Ghost of Altantuya now Haunts the Opposition

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Rats in the Ranks

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Rats in the Ranks

SELLING THE MALAYS -TRADING PLACES The coming general election will be a watershed in contemporary Malaysian history and politics for all the wrong reasons. The brutal truth is that irreparable damage has already been done to the unity of the Malays and to the BN, win lose or draw it won’t heal for a long time. … Continue reading


WHEN IS AN OFFENCE AND OFFENCE? The forced resignation of National Party leader, now former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia over an affair he had with one of his political staffers who fell pregnant to him was by many accounts a political assassination engineered by none other than his political liberal party “ally” and “coalition … Continue reading

Is Islam an Inferior Religion in Malaysia?

There are 3 critically relevant issues the Supreme Court of Malaysia ought to have considered and given weight to in light of the background and history of this matter which it paid scant regard to.   The critically relevant issues the court ought to have properly considered at the very least in arriving at their … Continue reading

Indira Gandhi- Consent-Choices-Decisions

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Indira Gandhi- Consent-Choices-Decisions

A DECISION IN HASTE Consent of both parents to a religious conversion making it more lawful or safer for the welfare of the child (convert) is a complete red herring. The matter of Indira Gandhi vs Ridzuan as decided by the Supreme Court of Malaysia raises more questions about parental and children’s rights as it … Continue reading

Europe On The Brink-At War with Itself

EUROPEANS OR ARABS Although widely accepted by anthropologists though not conceded by the people of the Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal as well as Sicily), a majority of the peoples of this region have a distinct Arab Semitic blood in them. Yet the Spaniards, Southern Italians, French and Portuguese consider any reference to their Arab (North … Continue reading

Regime Change for Singapore- End of the Lees?

Source: Regime Change for Singapore- End of the Lees?

Najib Razak PM in the Clear – Where did it all begin?

Source: Najib Razak PM in the Clear – Where did it all begin?