Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 (2001) Now Malaysian Airlines MH 17 (2014)


Oleksandr Kuzmuk, pictured above, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense who resigned after the shooting down of Siberian Airlines Flight 1812.


Times of India one of many media organizations reports that there is speculation that Vladimir Putin’s aircraft may have been the intended target of the missile battery that brought down MH 17. Both planes are painted in similar colours and if visual contact was required to take out the target, the colours of a Malaysian Airlines aircraft are eerily and deceptively similar enough to look like Putin’s Illyushin IL 96 aircraft.

Whats interesting is that the Times of India once owned by Bennett Coleman is a very pro western paper with one of the largest if not the widest circulation of any publication in the English speaking world.

The claim or suggestion by the Times of India is no more a conspiracy theory than that being floated by US vice president Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott about what and how MH 17 met its end.

Perhaps the Air India pilots who flew within visual range of the ill fated MH 17 could shed some light on what occurred. They were only 25 Kms behind MH 17.


The precedent for the shooting of Malaysian Airlines MH 17 in the Ukraine is the shooting down in 2001 of a Russian built Tupolev passenger jet a TU 154 by Ukrainian Armed Forces missile batteries on October 4, 2001.

In that crash 64 Siberian Air passengers and 12 crew on board the ill fated aircraft en route from Novosibirsk to Tel Aviv were killed when the plane was shot down over the Black Sea by a Ukrainian missile. No reason was cited for the shooting down of the plane except for the speculation that it was a military exercise gone wrong. The victims were mainly Jews.

There was an outpouring of grief and the Ukrainians were described as anti Semites by various Jewish groups following this event (and for their history of supporting Hitler and their documented careless disregard for human life in world war 2). It did not help that at the time of the crash their denials over the shooting down of a civilian airliner were equally careless as it is with the crash of MH 17.

More notably the Ukrainian armed forces then too offered speculative reasons as to what happened attempting to blame others for the shooting down of the Air Siberia TU 154.


It took a while for the Ukraine to admit that it had in fact shot down the aircraft. And that too after considerable pressure was brought to bear on the Ukrainian leadership by Russian investigators.

Ukraine’s then-president, Leonid Kuchma, eventually conceded that the Ukrainian military was responsible for the shooting down of the Russian passenger jet.

The day of the shoot-down of the aircraft occurred at a time the Ukrainian military was conducting a massive exercise which involved shooting down 23 missiles at drones.

“Experts say that the radar-guided S-200, among the farthest-flying and most capable anti aircraft missiles in the arsenal of former Soviet nations (at the time), simply locked onto the Russian airliner after it raced past the destroyed drone some 20 miles off the Crimean coast,” the New York Times’ Michael Wines reported then.

Then President of the Ukraine Leonid Kuchma accepted the resignation of his Minister of Defense, Oleksandr Kuzmuk, following the admission that the military was culpable.

From 2003 to 2005, Ukraine paid a total of $15.9 million to families of victims following a deal with the government of Israel.

Oddly enough the Ukrainians today rush to play what they say (without independent verification) that they intercepted radio conversation between Russian backed separatists discussing the shooting down of an aircraft at the same time MH 17 went down.

The west likewise keen to demonize the Russians and to take the heat off  the Ukraine on one side whilst conveniently taking the attention off Israel’s butchering of Palestinians by Israel’s military on the other is playing up that smokescreen of Ukrainian “evidence” that Pro Russian separatists brought the aircraft down.

If it indeed was a Russian mistake then how different a mistake would it be to that of the US shooting down an Iranian Air civilian passenger aircraft in the late 1980’s? In that particular instance, the US claimed its radar could not distinguish between civilian and military aircraft. How criminally convenient. But the west bought that excuse till the Pan Am disaster over Lockerbie believed to be revenge for the downing of the Iranian passenger jet. But the US un willing to test the resolve of the Iranians if they went toe to toe over that incident chose Libya instead to pin the tail on for Lockerbie.


The latest from the “audio intercept” as the Ukrainians claim to have in their possession is one which requires very close scrutiny for what it does not say rather than for what it purports to.

The Russians have one of the most sophisticated field radio systems for communication in a battle zone which is designed to hop frequencies and to avoid detection.

The Russian made anti aircraft radio or wire guided missile batteries (BUK) which the Ukrainians and the Americans say brought down  MH 17 is in the military inventories of both nations.

The BUK (s 300 or its predecessor S 200) is a Russian designed and built anti aircraft system often marketed to client states via Belorussia and the state arms corporation Rosoboronexport. To “brother states” like the Ukraine it is sold directly. Most former Soviet states have these missiles in their inventories.

It seems that social media is attributing many absurd claims about the crash of MH 17 to a pro Russian military commander.  And the US and Australia appear to be lending credibility to these absurd comments each time they appear in the  press.


The rush to blame Russia and the Cossacks (the ethnic Muslim Russians who live in the Ukraine supporting Russia) in the “intercepted radio messages” is suspect.  Being Muslims they the Cossacks are an easy target of hatred worldwide. The apocryphal so called radio message “audio intercept” released by the Ukraine does not support Russian  (or any other trained army) protocols for communication on the battlefront in the field.

The Russians and their allies do not contact the GRU directly just as the filed operatives of US backed militia in Iraq, Afghanistan or other battle zones do not contact the CIA and its director directly to report an event. It is highly improbable and would be unprecedented if it did occur.


There was no such radio intercept of the downing of the 3 other aircraft supposedly downed by Pro Russians separatists in the Ukraine. Suddenly all sides change tactics radically with the Pro Russian separatists speaking to the head of the GRU Igor Sergun and a Russian Major in the armed forces of the Russian Federation we are asked to believe by Holland and the US.

Then we have the paradigm shift in Ukrainian tactics of intercepting highly classified but uncoded open line communications between pro Russian separatists and Moscow.

What is tragic about this incident coming so close to the heels of the yet unsolved MH370 incident is that civilians are now more than ever coming to grips that there is no such thing as “innocent bystanders in a conflict”. That phrase coined by a Palestinian hijacker who hijacked a BOAC VC 10 aircraft in the early 1970’s told his passengers appears to have been prophetic indeed.


It is time the government of Malaysia and its national Airline learned how to deal with the world and the western media by engaging professional media consultants regardless of their race colour class or creed when dealing with such disasters.

There is nothing wrong in an investment in quality, impressive public speakers (without the fake US accents) personnel, trained, knowledgeable  and savvy when dealing with the international media.

As it stands the prime ministers own ability to impress is impaired following the MH 370 incident. The then acting minister Hishamuddin Onn although not incompetent was short of what the media had expected. There is a special skill required to deal with a media organizations and agencies run by sensationalists ready and waiting to bait an ill prepared minister or other official in such situations. And that damage from not being prepared in such situations may be irreversible.

There is an art and a skill not present within the existing Malaysian media scrum. Neither is it present in Malaysia’s government apparatus capable of dealing with such a situation. And that’s a disaster in itself.

Government needs spokespersons who are skilled. People who are informed, with a legal background, international current affairs specialists who are forensic, articulate and possessed of people and crisis management skills sufficient for them to be able to interact amiably with the diverse and often hostile international media that throng to KL each time something like this occurs.

The Staccato Malaysian accent is horrible and for most of the time not understood. With punctuation and expressions all misplaced in what should otherwise be a short and sharp response is often dragged on, disabled by the accent, the diction, mispronounced words and inappropriate analogies.

It is best that Malaysia give the media a plausible explanation of events than for them to make up their own minds and lend their own interpretations in frustration from dealing with incompetent spokespersons.

Such a situation always ends up causing untold damage to a nation that has gained so much in a short time and has so much to lose in a shorter time by the poor handling of these events.






The Malaysian opposition in politics is doomed to repeat the failures of its leading light Lim Kit Siang, the longest serving opposition leader anywhere in the world.  Being in opposition is all Lim it appears has achieved in his political lifetime. And that’s Lim’s legacy. It is now likely to be passed on like that proverbial poisoned chalice  to Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else who succeeds him in opposition.

Recent events and developments in the fortunes of  Parti Keadlian Rakyat (PKR) leader seems to suggest that Anwar may have already drunk out of that poisoned chalice of Lim’s.

The Malaysian government (if that’s who is behind  the timing of the Court of Appeal decision against Anwar: although there is no evidence to back up that proposition), could not have chosen a better time to destroy Anwar Ibrahim than now. With the reversal of his acquittal on the charge of sodomy in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur Anwar is now set to face a further test of his credibility as a person and as a politician. 

Yet there are those who will say that the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim is politically motivated and timed. Lawyers are amongst these critics. And if it is indeed the case that the timing has been politically motivated then, why not? we ask.

Anwar is a politician with a history of playing dirty and outside of the Rule of Law and the rules of fairness and justice (The Fairuz Video for one).

For all intents and purposes Anwar’s ambitious play for the Kajang seat is over before it even began.  A political still birth. His political fate has been sealed with a criminal conviction and a jail sentence.

Anwar may now be barred from contesting the Kajang by election under Article 48 (e) of the Federal Constitution. Under that particular article of the Federal Constitution he is disqualified under the Constitution from holding office as a member of parliament.

The courts are not bound to stay the sentence imposed on him by the Court of Appeal pending a further appeal on his behalf. A stay of execution is not a right that accrues to Anwar but a discretion in the hands of the judges to exercise if they are persuaded to do so. And considering how the legal fraternity and Anwar have treated the courts in the recent past, they should not expect the good graces of the courts and judges who they have brought into disrepute to prevail. The courts are not inclined to show any mercy or tolerance for the man or his mission. It would be inimical to justice and the preservation of the reputation and integrity of the courts and its judges to do so.

An analysis of the law and a prelude to Anwar’s acquittal being quashed is to be found in our earlier article here from 201.


The US, especially presidential hopeful and big time Anwar supporter, Hillary Clinton and her president Obama are in a pickle in the Ukraine now.

Having backed a bloody coup there by the Nazi group Svoboda in the Ukraine ( a group not unlike what Bersih is to Malaysia), the US and Hillary are now faced with a reality they had not foreseen or calculated into the matrix of politics in that region. Those same failures appear to have manifested themselves in Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Thailand and Libya.

These American funded “Springs” abroad are quickly turning into winters of discontent and rivers of blood everywhere. In light of whats happening in the Ukraine and with Putin’s fight back and local resistance, Anwar and his problems pale into insignificance and irrelevance as far as the west is concerned. Anwar and his mates (Ambiga included) are no priority for the west to deal with now.

The west have bigger fish to fry and their hands are getting burned in the process. Their media will throw a one liner on and off in the interests of hedging their bets on Anwar Ambiga and their minions. Anwar is a non entity. Ambiga is on a very slippery slope and a watch list.


Anwar is a man whose sole objective in his personal and political life has always been his ego and that of his family dynasty  interests (apart from demonizing Dr. Mahathir). And as long as that remains his creed and the main focus of his politics he will continue to be a target of his opponents, friends and foes alike. And as long as he treats the law and the courts with contempt, he can expect nothing better in return.

Anwar will continue to fall into traps he sets for others and in the process he will continue to shoot himself in what remains of his already shot out foot.

The fact of Anwar Ibrahim’s bi sexuality is legend from his days at Malay College. The fact he has been unable to shake off allegation after allegation against him in this regard is where his main problem lies. His supporters are in large part to blame for his problems. Its always been and always will be only about Anwar and his family versus Dr. Mahathir and not about his no show policies. And that’s been a fatal flaw for the opposition and Anwar in general.

Western Gay lobbies wanting to transplant their life styles and interests into the Malaysian socio political and cultural milieu stand tall amongst Anwars backers. The others who pursue personal and political interests of their own using him are the likes of Ambiga Sreenivasan  and the Kit Siang dynasty. Neither of the latter or former are any different to Anwar in many respects.

In previous articles on this blog we warned of these so called Anwar supporters. Anwar paid no heed to these warnings. Instead we were subjected to the invectives and threats by PKR supporters and followers .

Anwar should have learned to rely less on each of these so called ‘supporters,’ each of who has an agenda of their own whilst riding comfortably on his coat tails. There is no cohesion within the opposition. There never will be any as they represent disparate mainly personal interests which have no alignment with national priorities. And they never will win in their present form. That’s also because the opposition one hears of is not the only opposition to government in Malaysia. PKR are merely another set of loud mouths amongst many.


Each time the “opposition” to government in Malaysia receives a favourable judgment in the Malaysian courts, they refer to the judges who hand down those judgements as “Brave” “Great” and “Good”. Whenever an unfavourable judgment comes down on any of them or their activities however just that judgment may be, they attack the government in all its forms, the judiciary and the courts in the process.

Such conduct may be forgiveable (although it is not) when lay people attack the integrity of the courts and judges. However these attacks are often the work of lawyers and politicians. As lawyers these critics are officers of the courts, sworn to protect its integrity, to maintain and uphold its dignity at all times. They do not. That’s a dereliction of the duty of the Malaysian Bar Council and its members. And the buck ought to stop with them.

Back to Anwar Ibrahim and his present dilemma. Anwar may have thought he was running free. However he does run around like a desperate man with his past catching up behind him (if you will excuse the pun).

Anwar knew all along that the ghost of his Sodomy past ( and other sexual indiscretions) would come back to haunt him. The video images of Anwar in his tryst with an unnamed prostitute was merely the tip of a large moral iceberg. His wife and daughter as first family in waiting ought to have said or done something about it. They did not.


Anwar has never been known for his discretion. Quite the opposite. He has an ego the size of Mount Everest. Where he has no stage he  is prone to creating one either by standing on the weaknesses of others or by creating a platform of cheap rhetoric and personal attacks on others he despises. Judges, the courts and parliament. This is because Anwar is a man with whom time has caught up and to whom his mortality is now a reality.

He looks gaunt, tired, frail and emaciated at the best of times. The reasons for this are best known to those close to him. Anwar does not like being attacked. He does not mind others being the target of his bile and vitriol though.

Anwar has nothing of an achievement in political terms to boast of as a politician or a leader. His promises of late (the last decade) have been remarkable for its failures to deliver. He has never given up an opportunity to miss out on an opportunity either.


The contradictions of Anwar and his PKR (his family) are best manifest in the recent matrimonial dispute between his daughter and her beau.

Whilst spitting out secularism and democracy from one side of the PKR mouth to frothing point, Nurull Izah chose the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts to launch her divorce proceedings against the prince she married. So much for support of secular promises by the PKR.

On another score, his wife and daughter both have an overriding obligation to their constituents and to the public they claim to serve, to have said something about Anwar’s sexuality and, at the very least to have said something about the state of their family. They are after all a first family in waiting and we have a right to know about them.

There is no privacy in public life for them to hide behind. As public figures their trademark has been to condemn and defame anyone who they disagree with. Yet Wan Azziza and Nurull have remained deafening silent on at least the video. What kind of first family does the country deserve?

In the view of the PKR Datin Rosmah, the family of former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed is fair game but not the first family in waiting of Anwar, Wan Azziza and Nurul.

A year ago the country was in the grip of election fever. Anwar was so confident he would trounce the Barisan to snatch government from them and went around distributing victory speeches to select western media representatives, requesting an Australian journalist put the finishing touches to his draft.

It was not to be so and he cried foul losing the support of even those Gay journalists from abroad who crowd around the man often enough hoping he will be the crest of that tsunami sweeping the west in the advancement of Gay rights ‘uber alles’.

We reported from interviews with prominent Saudi Wahhabi clerics just prior to the elections last year 2013. Each of these clerics said Anwar categorically that Anwar was the forerunner to an Islamic state in Malaysia. And they blessed him.


Anwar is not being honest. He never was and never will be. There is and always will be need for an opposition whether that be in Malaysia, England, Japan or the USA. But an opposition for the sake of an opposition is a recipe for disaster as it is evident in Malaysia.

A weak and incompetent opposition like the PKR strengthens government and reduces its efficiency paving the way for weaknesses and yes corruption. But there is an opposition in Malaysia and it is not only the PKR or Chinese assemblies like the DAP.

The opposition we speak of does not take to the streets on Hillary Clinton and George Soros’s money or that of the National Endowment for Democracy. They are more into engagement and negotiation, proper political discourse and argument even if through blogging and writing.

The opposition we refer to are people who are proudly independent and can rely on their own intellect, intelligence and their ability to fight within a democratic parliamentary constitutional government. Their arguments based on merit, fact and not rumour. But they are not the stuff the pretend journalists of the alternative media are interested in. These are the silent achievers who do not have a finger in someone else’s pie.


Anwar shifts his policies (what policies?) and his preferences, his position on any topic like the proverbial fly does from turd to turd. He has no policies other than the borrowed clichés from wherever it falls.

He moves from constituency to constituency and from electorate to electorate unnerving even some of his closest aides and advisors. And yes Bloomberg and other trash rags seeking world domination through street campaigns would love that.

Anwar has not once posited a single costed policy of his which could be identified as an alternative to what government can or already does not provide to the citizens of Malaysia. He instead boasts of a ‘one size fits all’ raft of promises which can never be achieved in the manner he says it could be.


In 2012 a court acquitted (not dismissed ) Anwar on a charge of sodomy against his wife’s driver. That acquittal if read closely, was a precursor to an appeal. That appeal has now resulted in a higher court setting aside or overturning that earlier acquittal. The reasons for the earlier court’s decision was flawed.

That decision was unsound and the reasoning for that acquittal was peppered with appealable content chapter and verse. Anwar allowed to speak from the dock let out a tirade then which was used to hang him recently. That was the fatal flaw of his over confident lawyer. He hid from an opportunity to be cross examined, his alibis (all 13 of them) having disappeared in the heat of the hearing.

Adding to this problem one might want to know why someone like Anwar, a moving target of the government as he claims he is, would continually find himself in hot water.

To find an answer to that question a cursory read of the application drafted by lawyers acting for the Catholic church in the Allah affair would hold a clue. Anwar was and continues to be represented by incompetence from amongst the Malaysian legal profession to compliment his own.


The Church’s application is a prolix document which relegates to a small appendix at the end of their application, the questions they seek to have resolved by the court.

A copy of that 50 page document is supplied in PDF form at this site:

The document is preceded by what is meant to be a set of legal arguments. Much of what is in their pleadings in that document is not footnoted, has little reference to legal authorities or merit from a legal perspective. It is desultory and haphazardly cut and paste. It has little in the character of properly drafted set of pleadings by skilled lawyers.

This is what Anwar and the church are faced with as an opposition to government. And till they are able to correct those flaws in their strategies and their ranks they are doomed to wander in the proverbial political wilderness.


It was clear a long time back that Anwar would never be prime minister of Malaysia. At least not while he has his so called “allies” and “advisers” remain with him in the PKR.

There is not a single force within the opposition from Bersih, especially Bersih who has not made or sought to make a deal independent of Anwar during these past 3 years with the Najib government in office.

There is much evidence and documented evidence at that, that Bersih and the DAP have all acted in a conspiratorial manner to hasten Anwar Ibrahim’s demise politically.

There is much evidence that Berish’s leadership had indicated in private conversations that Anwar would never be PM. Yet the mule cart rolls on as the wheels fall off one by one and the mules die.



Deepak Jaykishan was not so long ago the favourite whipping boy of the opposition. With “impeccable” connections  he claimed to the first family, selling carpets (or was he just a carpet bagger?) doing errands for them (again of his own material) speaking volumes of the virtues of the Prime Minister and his wife he also boasted to the gullible his ability to sew up deals worth hundreds of millions of Ringgit with just a telephone call to Datin Rosmah.

All that came to an abrupt end when someone in the opposition got the man Deepak by his short and curlies. His investors in tow, the corporate watchdog and several businessmen who had also backed Deepak on the basis of his boasts realised Deepak was not all he was cut out to be. A fraud of such an unprecedent scale linked to this man had begun to unravel.

Deepak had fallen on his own sword. A braggart with tall tales of his near magical business prowess, he managed to snare in the gullible with outlandish claims of being able to make quick and obscenely large fortunes at the stroke of the pen and at the dial of a telephone to the prime Ministers wife. A man suffering delusions of grandeur much like his new mentor Anwar Ibrahim, Deepak has now joined that celebrated group within the opposition of liars, cheats and charlatans.


First there was the over hyped self proclaimed messiah and redeemer of the “Rakyat” Raja Petra Kamaruddin, RPK. A blogger extraordinare a pathalogical liar and turncoat who was the oppositions pin up boy till RPK was betrayed by the opposition, turned on his friends and the opposition, betrayed others and exposed for the charlatan and the liar he turned out to be. The opposition had a huge vacancy in their credibility gap to be filled.

Behind Anwar Ibrahim stands the lawyer Sivarasan. Behind Deepak and Balasubramaniam by default stand prominent elements of the Malaysian Bar. Behind the Malaysian Bar looms large the shadow of foreign money, channeled through various NGO’s.

On each of their shoulders stands tall an intellectual and political dwarf in Ambiga Sreenivasan. Sreenivasn an opportunist and self serving individual has loyalties to none other than to herself and her masters in the civil societies movement.

Each of these entities and individuals have engaged in a campaign of defamation, deceit and the disinformation on behalf of a desperate crumbling opposition. Disinformation is a critical plank in the Pakatan’s only policy platform and strategy. That strategy in turn is peppered with personal attacks and sensationalism.

With independent polls indicating a tectonic shift towards the Barisan government especially from the Indians, rural Malays and now the Chinese, it is no wonder that the opposition now in desperation have had to trawl the bottom of the heap in search of a Deepak character to shore up interest in their existence and their dwindling fortunes. It is a strategy that has begun to backfire on them disastrously. And here is why.


Deepak’s latest tirade against those he believes have scorned him is addressed to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed in a letter. In that letter it is clear that Deepak and those like him have little or no idea of how government or the justice system works in Malaysia. Even less do they understand how business and the conveyance of land is carried out. And that is a tragedy. Because behind Deepak are lawyers. Prominent Malaysian lawyers.

And the opposition it seems is only too happy to have the delusional Deepak wallow in his cesspool of ignorance as long as he throws mud. Because some of it will stick and that’s all that matters to the opposition.

Now here’s the rub. Deepak in his disinformation campaign implicates himself in the commission of serious civil and criminal offences against the company’s code in Malaysia. And sadly he appears oblivious to the extent and the consequences of his admissions.

Deepak can’t run or hide from his admissions now. He instead behaves like the proverbial ‘woman scorned’. Perhaps he is another of those men taking on the persona of women when the lights are out? Well if he is he certainly is in the right camp now and in good company.


The letter directed to Tun Dr. Mahathir is full of self-righteous indignation and feigned outrage. The man begins with a complaint of a raid conducted by Bank Negara on his premises for what appears on his own material to be foreign currency regulation breaches. Thus begins the first in Deepak’s self inflicted wounds eroding his own credibility as a witness and as the individual on whose testimony the opposition seeks to win political points.

He does not explain how he accumulated the hoarding of foreign currency in his possession in breach of the law during that raid by Bank Negara. Instead Deepak ascribes ownership of that money to the first family. He offers no proof for that allegation he raises in his defence to the raiding officers. Except for the uncorroborated statement of his about the first family owning the money made to the arresting officers Deepak is prima facie liable for the hoard of foreign currency in his possession. And in Deepak’s and the opposition’s view naming Najib Razak and Datin Rosmah is a lawful defence and proof of his assertions.

Deepak then asks Dr. Mahathir in that letter to believe that some grave injustice against him had occurred by the raid. This according to Deepak is because he attributed his large hoarding of foreign currencies to the first family’s instructions to him to hold it. The story gets more interesting and bizarre as he tries then to besmirch the credibility of the CIMB and its chairman the prime minister’s brother in the process as well.

Deepak offers no reasonable excuse or defence to having breached foreign currency regulations. If the  excuses he proffered alone were legally admissible as a defence, then anyone could lawfully blame the first family as a defence to committing murder, stealing, cheating, lying and fraud by applying the “Deepak defence” and get away with it. We would simply have to say “the devil made me do it”.



Now let us examine the credibility of Deepak’s claims that the first family asked him or ordered him to hoard large amounts of foreign currencies in breach of the law. Lets not forget for a moment that the Prime minister’s brother is head of the largest bank (an international bank) in Malaysia in the CIMB.

Common sense would tell us that if the first family were so inclined to commit breaches of the foreign currency law by hoarding foreign currencies like Deepak did, they could have accessed the vast private and secret banking networks in the region leading to Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland. They could have used the services of CIMB to facilitate such a transaction. Instead Deepak wants us to believe they chose him above all the other safer and more reliable means of achieving what Deepak says they were trying to achieve.

In his tirade disguised as a letter to Dr. Mahathir Deepak then goes on to claim a “landmark legal decision” in his favour on the Bangunan Angkasa, Bukit Raja land deals. Again using this failed deal he grabs the opportunity to once more tarnish the reputations of the first family.

In the letter he claims the first family and the government failed to enforce the court’s ‘landmark’ decision in his favour. Is it really up to a former or serving Prime Minister to interfere in a court’s decision? Is this what Pakatan’s leaders would do in government? What are we facing here, a bunch of tyrants and fascists parading as democrats and a government in waiting? Remember Deepak is not alone. He has a bevy of lawyers in the background prompting his every move like they did with Balasubramaniam.


More tragically Deepak tries to describe a land transaction which he was party to in terms that suggest  he attempted a leveraged deal (gazumping) which did not work in his favour. He was gazumped in the end. There are no anti gazumping laws in Malaysia as regards to land transactions.

He then advances a more bizarre theory which can only be described as an act of unmitigated stupidity by him and his lawyers. Their negligence to their client Deepak led to someone else benefitting from the decision of the CIMB, to sell the property at the centre of his ‘deals’. Deepak does not say the deal was not properly consummated or that he had no title to the property. The seller changed her mind. Deepak thinks that’s against the law. The seller had all right interest and title to dispose of to whomsoever she chose to deal with. And exercise that right she did.

Deepak does not tell us the full story. Deepak had arranged for a third party company to purchase what he was intending to purchase himself through a leveraged transaction which failed. The third party was not Boustead but it got wind of the transaction as did the CIMB, and as the seller did not wish to conclude the sale to Deepak. The bank intervened and sold it off to someone Deepak did not approve of.


What Deepak is trying to tell the world is this. Everytime he fails at something including his many other hare brained ideas someone else has to carry the blame for his failures. Deepak was lucky. He managed to con a large number of people to put their money into his many schemes. Because at one time he did sell carpets amongst other things to the Razaks. He has used that connection of his to exaggerate his relationship to the first family and to government ministers in order to entice investors to his schemes.

Deepak does not say how he raised significant amounts of money from the public to fund many of his get rich quick deals in breach of the corporations act. Deepak has still not accounted for his very large hoardings of foreign exchange in his possession. Blaming it on the first family without any admissible evidence with his history of name dropping and exaggeration is not what the law calls proof of innocence.

What he also conveniently fails to disclose in the letter to Dr. Mahahtir is the reason for the quantum of money he offered to acquire these properties and why it was so high. No one forced him into a purchase it. He went in to the deal voluntarily.

Deepak failed to lodge a proper prospectus and failed to provide other disclosures required under the law of anyone seeking to raise large sums of money from the public. Deepak does not identify the sources of his bounty and neither does he provide evidence of his right to take money from the public for some of his schemes without disclosures or a proper prospectus.


Deepak was never one shy of the cameras then and neither is he shy of them now. He took photos with anyone he thought had standing in the community, especially in government. Deepak then flaunted his connections to the many gullible get rich quick common folk who believed Deepak could pull Rabbits out of the hat for them. Its called social climbing and Deepak made a living out of being a social climber. What Deepak did with his name dropping and photo opportunities is only equaled by the Gold Scammers who scammed thousands of their savings using photos of the scammers with government officials.

When his schemes failed, with many people (investors) literally baying for his blood, Deepak went to the press and contacted lawyers aligned to Pakatan. These are the same lawyers who assisted Balasubramaniam perjure himself through the 2 statutory declarations they drafted for him. They then arranged press conferences and the spiel in the blogsphere of the opposition to spin yarns about conspiracies, corruption, murder and multi billion dollar scams involving the first family.

If any of what Deepak says is true, then he is prima facie implicating himself in the commission of serious criminal offences. Apart from lying and defaming others Deepak has been attempting to carve out for himself what he believes would be a special place in the sun under a new government of Pakatan he dreams of like Anwar and the DAP.

Deepak is not alone. Sadly there are “journalists” other professionals and business people who smell blood and believe there is a change of government in the air. And like stray dogs and vultures they queue up to bark in the night in the vain belief they will somehow benefit from the change in government they expect come GE 13. If that’s not moral turpitude (corruption) they complain of then what is corruption?


Going further into Deepak’s letter to Dr. Mahathir to the claim of a ‘certain Islamic bank’ which according to Deepak conspired to injure him, once again he implicates himself in a suspect ‘corrupted’ deal. The commission of an offence (by his own admission again) which he blames others for and offers no proof of his assertions. Throwing more mud getting his hands dirty in the process.

Note the qualification of the bank being an ‘Islamic’ bank as if it mattered. That qualification is irrelevant unless one advances it as an opposition policy statement by a bum boy which Deepak clearly is. If he was serious about his allegation against the bank in question he would name the bank in much the same way he has named Datin Rosmah and the Prime Minister so many times in his other unfounded allegations. Each time Deepak has raised their names he offers no proof of his allegations against any of them. A liar at work here. A queer liar bought and paid for by a politically and morally bankrupt opposition.

Deepak should stick to Punjabi or Hindi whenever he writes or speaks. The man is semi literate and a liar. He asks Dr. Mahathir:

Now why is it that after such clear incriminating evidence, till to date there has been no investigation on Rosmah, Najib or Nazim (Najib’s brother)? This takes selective prosecution to an entirely different level doesn’t it? How does Tun suggest I seek duress then? Let’s talk about my court experience now”.


He seeks duress? No he means redress. Like Balasubramaniam using words like susceptible in his SD. Deepak is clearly being led by someone else here. He is indulging in someone else’s vocabulary. Anyway why does he seek legal advice from Dr. Mahahtir? Clearly because he does not understand how the legal system works, how one does not go to a chemist for bread or to the opposition or him for the truth.

Deepak has not produced one single iota of evidence that can be corroborated to support his many far fetched allegations to give it a character of legitimacy or truth. These are the rantings of a cheat caught out in the act then implicates himself by confessing openly to committing criminal and civil offences then saying “the devil made me do it”. Deepak echoes mindlessly the strategy and policies of a politically bankrupt PKR.

Yes we do need an opposition to make government work. But no one in their right mind would want to be tainted, to be caught backing or to be seen supporting an opposition to the truth, an incompetent bunch of liars whose only policy is a personal vendetta against Dr. Mahathir and UMNO.   Clearly inspite of their claims to be persecuted, the Chinese are Anwar’s puppet masters supported by disgruntled middle class Malays who feel marginalized.

Anwar now struggles to tell the population his will not be “a Chinese government”.  Now if the Chinese dominance of a Pakatan government is not a concern for the majority and not a reality, why does Anwar need to re assure people his will not be a Chinese government? What about the DAP campaigns which scream otherwise?

The PKR’s only policies to date are anti Mahathir statements, unfounded allegations against a sitting prime minister and his wife conveyed by the septic voices and minds of Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Balasubramaniam and now Deepak Jaykishan. The ugly hand prints of those members of the Malaysian Bar who have been supporting Sabah secessionists all the time is clearly evident smudged all over Deepak’s campaign.


By Deepak’s law, dealing in land whilst in office amounts to the commission of an offence by a senator he names. To him this is because she either bought or sold land whilst in office. By his standards (and his law) most world leaders are therefore criminals and crooks. So why did Deepak who believed it to be wrong engage with the senator? Is he not then guilty of aiding and abetting her in the commission of an offence at least?

Under Deepak’s law Lee Kuan Yew and his family would be crooks for being proprietors of the Tat Lee Bank (since restructured) amongst other major investments they hold. The Bush family would be crooks for ownership of Zapata Oil and other oil and gas and banking businesses worldwide. Dick Cheney would be breaking the law for Haliburton and Hillary Clinton for indulging in her private financial interests whilst in office. Of course there is Baroness Margaret Thatcher (who Deepak has claimed to associates he knows personally) for being a major shareholder in Burma oil.

But where in the constitution of Malaysia or the rules of parliament of Malaysia does it say that a member of parliament whether it is the prime minister or a senator is prohibited from buying or selling real property or engaging in business generally whilst in office?

Notice how conveniently Deepak avoids mention of Karpal Singh and his son owning and operating a legal practice (as a business) whilst serving the public and the country through their parliamentary office like Sivarasah? Now should that also not be an offence according to the law of Deepak (or the Pakatan)?


Deepak blames Raja Ropiah for “purposely” delaying the issuance of some document in his favour. What he does not say is that his lawyers failed him by not being vigilant in the conveyance of the property in question. Ropiah’s side found an advantage and took the benefit of it to themselves. Unless of course he is saying that Ropiah’s actions were outside the statutory requirement for providing such a certificate or that she was bound by law to do so.

It is called a commercial decision and prudent decision making in commerce. Deepak is clearly incapable of such decisions because his entire existence has been built on smoke and mirrors and through defrauding people claiming he had the first family in his pocket. Not the case.

Deepak is presently being hounded by many people who placed their faith and their money in him to pull rabbits out of an empty worn hat. What came out of it instead was a can of worms and cupboard full of skeletons.

Apart from a litany of what can only be described as half truths, outright lies and manufactured situations and conspiracies Deepak also proclaims his commitment to working for Malaysia as the Tun (Dr. Mahathir) had done and continues to this day.

Deepak’s listed public company has been involved in a number of sham schemes called “pump and dump”. Deepak the braggart and liar makes statements to the public as an officer of a public company he controls that drives the price of its shares upwards, dumps significant amounts of it to gullible speculative buyers then tries to conceal his crimes by blaming those who he has an axe to grind with.

‘大耳窿’ THE AH LONG:


 “The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice” … Aristotle Greek Philosopher.

They are called ‘loan sharks’ in the west, Yamikinyu in Japan, Sauekar in Mumbai or the Kabuli in Delhi. They are the Kabuli because of their Afghan origins.

Ah Long (derived from the Cantonese ‘大耳窿’ ) is a term used to describe loan sharks in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Operating illegally and most often under the patronage of unseen public officials and  corrupt police, the Ah Longs are the product of age old Triad practices that originated in the courts of the medieval clans and warlords who preyed on the poor and thrived on debt slavery in pre Maoist China.

Today the Ah Long in Malaysia operates via the convenience of a wide network of third party mercenary thugs and corrupt off duty policemen.

The Chinese Triads today employ mainly Tamils and Indonesian thugs to execute ‘enforcement’ of debt obligations for them. Typically these thugs are from the ranks of displaced and desperately unemployed youth willing to do anything for a dollar.


The Triads engage these unemployed displaced youth in much the same way the wife of murdered businessman Leong Kian Sheong is alleged to have used 3 Tamil assassins to carry out the brutal murders of Kian Sheong and his mistress, Vivien Wong.

Wong’s and Leong’s throats were cut from ear to ear. A ceremonial and symbolic act the hallmark of Triads. The prevalence of Triad activities wherever Chinese communities exist is common as it is pervasive, widespread and sinister. The Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore do not like the existence or the history and cultural origins of the Triads mentioned along racial lines. It is an embarrassment and a convenience rolled into one for the Chinese especially where offences like those of the murder of Leong Kian Sheong involved members of two non Malay ethnic groups in Malaysia, viz the Chinese and the Tamils.


The Ah Long  is the loan shark who lends money to the vulnerable, the weak and the economically challenged. Typically their customers are people who are unable to obtain loans from scheduled banks and finance companies.

The Ah Long’s primary targets are inveterate gamblers, low and mid income families, the high level consumer and the asset rich cash poor sectors of communities of Malaysia and other south east Asian nations.

A ready made market exists in the upwardly mobile class of consumers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore in whose DNA can be found the genes of social climbers and the class conscious, whose ascendancy in society is acquired though financial gain and material possessions at any cost. Asians.

The Ah Long’s services are often spread by word of mouth and public notices. They boldly advertise in public in a style that deceptively borrows the language of licensed lenders and banks. As is the case with loan sharks in the west, in Japan, India and other places, the Ah Long is charcterised by the extraordinarily high interest rates he charges on short term loans unsecured and backed in redemption by the most unimaginable forms of violence and human degradation.


You have among you many a purchased slave Which, like your asses and your dogs and mules,You use in abject and in slavish parts Because you bought them. Shall I say to you Let them be free, marry them to your heirs. Why sweat they under burdens?. . . You will answer The slaves are ours.’ So do I answer you.The pound of flesh which I demand of him is dearly bought. ‘Tis mine, and I will have it.”
(IV.i.89–99) (The Merchant of Venice)

Corruption through infiltration of Australia’s immigration and customs services has finally come to the surface. A report published by the anti corruption commission of New South Wales in December 2012 revealed serious infiltration into the immigration service by mainly Chinese drug gangs from abroad.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of a number of officers serving at terminals in Sydney, Melbourne and two other major air and sea ports in Australia.

Statistics reveal an alarming number of young women from the communities of Chinese, Viet Namese, Thai, and Japanese migrants working off Ah Long debts as prostitutes in the west. Many would have arrived in their destinations as students, casual workers in restaurants or factories arranged by Ah Longs and their corrupt network of associates in these places.

On arrival these victims soon discover that the promises of the Ah Longs of a better life in their new destinations is nothing more than an inducement to a life of inescapable misery.

None of the Asian social welfare groups intervene. Not the Churches, not the NGO’s nor their ethnic community groups. It almost always falls on the conscience of the European hosts to assist and to redeem these victims and where possible to repatriate them in a dignified way.


Another variation to the Ah Long theme is the menace and tragedy of the house maid phenomenon sweeping all of the prosperous regions of Asia and the middle east.

A large majority of these so called “maids” the NGO communities support are in fact victims of debt slavery. They are often transported to places like Malaysia under the ‘legitimate’ cover of maid employment agencies in order to pay off debts. And perhaps negligently and unknowingly the Churches support and patronise this practice of keeping maids in places as Malaysia by lobbying for more of them to be imported into places like Malaysia.

The vexed and highly emotive issues of the abuse of maids raised by the Catholic church, women’s groups and Irene Fernandez in Malaysia has focused on the working conditions of these victims of a form of white slavery. But none of them have a focus or agenda for eradicating the source of its evils and the trade itself.

There has been no comment or policy initiative from the Church, Women’s interest organizations or from Irene Fernandez herself a lead spokesperson of an NGO at the forefront of this issue.

Other vile and criminal methods inflicted by Ah Longs to enforce repayment of their loans include, serious assaults, knee capping, literally being fed to trained Rottweiler dogs in their cages, rape and forced oral sex on the spouses and female children of borrowers.

The practice has been reported in and around the KL, Kelang, the Syah Alam corridor of Selangor state where Ah Long predators are most prolific in plying their trade. Johore and Perak are not far behind the if statistical data on the subject is to be believed.


There are at least 24 reported cases of new born male children of borrowers in Peninsula Malaysia, being offered or forcibly taken by the Ah Long in satisfaction of an unpaid debt. These children are then sold into the lucrative black market for male children to childless couples abroad.

The most common use for young women in debt default situations with the Ah Long is more often in prostitution till a debt is paid off and that could mean forever.

A disturbing trend common in China and India and now emerging in Malaysia and Singapore is the collateral of body parts in satisfaction of a debt.

A Tamil woman in Malaysia is reported to have been lured into sacrificing one of her kidneys to a compatible recipient via the Ah Long in Kuala Lumpur. Actual details of the transaction were made known to us by members of a local evangelical church in Kuala Lumpur. The irony of the transaction is that the recipient of the kidney is also known to be from a family of worshipers at this same church.

The practice is widespread in many developing countries and is beginning to grow legs in Malaysia.


Much of data collected from the public on the Ah Long culture in Malaysia and Singapore has been collected by foreign researchers and agencies who are more trusted by victims than their local counterparts whose only concern appears to be scoring political points.

The NGO’s in Malaysia are perceived to have no depth, knowledge or genuine concern for the welfare of the weak in their societies. Victims have nowhere to go. The churches in Malaysia too are distracted by the political debates that have been raging there and have no time for the victims of Ah Longs.

There is a widespread culture of mistrust of public officials and anyone even remotely resembling a public official in Malaysia. When it comes to reporting crime it is known that ‘shame’ crimes where especially the chastity of a woman is likely to be called into question 90% of them go unreported.

The more powerful cultural deterrent and disincentive to reporting the Ah Long is the underlying sentiment of shame attached to being a borrower. A borrower from an Ah Long at that. And it is that sentiment that deters victims from coming forward. The social stigma attached to being in the debt of an Ah Long and its ugly consequences further discourages more public discussion on the subject and reporting of the offences of the Ah Long.

The Ah Long is classed as the biggest social menace in Malaysia and Singapore. It comes a close second to drugs and alcohol and is often credited by social workers for family break ups and suicides especially amongst young women. Women the biggest victims of the Ah Long experience in families. Its consequences are too diverse to fit into a sociologists limited pigeon hole for quick analysis.


There was a time when the Ah Long was the local hoodlum or grocer who had extra cash and a bit of muscle to lend to people in desperate need of money for a wedding or funeral expenses. The practice was condoned but it nonetheless received a degree of social acceptance in the wider community at a time when insurance and banking products did not cater for such contingencies as they do today.

Surprisingly for a country at the forefront of Sharia banking and finance and a Muslim country at that where religious doctrine eschews usury and forbids it as one of the cardinal sins and the root of all evil, Malaysia has one of the world’s highest incidences of the Ah Long experience.

The scourge of the Ah Long is growing unabated in all major cities of Malaysia and has spread its tentacles to the rural heartland of Malaysia. It has reached all levels of society and its spread is said to rival that of the evangelical Christian youth movements and multi level marketing.


Large numbers of Malaysians go abroad to study each year. Amongst this crowd are those who enroll at foreign institutions of learning as students as a means of migrating abroad seeking better economic opportunities than those available to them in Malaysia.

There have been a number of arrests of students engaging in illegal activities in their host nations especially in places as Canada, the UK, Australia, the US.

Non traditional destinations for commonwealth students like Holland, has featured in the spread of the Ah Long and its cultural base. Amsterdam, London and Vancouver have each witnessed an entrenched culture of the Triad develop like a rash in their midst over the past few decades.

In 1973, the Dutch government chartered a Sabena (Belgian Airlines) DC-10 to repatriate a plane load of Malaysian Chinese who they had rounded up, charged and convicted in Holland for various crimes ranging from heroin trafficking, extortion, protection rackets and prostitution.

It was then described by an Interpol officer as “the tip of a very large iceberg”. As alerts were issued for Chinese youth especially from Malaysia at various western entry points after the Holland incident in 1973, a tsunami of “students” slowly  began their gradual and intense migration to these lucrative destinations to ply their illicit trades on behalf of the Ah Long.

Students today account for more than 50% of the illegals from Malaysia into the west caught, charged, tried and deported for various Ah Long related crimes. Most of these sent by the Ah Long through their vast  network of travel & migration agents which includes a few lawyers in the destination countries and in Malaysia.

However the Ah Long’s most high profile couriers to date has been a Malaysian politician caught attempting to smuggle over a million dollars in cash into Australia. The politician in question was apprehended by alert security and customs officials at Brisbane airport two years ago. Sadly this politician is not alone.


In 1995 pioneering Australian Chinese heart surgeon Dr. Victor Chang was gunned down by two Malaysian Chinese gangsters in what police described as a failed extortion bid.  What’s not publicly cavilled is the proposition that Dr. Chang had in the view of some been the victim of the Ah Long and their Triad organizations. It is believed Chang had refused to sell a part of his invention, an artificial heart to Triad “investors” who had approached him in private to invest. The consequence of that refusal is now deeply embedded in the psyche of many Australians.

Whether there is any truth to that story with Dr. Chang is hard to tell. But to ridicule the proposition is foolhardy considering the extents to which Ah Longs and their Triad organizations have historically gone in the past in pursuit of money through extortion.

The Triads thrive in Sydney openly displaying many of their traits at restaurants in the water front and with the open soliciting for prostitution of young mainly Chinese women in most of Sydney’s major suburbs. The corrupting of Sydney’s police could not have been a very difficult task for the Ah Long considering the long history of corruption within the New South Wales police force and its other law enforcement agencies.

Many Australian politicians are known to have accepted bribes, expensive gifts and other inducement to favour Triad interest in Australia. It includes influencing immigration and business license decisions, government letters to Chinese business people engaging in business in South East Asia and China and for a variety of other purposes such as places at universities and favourable exam results.


More recently and notoriously an MAS airline pilot Thiagu Supramaniam was arrested in 2012 at Brisbane airport in possession of a five kilos of meth amphetamine first thought to be heroin on his person. And the problem does not stop there.

Thiagu is not the only known airline pilot involved in the trafficking of large quantities of high grade heroin, cocaine, ice and ecstasy on behalf of the Ah Long.

 More than half a dozen Malaysian Airlines stewardesses abroad particularly  in Europe and in the US have been caught doubling up as ‘Escorts” whilst on stop overs in these destinations. Holland, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles being the new popular, lucrative spots for these girls to ply their second trade in because of the strong presence of Triads there.

The recent death of a Chinese Malaysian airline stewardess in Holland is widely believed to have been linked to the Triads whose presence in Europe is anchored in Holland. She is believed to have been a ‘working girl’ for the Triads unbeknownst to her family. The real cause of her death has never been revealed apart from the obvious, a fall.

Whilst Hong Kong and Taiwan have previously been  prominent in the “Escort” circuit for airline stewardesses, the preference for these girls and their Ah Long pimps has always been the larger cities of the west where the Triads are now a well entrenched criminal organizations.


The practice of prostituting airline stewardesses abroad is quite widespread. In fact it has been reported and brought to the attention of MAS management previously. The problem though is securing a conviction without which the allegations remain just that and the ability of management to act is limited without a conviction. Or at least that is the theory.

MAS stewardesses have long been “party girls” to board members and their official guests at functions in Malaysia and abroad. There are at least two known videos of prominent Malaysian’s from the 1990’s in compromising positions and situations with Malaysian Airline stewardesses. And the vice does not stop there.

By contrast Singapore Airlines (SIA) is know to chaperon their stewardesses whilst they are abroad knowing full well the temptation and propensity for such activities by Asian gangs preying on their girls whilst abroad. SIA too it is known have suffered the experience of the Ah Long preying on young vulnerable women whose families are in debt to them. However to their credit the airline has become more circumspect and vigilant about the problem now.

Reliance on Ah Longs and other shark lenders as alternatives to banking and its red tape in Malaysia as an industry now challenges the dominance of the regular banking and finance sector. This is  the case at least where private personal lending is concerned. The pervasive influence of the Ah Long has deeper and more sinister social undertones that are not immediately apparent in the “ economically prosperous  moral jungle” Malaysia.

Where gambling of all variety thrives especially amongst the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore, the influence and long dark shadow of the Ah Long is ever present. Oddly enough their most desperate victims are the Chinese themselves and if for no other reason than their renowned propensity for gambling.


The Ah Longs menace has resulted in a number of documented suicides by debtors so hopelessly in debt and unable to cope with the psychological, physical and social consequences of their indebtedness to the Ah Long. The most tragic of which is believed to be the pilot of a Silk Air flight 185 that crashed into a lake in Sumatra Indonesia killing 97 passengers and the crew.

There are reports of murder directly linked to Ah Long activity. However the statistics in this area are somewhat blurred because prosecutions have been frustrated through the inaction interference and omissions of corrupt members of the police force and the involvement of lawyer intermediaries intervening to scuttle due process.

The disturbing trend is such now that off duty policemen are known to accompany Ah Long enforcers, along with Tamil thugs to keep watch whilst they “enforce the Ah Long’s rights” under the debt obligations against the borrower.

This is known to range from a straight forward threat, to molesting a female member of the household, taking a woman away “for a ride” giving the debtor time to make repayment in full within say an hour. The known consequences of these rides have often known to be, a rape, others sexual assaults not quite amounting to rape like forced oral sex and in some cases mutilation.


A sociologist describes this phenomenon as a by- product of a consumerism. It is known to be common in societies especially amongst Indians and Chinese where social status expressed in material acquisitions, a larger house, a newer car, a child studying abroad, expensive jewelry, brand name accessories, overseas trips and other lifestyle addictions are common. But the greatest and most common source of the vice is from gambling. And the Chinese have no monopoly in this vice in Malaysia today although they control much of it.

Malays from across the spectrum of Malay society have acquired a taste for the good life and with it the promise of fast wealth from gambling. A game of chance. And with that many chance their lives away.

Government negligence is something that most people are unable to explain nor the government explain away. The cost to the economy is immeasurable at the social, human and economic level. The reason is that much of this vice and its effects often go unreported. Debtor victims are ashamed for being in debt and many more are ashamed of the punishments inflicted on them by the Ah Long. And the price they pay in various assaults, the degradation and personal humiliation for their sins is the price for their silence.

There is a particularly ugly and enduring stigma attached especially to female members of families of the Ah Long experience.


If government were to seriously go about attacking this menace they would enforce available criminal sanctions against the Ah Long in an exemplary manner. Many within the police force and other government organizations would be affected if this did occur.

What the government may be ignoring in all of this also is a huge potential vote bank. If it only took the initiative to force “debt forgiveness” against Ah Longs or impose punitive high taxes on Ah Longs when caught to discourage them from continuing in the business it could well drive Ah Longs out of business and recoup unpaid taxes in their networks reducing considerably the impact of this huge social menace in Malaysia.

The Ah Long may well be Malaysia’s Greek debt problem which the state chooses to ignore. One day the chickens will come home to roost and that one day may not be too far away.



In a show of unpardonable (British) stupidity, arrogance and political desperation, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom William Hague made a “shoot from the hip” statement last month, threatening to attack the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange, publisher of that controversial website Wikileaks.

Assange had sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy and political asylum in Ecuador to avoid arrest and deportation to Sweden on what he claims are trumped up charges.

What many in western diplomatic circles and in the media failed to recognize or deliberately chose to ignore were the far reaching implications and the dangers  in Hague’s remarks and his threat. Hague, in one fell swoop, in a reckless act of belligerence, legitimized the actions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in 1979, a breach of international law rejected by the world at large till now.


In that one spectacular unprecedented act in contemporary political history, Iranian Revolutionary Guard over ran the US embassy in Tehran, seizing its staff, holding them hostage for over 400 days. In sacking the US Embassy  in 1979 the Iranian Revolutionary Guard also seized mountains of sensitive diplomatic cables and other confidential documents shredded by embassy staff prior to the embassy being over run.

Communication equipment and confidential files which the Revolutionary Guard seized, including documents in shredded form, were all painstakingly re assembled like a massive jigsaw puzzle, over several months to produce a lethal treasure trove of information now infamously referred to as the Teheran Papers.

The Teheran Papers unearthed a treasure trove of highly prized and sensitive information about US and other foreign diplomatic posts worldwide. Those documents identified the structure  and components (including human assets) of US and Israeli intelligence operations and operatives at their various diplomatic missions in a number of countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Singapore was one of the more sensitive stations named in the documents. It featured prominently as a friendly outpost for the Jewish state seeking to monitor Islamic states  and their activities in the region. Amongst those named as targets for Israel’s monitoring identified were Malaysia, the Philippines (Moro rebels) and Indonesia.

The covers of spies in each of these posts was also revealed. So too were the codes for communication deciphered by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, referred to then as “students”. Clearly these Guards were highly trained operatives of the revolution and not simply students as claimed by Iran. El Al the Israeli airline never flew into Singapore again and had lost its landing rights in the island republic after that disclosure.

William Hague last month gave explicit and official recognition to the legitimacy of that event of 1979 retrospectively. In short, William Hague’s statement translated would have meant this in unequivocal terms to the world:

Britain recognizes the right of a host state and its security apparatus to violate the sovereignty of a foreign diplomatic mission on its soil for reasons it unilaterally considers to be legitimate’.

The inference to be drawn from Hague’s statement? To hell with international laws and our international treaty obligations. His conduct gave express and timely recognition to the Iranian event of 1979, many radical Islamic groups in the middle east had long been waiting for. It was a resounding victory for the Iranian revolution 33 years after it occurred. Every radical Arab and Islamic group in the region had now been given the green light to repeat the events of 1979, and repeat it they did. Hague has not been sought out for comment by a compliant western media for his blunder,


A year or so Before Hague’s tactical blunder over Assange, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had endorsed the street mobs of a political organization in Malaysia calling itself Bersih. Bersih is a political organization led by a rhetoric charged leader, the insufferable and egotistical Ambiga Sreenivasan, a lawyer by training.

Bersih is in fact the paid offshoot of a state government of the opposition PKR in Malaysia, the civil societies movement of US foreign policy and a host of other foreign funded and trained political movements or “NGO’s” as they would prefer to be called.

Ambiga was for reasons best known to her hosts invited to the White House to be conferred an obscure honour by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There Ambiga stood beside a group of third world misfits, house girls, Hillary amongst them for credibility in a  photo opportunity which resembled a political “turkey shoot”.

There these women were bestowed with a dubious ‘order of merit’ by the White House for being “brave women” serving the interests of the United States in far flung regions of the world the US considers ‘its interests’. These regions represent what civil societies a sinister organization, funded by the CIA and financier George Soros see as their colonies of the future.

The imperious Hillary Clinton sees herself as patron of operatives of civil societies funded groups like Ambiga and Lim Chee Wee. There to serve the White House and US foreign policy was Ambiga Sreenivasan on behalf of an undemocratic power hungry set in Malaysia, whose ideas of change is not the ballot box but bloody street riots  for their own political gain and advancement.


Today in an about face, the Secretary of State calls on nations in the middle east to “avoid the Mobs” , a clear reference to the “Arab Springs” now turned an “Arab Winter of Discontent” for the US in the region. It may be a little too little a little too late for Secretary Clinton and the US government to wish their bloody deeds away through mere words alone.

The Arabs by a majority did not endorse the violent overthrow of their leaders or their regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya or Syria. If they did so it was not for to turn these states into free for all western types anarchic disordered societies. The Arabs are an ancient civilization. Much older and than the west.

A small and highly vocal section ( many of whom are now in hiding) of western educated cadres in these countries allowed themselves to be flattered first then led by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in the false and now fading hope that they too would in destroying the old enjoy the fruits of Obama’s “audacity of hope”.

Many of these groups like Malaysia’s Bersih, continue to be supported by Hillary Clinton, the French government (especially of Sarkozy) and in Malaysia’s case by Singapore, the UK and Australia for the potential they represent to the west. These countries are viewed by the west as potential client states. These groups like Bersih operate willingly as a Trojan horse (or fifth coloumn) to be unleashed against their governments in anger each time a state refuses to toe US foreign policy initiatives in a given area.

Today Singapore remains on red alert for the activities of such mobs. Its population now 38% foreign born, many from the people’s republic of China and Bangladesh, are peoples not imbued or intimidated by the Lee Kuan Yew school of political thuggery. They are volatile. In their midst a growing dissatisfied and marginalised Islamic Malay population. There is evidence of a Bersih offshoot in Singapore under a different name. Singapore remains wary of them.

The Malays on the island state have long been treated as outsiders by the Lee regime and their Chinese constituents. The Malaysian Chinese now seek to replicate that Singapore model in a Bersih PKR led Malaysia. The object of Bersih, Malaysia’s answer to the nightmare once called the “Arab Spring” is to overthrow and render redundant and impotent Malay culture, their majority position, their religious and customary rights and beliefs and their rights as a people under the Federal Constitution.


The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar are nearly 400 million people with a common culture, language, heritage and origins. They may be divided by religion but religion if it were to play a significant role in regional politics, must prioritise the needs and sensitivities of Muslims in the are who are a majority.

They are also a market of over 800 million the Indians, Chinese and American covet. The Chinese through organizations like the Malaysian Bar and the other so called NGO’s mismanaged by the west have an advantage they will in due course seize to secure their dominance in the region.

Hillary Clinton now desperately needs a rethink of her position with Ambiga and the Bersih movement. She will need the Malays now to defeat China’s hegemony in south east Asia. China now acts in total defiance and indifference to US and other interests in the region. China is nation that has naked regional and international territorial ambitions in what it sees as a natural extension of its own territory, south east Asia. The US ‘s influence continues to wane with the majority in the region.

China is heading towards more than a diplomatic war with Japan and Korea over certain disputed islands it claims are its own. Its approach is not too different to that of the US, France and the UK. Shoot first ask questions later. China is at variance with all of its neighbours without exception, flexing its military might against each of 6 south east nations who have laid an equally legitimate claim over the Spratlys and Paracel islands in the South China Sea.

China disputes the legitimate rights of other nations in the region with claims to the Paracels and the Spratly islands. It seeks control of the Straits of Malacca from Myanmar’s ports. The local Chinese population in each of the south east Asian countries support China’s ambitions in this regard. For a token they have the Ambiga’s of this world to front up for them.

The US has an obligation not only to itself but to the rest of the free world world to ensure that a China surrogate or proxy like Bersih or the DAP does not achieve that level of influence with its help in the region. If it does the US and the west can kiss goodbye the rights of free passage through the vital sea passage of the Malacca Straits. And in this regard Hillary Clinton appears to be as blind and as naive as Chamberlain was with Hitler.

The US appears to have no firm identifiable long term policy for containing China’s aggressive territorial ambitions in this region. It has had no cohesive policy for its position in this arena since its defeat at the hands of the Viet Namese. Therein lies a grave danger not only for the US but for all other nations in the region who have an interest in their independence and security.


On 11 September 2012, the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York, another milestone in US foreign policy failure was being carved out in Libya. This time the stage for the event was Benghazi in Libya, a country in which the withered hand of failed and ill-conceived US and British foreign policy had not a year earlier brought down a government in “reality TV style”.

The “Arab Spring” , a convenient term used by the US and western media to describe their political interference in the middle east, particularly Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Yemen,
Syria and Libya. Early this year that “Arab Spring “claimed in a most horrific and brutal way, the life of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi .

Gadhafi was sodomised and raped by his assailants, a US backed and trained “peaceful, freedom & democracy loving” mob financed by the west. His rape and subsequent murder was televised to the world via social media. He was shot by an operative of a political rival. The assassin was paid and trained by the US and Britain as has been widely reported. Hillary Clinton at the time in Pakistan for a meeting responded thus when shown a graphic video of Gadhafi’s murder: “Ewwwwwuh?” Her expression came complete with an amused grin on her face.


Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan (Ambiga) admitted in July of 2012 to receiving funds for a larger purpose or “bigger project” (Malaysiakini) in Malaysia which we conclude she secured from the same sources that funded the Libyan, Egyptian, Syrian and Tunisian carnage. More on that later as it unfolds. More on Ambiga’s and Lim Chee Wee’s plans for Malaysia later.

What is undeniable is that that bigger project by the language of Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar can only mean one thing. The end of Malay domination of Malaysia and with its their customs traditions and political rights.

Both Ambiga Lim Chee Wee and their respective stalking horses of Bersih and the Malaysian Bar have, consistently and without let up attacked the Malays, threatened to destroy their culture as embedded in government, the constitution and their way of life in Islam. They have and continue to describe these in various ways as being corrupted, undemocratic, unconstitutional and above all unacceptable to “civil societies”.

What’s important to note is that Ambiga, Lim Chee Wee and the Malaysian Bar (albeit those members that subscribe to their political philosophies) have a direct nexus to Soro’s “civil societies” and other clandestine movements and sources of funding for a purpose not quite unlike that of the “Arab Springs” in almost every respect.

Seriously worrying is Ambiga’s admission to receiving funding for “Bigger projects” and illicit funding from amongst others, the Selangor State government which neither have disclosed to date the power, authority and purpose for which that money of state was given to an unregistered opposition serving a foreign power or powers.


Back to the Middle east and the unfolding tragedy of US foreign policy blunders. US ambassador, sometime CIA operative and specialist in middle-eastern affairs, Christopher Stevens was shot and killed in an equally horrific and brutal attack on his Embassy on 11 September 2012. His killing was at the hands of enraged Libyans who the US refer to now conveniently as Islamist extremists and Al Qaeda operatives. Reports detailing Steven’s death say he too was sodomised before being shot by his assailants. Poetic justice or mere coincidence, it remains a horrific example of the dehumanization of an enemy which cannot be tolerated by any society? But why did the US not condemn the killing of a sovereign leader in Gadhafi by their allies, their “Bersih’s” in Libya then?

On 11 September 2012 the US government withheld release of information on the killing of Christopher Stevens, although sources in the middle east and elsewhere had long confirmed the Ambassador had been killed along with two of his employees in Benghazi. The silence by the US for 24 hours was a dead give away that someone important in their mission had been killed. Not simply an ambassador but also a key architect of their disastrous, failed, rag tag middle east policy.


One now wonders what stage of preparation Ambiga and Bersih and the Malaysian Bar have reached in their own efforts to destabilise government and the majority in Malaysia as threatened. One wonders what contingencies are in place by government in the event they put into action their plans for another Bersih type riot to overthrow government in Malaysia and displace it majority the Malays. Ambiga is after all like Lim Chee Wee linked to groups that have a track record of destabilisation of developing countries that dare to be independent of their colonial past like Malaysia is.

Both Lim Chee Wee and Ambiga run organizations that are intolerant of contrarian views to their own They believe they are the only way to political change and salvation and that whatever claims they make against government must be believed inspite of the lack of proper evidence to support their many far fetched claims and spurious arguments against government.

Beneath all their criticism of government in Malaysia is an anti Malay anti Islamic theme at its core. The field operatives of the Malaysian Bar and Bersih bear all the characteristics and hall marks of those unruly flash crowds paid for and trained by the Europeans (French and British) and the US in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Libya (in more extreme forms). These same mobs who the US and Europe called allies have now turned on each other and their patrons. Where to now and what are we to expect from Bersih and the Malaysian Bar. And why is government silent and apparently impotent in the face of this threat?


The embassy attack in Benghazi was carried out by what the late Colonel Gadhafi called Islamic radicals who he said had long threatened to turn Libya into a theocracy. On this point the US now appears to be one with the late Libyan leader they are complicit in murdering last year.

It was US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton who said over and over again during that tumultuous period of upheaval in Libya that, these street mobs, (the Bersih’s of the Middle east) were “peace and freedom loving people who sought democracy and freedom for Libya which the US stood shoulder to shoulder with in their time of need”. Really Hillary? then why complain? are these not the same peace loving, democratic and freedom aspirants the US stood shoulder to shoulder with or is it too painful to admit Ghadafi was right?

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt and Libya. More recently and of course still current is that other US engineered blood bath in Syria which is doomed to failure if for no other reason than for its strategic importance to Russia in the region and to the Arab position vis a vis Israel.

Egypt and Tahrir square as it is now evident was a grievous miscalculation by the US. In no time the new government in Egypt strengthened ties with Iran demolishing that myth of that great ideological and theological divide between Shi’ites and Sunnis. So too now with. Islamization is the direction of the new forces in charge there. It is the driver at the wheel. The cohesive political, moral, economic and military force with universal acceptance amongst its diverse tribal population. Not the western style liberal democracies dreamed of by the west.

The youth who fanned the “Arab Spring” in these countries are in hiding. They are on the run complete with their Tommy Hilfiger wardrobes and the tools of their mischief, their cell phones. Hiding from a traditional Islamic polity that wants none of their Bersih style “Arab Spring“. The traditionalists amongst the Arabs are not fools but a highly sophisticated, organized and patient majority who have long waited for the opportunity to strike back. Strike back they will. And in the wings observing carefully and learning are Malaysia’s Malays on whom the lessons of the failed “Arab Springs” is not lost.

The recent Libyan incident is perhaps life imitating art: or is it Karma? Either ways one looks at how these events engineered by the west in the middle east are panning out, it bodes no good for the US and to a lesser extent for Europe and the state of Israel. What is brewing in Malaysia is not too different to that which the middle east is experiencing today.

The Malaysian Bar, Lim Chee Wee and Ambiga and their ill informed followers clearly will rue the day they threatened a majority with the extinction of their culture in the same way the Chinese precipitated May 13 all those years ago. It is the language of Lim Chee Wee, Ambiga Sreenivasan, Guan Eng and their policies that threaten the existence of the Malay culture.


It is no longer Anwar Ibrahim or Pakatan that Malaysian and the Malays ought to fear. PKR and Anwar are spent forces of an exhausted political milieu. The Tamils, marginalized by Pakatan and Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar, have learned their lesson. They would prefer the government any day to the opposition having learned the lessons of betrayal from DAP, PKR, the Malaysian Bar and Ambiga.

Malaysians who believe the Bersih’s of this world or “Arab Springs” or “Civil Societies” as they call themselves are capable of better governing the state through street demonstrations and loud offensive slogans alone, should stop and give some thought to how the “Arab Springs” have turned out in the middle east. After all it is the same hand in that glove that brought the Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood into power in Egypt and destroyed the Libyan state reducing it into a feudal, tribal anarchy the US calls free, democratic and friendly to the west.

Ambiga after all like her Arab counterparts was decorated by the same puppeteers in Washington and Paris. They the leaders who fund her campaign and that of those elements of the Malaysian Bar, the Sisters of Islam and the radical elements of the Catholic Church in Malaysia pull the strings by which these puppets dance. And from the middle eastern experience that could be the dance of death


It is an important observation that no regime in the Arab world has actually been replaced since or by the “Arab Springs”. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt may been replaced, like Libya’s Muamar Gadhafi but the regimes themselves and their styles of governing have not changed. The culture of the patrimony and the totalitarian styles remain.

A distinct Islamic tribal flavour permeates the political landscape like it does the social and intellectual fabric of these societies. Others like the Syrian regime of Basher Al Assad are under intensive attack but have not fallen. So too Yemen and Saudi Arabia (where news of such dissent and rebellion against the regime is heavily censored under the pain of the penalty of death).

In other countries, such as Jordan, the unrest never amounted to a serious enough threat to the regime. This is not the Perestroika induced collapse of old regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989 with the fall of communism. The Arab world is fundamentally different. Its problems almost entirely the result of foreign colonial political oppression and post colonial interference in their affairs beginning with the Arthur Balfour declaration that created the state of Israel. Critically, none of these “regime changes” in Libya Egypt, Tunisia and Syria are going to be permanent, western styled liberal democracies forever or clearly victorious as it is claimed by the west. Those that claim to be victorious like Egypt and Libya are not going to be democratic and those that embrace democracy if they do, amongst them are not going to be liberal.

The myth that “beneath every Arab is a French republican yearning to breathe free is ridiculous in the extreme”. The same myth can be applied to the Malaysian model as well which Ambiga and the Malaysian Bar propagate vainly that “beneath every Malaysian is a freedom loving, clean and liberal malcontent Westminster styled democrat”. But their doctrine goes further which is where the anger lies in the Malaysian context.

That beneath every Malaysian lies a non Malay with some Malays wanting desperately to rid the country of Malays and Muslims and replace it with a British/ American Anglo Christian ethic especially in government.”


The Malaysian government cannot ignore the threats by the Malaysian Bar’s Lim Chee Wee directed at the Malays of Malaysia. His racist barbs and his threats like Ambiga’s come in the thinly veiled guise of criticizing UMNO ( a wholly Malays organization of the majority).

Collectively they threaten to end Malay culture and dominance of their country in concert within the Lim Guan Eng’s and Anwars of this world. Government has an overriding obligation to round up these would be despots who spread lies, half truths within and abroad and who serve foreign masters before they carry out their threats. Either ways they are determined and financed to overthrow government outside the ballot box. And they have demonstrated their intent with their lies, propaganda and “dry run” with Bersih 1,2, and the upcoming Bersih 3.

The government has a duty to act decisively before the restive Malay populace, especially its rural classes threatened by Ambiga and Chee Wee’s propaganda and their threats to destroy their existence and culture with an alternative political structure in the coming elections. The Malays are being pushed to take the law into their own hands and deal with the threat because government appears too soft on these radical subversives. If and when the Malays do rise this time , May 13 will seem like nothing more than a school yard brawl etched in our fading memories from some distant time in our history.



We have all at some time got to take stock of ourselves and of our values at sometime in our lives. Not that which we proclaim publicly for all to see, but that which we in truth practice in thought word and deed in the silence of our own hearts and minds.

The Arabs are perhaps an example of what that conflict of morality, politics and law can be without self examination and introspection from time to time. The Arabs as an example are without doubt their own worst enemies. Not that because of their failings and self inflicted stupidity the US or the west are therefore justified in the way they treat the Arab citizens of Arab states. The Arabs, their leaders, have allowed themselves to be corrupted morally and politically, some say beyond redemption. It has always been the case in their tumultuous history. They stand out as an example of words and actions having different meanings to different peoples. Corruption has no meaning in the Arab psyche or in their vocabulary. Not in the universal definition of the word corruption that is.

No one it seems can teach Arabs the art of betrayal, the thrill of cruelty or the benefits of treachery as only an Arab can to himself. This is of course a generalization and some may say racist. But there are some generalizations which are evidently true, reinforced by the daily lives and the conduct of some like the Arabs. Islam has to be isolated from the politics of Arab nationalism and its parochial and self serving interpretations.

They the Arabs do not seem to want to resile from their barbarity voluntarily either. Not one of the Arab states, and I mean not one is representative of the character or aspirations of its masses nor a reflection of their religious values or laws. Saudi Arabia whose rulers are the custodians of the holy city of Mecca / Jeddah are a stark example of the blind misguided loyalty by otherwise apparently rational people on “leaders” especially of this variety. No one in the Islamic world can in any way be considered a greater example of the antithesis or a  poorer example of the virtues of Islam than the inglorious House of Saud. Yet they continue to keep the holy city of Mecca as their property defiling it with their presence and title to it. No one in the Islamic world it appears is prepared to speak out about the subject except perhaps Iran.


This same mentality and state of affairs to some extent can be said to exist in many Asian and other non -European states.

India and China both have their own dynamic in politics. It is not possible to compare one with the other. There are similarities but their differences are what sets them apart. Politically China never had and will never in the foreseeable future have a democratic set up. They are a patrimony and a benevolent dictatorship in much the same way Singapore and Taiwan are, cut out of the same cloth. Hong Kong, contrary to popular myth spun by the British was never ever before it re joined China democratic. It had a parliament. Out of the 80 odd seats in the assembly only of these 16 were freely elected by the people. The rest were literally appointed by the British.

The Indians on the other hand claim to be the world’s largest democracy whatever that means to a largely disenfranchised population of lower and under castes, women and non Hindus. Yet few amongst them will express their desire for change and for relief from their burdens imposed on them by their over lords in much the same way its been done for centuries. And if the Malaysian pendatang argument is to be applied here, the British have a right to full citizenship and the rights that accrue to citizens because they were there for over 350 years.


Getting back to the game changer, most Arab states are the by product of post World War II re drawing of boundaries. Syria is now the subject of a concentrated attack by not just the west but by states like Turkey and Saudi Arabia both of who are strong US allies and Sunni states and showing signs of imperial theocratic designs by stepping into the void. Syria is an Alawite ruled state of Sunnis who in the region have been traditional allies of the US and the west. Not so the Shi ites or their religious cousins the Alawites.

There is a different dynamic at play here and it seems to be ignored. The Saudis and their satellite states in the Gulf region too have their “Arab springs’. These have been brutally suppressed, the brutality and suppression continues’ unabated with the silence of the US and the west being seen as consent. To protect the unlawful and unrepresentative demagogy of the Saudi rulers is paramount to US interests in the region. Yet none of the Islamic polity have  openly come out to say they must go. Those who have done so have paid a heavy price like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Ghadaffi have.

What is  apparently dangerous to the world (read the west) about Syria is its alliance with Iran. Dangerous for its backing of Hezbollah and its infrastructure in Lebanon and the Iranian Syrian nuclear programme. The Saudis themselves have been openly financing rebellions in the region and have sought and obtained money from even as far as the Sultan of Brunei to advance their causes in this regard. It is as much an internal Islamic fratricide as it is an American adventure into the affairs of Arab states. This is not as clear cut black and white as it is portrayed to be a western anti Islamic crusade.

Historically if one looks critically and honestly into the Israeli battle victories in the middle east the element of Arab betrayal of Arab is ever present. It goes back to Biblical times and to the petty tribal battles of the Israelites and their neighbours then not referred to as Arabs. Hard to swallow but true nonetheless. The murder of Ghadaffi was financed by Saudi and Qatar royal families as much as it involved NATO hardware from the air and Israeli intelligence on the ground. The bombing of the Iraki nuclear reactor in the 1980’s by Israel was sanctioned and assisted by the Saudis and the lat King Hussein of Jordan.

The Americans and Europeans are opportunists. The real culprits the in the divisions and disasters of the middle east defiling Islam are the Saudi Arabs and the Turks.

In the Egyptian spring, no doubt the army will ‘legitimately’ intervene if the Muslim Brotherhood as expected win hands down. There are some outcomes in the complex matrix of Arab politics which Hillary Clinton who recently took credit for backing the Arab Spring four years ago did not factor into the equation. It will be a repeat of 2001 in Algeria. And there is no shortage of volunteers to destabilize Egypt from within. Muhammed El Baradei is one such white ant in Egypt.


On the Asian front China has been pursuing a hegemony in and around the Indian sub-continent. It has been financing the Naxalites internally, the Nepalese to India’s north, the Sri Lankan government against the Tamils for access to Trincomalee as a port for its Blue water navy and the same in Myanmar a state without any legitimacy for its access to the Bay of Bengal. All this presumably  to counter the Indian navy’s own expansion and in the view of other major trading nations, to control access into the Straits of Malacca from its northern entry point (the Bay of Bengal). Further north they are and have supported and continue to support the rebels in Mizoram, Assam, Tripura and Kashmir.

In Nepal they continue to fund the Marxists and sway the government of Nepal with huge infusions of military hardware, build roads and infrastructure with military implications and attempt the same with Bhutan. In so doing the Chinese are reminded of their previous adventures with an incursions into Sikkim a few decades ago with the connivance and cooperation of the US, (who planted a US agent in the palace the Queen an American actress and volunteer spy) the Indians entered the kingdom without warning, annexed it and changed the status of Sikkim forever.

Till recently India believed it had the right to rule and to disrupt and interfere in the internal affairs of their immediate neighbours. The geopolitical changes and re alignment of world affairs means that China now with its coffers full and its influence in a near bankrupt Europe extensive and over powering can step into the breach whilst India contemplate the rapidly changing world in and around it. And that from the lessons of history may take India forever to realize. The elephant may be big and impressive but he moves slowly. Very slowly.


Today the US needs India. The US has no bulwark against China or the Arab madness spiraling out of control in every which direction but loose. In a reversal of their 1971 policy of  ’tilt’  favouring Pakistan (against India)  to appease their newly emerging friend China and, in an effort to thwart any Indian militaristic ambitions on a strategically placed Pakistan,  the Nixon administration  policy of “tilt” of shift meant Pakistan was favoured. The new foreign policy in the region was found acceptable inspite of the risk of Pakistan being thrust into the arms of China in the process. ‘Tilt’ was a none too subtle expression meaning that they the US would no longer be neutral in how they would view the disputes between the two sub continentals (Pakistan and India) favouring Pakistan instead as the quid pro quo for a thaw in US Chinese relations.

It will be a matter of time to see if the Indians will fall for the same trap the Pakistanis and more recently Chinese did with the US forcing Australia, China’s  honest broker, to enter into arrangements that include Australia and India to encircle China with bases in Australia’s North and in India’s north east.  The fall out from this new alignment of foreign policy, Australia now being forced against its will and long held position of not selling uranium to India now entering into security arrangements with India which also compels them to sell uranium to India against China’s wishes. Australia’s position in regards the uranium issue has been widely believed to be because of China’s overwhelming influence over its foreign policy because of trade.


There is a saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Arabs and the Chinese courted and coveted relations with the west when it suited them. Today the Indians do the same thing but in a different environment. The US is reliant on India but not for the same reasons it sought China’s indulgence in choking the Soviets then with Pakistan in Afghanistan. It is not the same reason why the US sought such close relations with China during the cold war. It is not the same reasons for which the US now courts India that it once treated the Arabs as spoiled rich brats in the region. But there is and always will be a cost, a heavy price to pay for an alliance with the US and its interests. The Indian’s may like all others before them may feel they are different or invincible but only time will tell.

The US cannot really give the Indians much except a bit of muscle and who does not want the added muscle in the current global environment of uncertainty? Malaysia enjoys protection of the US as much as Singapore does but for a different set of reasons. In the Spratleys and Paracel islands dispute, the US is not pro-China. It even has its ear open to Viet Nam its enduring enemy but not to China. China does have territorial ambitions in the region up to as far south as the Pacific islands which it unfortunately expresses in terms that are as crude as the US’s when it does.

The US is best at the art of cashing in on human greed and their weaknesses. It looks after number one first.

The Chinese and Indians are no different to the US when it comes to their own needs and in their political conduct especially where smaller states are concerned. China has recently over played its position militarily because it is avaricious and expansionist. It is intolerant of dissent and alienates itself from the world community because of that. And it can for now at least afford to do that.

That’s not to say the other countries do not have problems or the ideal means of resolving issues with dissent and rebellion. China resolves any dissent or opposition first with the proverbial “glass beads” strategies like early white mercenaries did with natives in Africa. The carrot and stick (very big stick) in our vocabulary.

China’s approach in Africa and Asia is to flood a place with consumer goods then take what it wants to the detriment of locals like they have done in Tibet but without the invasion these days. They do it now in Africa where there are emergent signs of resistance to the ploy in places such as Tanzania, Sudan and even Gabon. Not that the Europeans have not in earlier times done the same  and continue to do the same today as France and Italy have so crudely in Libya. But for China to complain of US containment of the middle kingdom is a bit rich.


The Indians have waited to play out a very Machiavellian strategy to reverse the long held suspicion of them held by the west through an infusion of highly trained personnel into the western academic and scientific systems and institutions. They have proven themselves to be more trustworthy unlike the many Chinese who have worked in the west then stolen and sold secrets to China either directly or via Taiwan. The Chinese in the US have perhaps the largest record of espionage even predating the Wen Ho Lee incident in Los Alamos in the 1990’s.

The Arabs must purge themselves of their own cultural malaise of betrayal, deceit and treachery. Most of them are artificial states anyway ruled by minorities who brutalise majorities for their religious beliefs alone. Any state that rules with fear and brutality like the Chinese and Arabs do will at some time fail. China and the Arab states have one thing in common. In order to destroy China’s economic might or t undermine it, the US strategy is believed to be behind the recent (form 2007) artificial hikes in oil prices. The policy favours the US which is the world’s largest controller of oil supplies from shipping lanes to investments in fields in all continents. By increasing oil prices it has managed to drain valuable foreign exchange from the Chinese to pay for their vast quantities of oil imports. China has both large foreign exchange reserves and an even larger appetite for oil for which it must pay from its reserves. Add to this the Chinese refusal to float their currency giving them an artificial economic advantage over the west. If the Arabs and Chinese colluded the situation could well be different. But that will not happen in the near future.

The morality of politics is different to the morality of religion. We are all subject to these events and changes. We can’t avoid them unless we are fair and aware of our own prejudices and deep seated biases.