malaysia later.

What is undeniable is that that bigger project by the language of Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar can only mean one thing. The end of Malay domination of Malaysia and with its their customs traditions and political rights.

Both Ambiga Lim Chee Wee and their respective stalking horses of Bersih and the Malaysian Bar have, consistently and without let up attacked the Malays, threatened to destroy their culture as embedded in government, the constitution and their way of life in Islam. They have and continue to describe these in various ways as being corrupted, undemocratic, unconstitutional and above all unacceptable to “civil societies”.

What’s important to note is that Ambiga, Lim Chee Wee and the Malaysian Bar (albeit those members that subscribe to their political philosophies) have a direct nexus to Soro’s “civil societies” and other clandestine movements and sources of funding for a purpose not quite unlike that of the “Arab Springs” in almost every respect.

Seriously worrying is Ambiga’s admission to receiving funding for “Bigger projects” and illicit funding from amongst others, the Selangor State government which neither have disclosed to date the power, authority and purpose for which that money of state was given to an unregistered opposition serving a foreign power or powers.


Back to the Middle east and the unfolding tragedy of US foreign policy blunders. US ambassador, sometime CIA operative and specialist in middle-eastern affairs, Christopher Stevens was shot and killed in an equally horrific and brutal attack on his Embassy on 11 September 2012. His killing was at the hands of enraged Libyans who the US refer to now conveniently as Islamist extremists and Al Qaeda operatives. Reports detailing Steven’s death say he too was sodomised before being shot by his assailants. Poetic justice or mere coincidence, it remains a horrific example of the dehumanization of an enemy which cannot be tolerated by any society? But why did the US not condemn the killing of a sovereign leader in Gadhafi by their allies, their “Bersih’s” in Libya then?

On 11 September 2012 the US government withheld release of information on the killing of Christopher Stevens, although sources in the middle east and elsewhere had long confirmed the Ambassador had been killed along with two of his employees in Benghazi. The silence by the US for 24 hours was a dead give away that someone important in their mission had been killed. Not simply an ambassador but also a key architect of their disastrous, failed, rag tag middle east policy.


One now wonders what stage of preparation Ambiga and Bersih and the Malaysian Bar have reached in their own efforts to destabilise government and the majority in Malaysia as threatened. One wonders what contingencies are in place by government in the event they put into action their plans for another Bersih type riot to overthrow government in Malaysia and displace it majority the Malays. Ambiga is after all like Lim Chee Wee linked to groups that have a track record of destabilisation of developing countries that dare to be independent of their colonial past like Malaysia is.

Both Lim Chee Wee and Ambiga run organizations that are intolerant of contrarian views to their own They believe they are the only way to political change and salvation and that whatever claims they make against government must be believed inspite of the lack of proper evidence to support their many far fetched claims and spurious arguments against government.

Beneath all their criticism of government in Malaysia is an anti Malay anti Islamic theme at its core. The field operatives of the Malaysian Bar and Bersih bear all the characteristics and hall marks of those unruly flash crowds paid for and trained by the Europeans (French and British) and the US in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Libya (in more extreme forms). These same mobs who the US and Europe called allies have now turned on each other and their patrons. Where to now and what are we to expect from Bersih and the Malaysian Bar. And why is government silent and apparently impotent in the face of this threat?


The embassy attack in Benghazi was carried out by what the late Colonel Gadhafi called Islamic radicals who he said had long threatened to turn Libya into a theocracy. On this point the US now appears to be one with the late Libyan leader they are complicit in murdering last year.

It was US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton who said over and over again during that tumultuous period of upheaval in Libya that, these street mobs, (the Bersih’s of the Middle east) were “peace and freedom loving people who sought democracy and freedom for Libya which the US stood shoulder to shoulder with in their time of need”. Really Hillary? then why complain? are these not the same peace loving, democratic and freedom aspirants the US stood shoulder to shoulder with or is it too painful to admit Ghadafi was right?

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt and Libya. More recently and of course still current is that other US engineered blood bath in Syria which is doomed to failure if for no other reason than for its strategic importance to Russia in the region and to the Arab position vis a vis Israel.

Egypt and Tahrir square as it is now evident was a grievous miscalculation by the US. In no time the new government in Egypt strengthened ties with Iran demolishing that myth of that great ideological and theological divide between Shi’ites and Sunnis. So too now with. Islamization is the direction of the new forces in charge there. It is the driver at the wheel. The cohesive political, moral, economic and military force with universal acceptance amongst its diverse tribal population. Not the western style liberal democracies dreamed of by the west.

The youth who fanned the “Arab Spring” in these countries are in hiding. They are on the run complete with their Tommy Hilfiger wardrobes and the tools of their mischief, their cell phones. Hiding from a traditional Islamic polity that wants none of their Bersih style “Arab Spring“. The traditionalists amongst the Arabs are not fools but a highly sophisticated, organized and patient majority who have long waited for the opportunity to strike back. Strike back they will. And in the wings observing carefully and learning are Malaysia’s Malays on whom the lessons of the failed “Arab Springs” is not lost.

The recent Libyan incident is perhaps life imitating art: or is it Karma? Either ways one looks at how these events engineered by the west in the middle east are panning out, it bodes no good for the US and to a lesser extent for Europe and the state of Israel. What is brewing in Malaysia is not too different to that which the middle east is experiencing today.

The Malaysian Bar, Lim Chee Wee and Ambiga and their ill informed followers clearly will rue the day they threatened a majority with the extinction of their culture in the same way the Chinese precipitated May 13 all those years ago. It is the language of Lim Chee Wee, Ambiga Sreenivasan, Guan Eng and their policies that threaten the existence of the Malay culture.


It is no longer Anwar Ibrahim or Pakatan that Malaysian and the Malays ought to fear. PKR and Anwar are spent forces of an exhausted political milieu. The Tamils, marginalized by Pakatan and Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar, have learned their lesson. They would prefer the government any day to the opposition having learned the lessons of betrayal from DAP, PKR, the Malaysian Bar and Ambiga.

Malaysians who believe the Bersih’s of this world or “Arab Springs” or “Civil Societies” as they call themselves are capable of better governing the state through street demonstrations and loud offensive slogans alone, should stop and give some thought to how the “Arab Springs” have turned out in the middle east. After all it is the same hand in that glove that brought the Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood into power in Egypt and destroyed the Libyan state reducing it into a feudal, tribal anarchy the US calls free, democratic and friendly to the west.

Ambiga after all like her Arab counterparts was decorated by the same puppeteers in Washington and Paris. They the leaders who fund her campaign and that of those elements of the Malaysian Bar, the Sisters of Islam and the radical elements of the Catholic Church in Malaysia pull the strings by which these puppets dance. And from the middle eastern experience that could be the dance of death


It is an important observation that no regime in the Arab world has actually been replaced since or by the “Arab Springs”. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt may been replaced, like Libya’s Muamar Gadhafi but the regimes themselves and their styles of governing have not changed. The culture of the patrimony and the totalitarian styles remain.

A distinct Islamic tribal flavour permeates the political landscape like it does the social and intellectual fabric of these societies. Others like the Syrian regime of Basher Al Assad are under intensive attack but have not fallen. So too Yemen and Saudi Arabia (where news of such dissent and rebellion against the regime is heavily censored under the pain of the penalty of death).

In other countries, such as Jordan, the unrest never amounted to a serious enough threat to the regime. This is not the Perestroika induced collapse of old regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989 with the fall of communism. The Arab world is fundamentally different. Its problems almost entirely the result of foreign colonial political oppression and post colonial interference in their affairs beginning with the Arthur Balfour declaration that created the state of Israel. Critically, none of these “regime changes” in Libya Egypt, Tunisia and Syria are going to be permanent, western styled liberal democracies forever or clearly victorious as it is claimed by the west. Those that claim to be victorious like Egypt and Libya are not going to be democratic and those that embrace democracy if they do, amongst them are not going to be liberal.

The myth that “beneath every Arab is a French republican yearning to breathe free is ridiculous in the extreme”. The same myth can be applied to the Malaysian model as well which Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar propagate vainly that “beneath every Malaysian is a freedom loving, clean and liberal malcontent Westminster styled democrat”. But their doctrine goes further which is where the anger lies in the Malaysian context.

That beneath every Malaysian lies a non Malay with some Malays wanting desperately to rid the country of Malays and Muslims and replace it with a British/ American Anglo Christian ethic especially in government.”


The Malaysian government cannot ignore the threats by the Malaysian Bar’s Lim Chee Wee directed at the Malays of Malaysia. His racist barbs and his threats like Ambiga’s come in the thinly veiled guise of criticizing UMNO ( a wholly Malays organization of the majority).

Collectively they threaten to end Malay culture and dominance of their country in concert within the Lim Guan Eng’s and Anwars of this world. Government has an overriding obligation to round up these would be despots who spread lies, half truths within and abroad and who serve foreign masters before they carry out their threats. Either ways they are determined and financed to overthrow government outside the ballot box. And they have demonstrated their intent with their lies, propaganda and “dry run” with Bersih 1,2, and the upcoming Bersih 3.

The government has a duty to act decisively before the restive Malay populace, especially its rural classes threatened by Ambiga and Chee Wee’s propaganda and their threats to destroy their existence and culture with an alternative political structure in the coming elections. The Malays are being pushed to take the law into their own hands and deal with the threat because government appears too soft on these radical subversives. If and when the Malays do rise this time , May 13 will seem like nothing more than a school yard brawl etched in our fading memories from some distant time in our history.