Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 (2001) Now Malaysian Airlines MH 17 (2014)


Oleksandr Kuzmuk, pictured above, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense who resigned after the shooting down of Siberian Airlines Flight 1812.


Times of India one of many media organizations reports that there is speculation that Vladimir Putin’s aircraft may have been the intended target of the missile battery that brought down MH 17. Both planes are painted in similar colours and if visual contact was required to take out the target, the colours of a Malaysian Airlines aircraft are eerily and deceptively similar enough to look like Putin’s Illyushin IL 96 aircraft.

Whats interesting is that the Times of India once owned by Bennett Coleman is a very pro western paper with one of the largest if not the widest circulation of any publication in the English speaking world.

The claim or suggestion by the Times of India is no more a conspiracy theory than that being floated by US vice president Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott about what and how MH 17 met its end.

Perhaps the Air India pilots who flew within visual range of the ill fated MH 17 could shed some light on what occurred. They were only 25 Kms behind MH 17.


The precedent for the shooting of Malaysian Airlines MH 17 in the Ukraine is the shooting down in 2001 of a Russian built Tupolev passenger jet a TU 154 by Ukrainian Armed Forces missile batteries on October 4, 2001.

In that crash 64 Siberian Air passengers and 12 crew on board the ill fated aircraft en route from Novosibirsk to Tel Aviv were killed when the plane was shot down over the Black Sea by a Ukrainian missile. No reason was cited for the shooting down of the plane except for the speculation that it was a military exercise gone wrong. The victims were mainly Jews.

There was an outpouring of grief and the Ukrainians were described as anti Semites by various Jewish groups following this event (and for their history of supporting Hitler and their documented careless disregard for human life in world war 2). It did not help that at the time of the crash their denials over the shooting down of a civilian airliner were equally careless as it is with the crash of MH 17.

More notably the Ukrainian armed forces then too offered speculative reasons as to what happened attempting to blame others for the shooting down of the Air Siberia TU 154.


It took a while for the Ukraine to admit that it had in fact shot down the aircraft. And that too after considerable pressure was brought to bear on the Ukrainian leadership by Russian investigators.

Ukraine’s then-president, Leonid Kuchma, eventually conceded that the Ukrainian military was responsible for the shooting down of the Russian passenger jet.

The day of the shoot-down of the aircraft occurred at a time the Ukrainian military was conducting a massive exercise which involved shooting down 23 missiles at drones.

“Experts say that the radar-guided S-200, among the farthest-flying and most capable anti aircraft missiles in the arsenal of former Soviet nations (at the time), simply locked onto the Russian airliner after it raced past the destroyed drone some 20 miles off the Crimean coast,” the New York Times’ Michael Wines reported then.

Then President of the Ukraine Leonid Kuchma accepted the resignation of his Minister of Defense, Oleksandr Kuzmuk, following the admission that the military was culpable.

From 2003 to 2005, Ukraine paid a total of $15.9 million to families of victims following a deal with the government of Israel.

Oddly enough the Ukrainians today rush to play what they say (without independent verification) that they intercepted radio conversation between Russian backed separatists discussing the shooting down of an aircraft at the same time MH 17 went down.

The west likewise keen to demonize the Russians and to take the heat off  the Ukraine on one side whilst conveniently taking the attention off Israel’s butchering of Palestinians by Israel’s military on the other is playing up that smokescreen of Ukrainian “evidence” that Pro Russian separatists brought the aircraft down.

If it indeed was a Russian mistake then how different a mistake would it be to that of the US shooting down an Iranian Air civilian passenger aircraft in the late 1980’s? In that particular instance, the US claimed its radar could not distinguish between civilian and military aircraft. How criminally convenient. But the west bought that excuse till the Pan Am disaster over Lockerbie believed to be revenge for the downing of the Iranian passenger jet. But the US un willing to test the resolve of the Iranians if they went toe to toe over that incident chose Libya instead to pin the tail on for Lockerbie.


The latest from the “audio intercept” as the Ukrainians claim to have in their possession is one which requires very close scrutiny for what it does not say rather than for what it purports to.

The Russians have one of the most sophisticated field radio systems for communication in a battle zone which is designed to hop frequencies and to avoid detection.

The Russian made anti aircraft radio or wire guided missile batteries (BUK) which the Ukrainians and the Americans say brought down  MH 17 is in the military inventories of both nations.

The BUK (s 300 or its predecessor S 200) is a Russian designed and built anti aircraft system often marketed to client states via Belorussia and the state arms corporation Rosoboronexport. To “brother states” like the Ukraine it is sold directly. Most former Soviet states have these missiles in their inventories.

It seems that social media is attributing many absurd claims about the crash of MH 17 to a pro Russian military commander.  And the US and Australia appear to be lending credibility to these absurd comments each time they appear in the  press.


The rush to blame Russia and the Cossacks (the ethnic Muslim Russians who live in the Ukraine supporting Russia) in the “intercepted radio messages” is suspect.  Being Muslims they the Cossacks are an easy target of hatred worldwide. The apocryphal so called radio message “audio intercept” released by the Ukraine does not support Russian  (or any other trained army) protocols for communication on the battlefront in the field.

The Russians and their allies do not contact the GRU directly just as the filed operatives of US backed militia in Iraq, Afghanistan or other battle zones do not contact the CIA and its director directly to report an event. It is highly improbable and would be unprecedented if it did occur.


There was no such radio intercept of the downing of the 3 other aircraft supposedly downed by Pro Russians separatists in the Ukraine. Suddenly all sides change tactics radically with the Pro Russian separatists speaking to the head of the GRU Igor Sergun and a Russian Major in the armed forces of the Russian Federation we are asked to believe by Holland and the US.

Then we have the paradigm shift in Ukrainian tactics of intercepting highly classified but uncoded open line communications between pro Russian separatists and Moscow.

What is tragic about this incident coming so close to the heels of the yet unsolved MH370 incident is that civilians are now more than ever coming to grips that there is no such thing as “innocent bystanders in a conflict”. That phrase coined by a Palestinian hijacker who hijacked a BOAC VC 10 aircraft in the early 1970’s told his passengers appears to have been prophetic indeed.


It is time the government of Malaysia and its national Airline learned how to deal with the world and the western media by engaging professional media consultants regardless of their race colour class or creed when dealing with such disasters.

There is nothing wrong in an investment in quality, impressive public speakers (without the fake US accents) personnel, trained, knowledgeable  and savvy when dealing with the international media.

As it stands the prime ministers own ability to impress is impaired following the MH 370 incident. The then acting minister Hishamuddin Onn although not incompetent was short of what the media had expected. There is a special skill required to deal with a media organizations and agencies run by sensationalists ready and waiting to bait an ill prepared minister or other official in such situations. And that damage from not being prepared in such situations may be irreversible.

There is an art and a skill not present within the existing Malaysian media scrum. Neither is it present in Malaysia’s government apparatus capable of dealing with such a situation. And that’s a disaster in itself.

Government needs spokespersons who are skilled. People who are informed, with a legal background, international current affairs specialists who are forensic, articulate and possessed of people and crisis management skills sufficient for them to be able to interact amiably with the diverse and often hostile international media that throng to KL each time something like this occurs.

The Staccato Malaysian accent is horrible and for most of the time not understood. With punctuation and expressions all misplaced in what should otherwise be a short and sharp response is often dragged on, disabled by the accent, the diction, mispronounced words and inappropriate analogies.

It is best that Malaysia give the media a plausible explanation of events than for them to make up their own minds and lend their own interpretations in frustration from dealing with incompetent spokespersons.

Such a situation always ends up causing untold damage to a nation that has gained so much in a short time and has so much to lose in a shorter time by the poor handling of these events.






The Malaysian opposition in politics is doomed to repeat the failures of its leading light Lim Kit Siang, the longest serving opposition leader anywhere in the world.  Being in opposition is all Lim it appears has achieved in his political lifetime. And that’s Lim’s legacy. It is now likely to be passed on like that proverbial poisoned chalice  to Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else who succeeds him in opposition.

Recent events and developments in the fortunes of  Parti Keadlian Rakyat (PKR) leader seems to suggest that Anwar may have already drunk out of that poisoned chalice of Lim’s.

The Malaysian government (if that’s who is behind  the timing of the Court of Appeal decision against Anwar: although there is no evidence to back up that proposition), could not have chosen a better time to destroy Anwar Ibrahim than now. With the reversal of his acquittal on the charge of sodomy in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur Anwar is now set to face a further test of his credibility as a person and as a politician. 

Yet there are those who will say that the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim is politically motivated and timed. Lawyers are amongst these critics. And if it is indeed the case that the timing has been politically motivated then, why not? we ask.

Anwar is a politician with a history of playing dirty and outside of the Rule of Law and the rules of fairness and justice (The Fairuz Video for one).

For all intents and purposes Anwar’s ambitious play for the Kajang seat is over before it even began.  A political still birth. His political fate has been sealed with a criminal conviction and a jail sentence.

Anwar may now be barred from contesting the Kajang by election under Article 48 (e) of the Federal Constitution. Under that particular article of the Federal Constitution he is disqualified under the Constitution from holding office as a member of parliament.

The courts are not bound to stay the sentence imposed on him by the Court of Appeal pending a further appeal on his behalf. A stay of execution is not a right that accrues to Anwar but a discretion in the hands of the judges to exercise if they are persuaded to do so. And considering how the legal fraternity and Anwar have treated the courts in the recent past, they should not expect the good graces of the courts and judges who they have brought into disrepute to prevail. The courts are not inclined to show any mercy or tolerance for the man or his mission. It would be inimical to justice and the preservation of the reputation and integrity of the courts and its judges to do so.

An analysis of the law and a prelude to Anwar’s acquittal being quashed is to be found in our earlier article here from 201.


The US, especially presidential hopeful and big time Anwar supporter, Hillary Clinton and her president Obama are in a pickle in the Ukraine now.

Having backed a bloody coup there by the Nazi group Svoboda in the Ukraine ( a group not unlike what Bersih is to Malaysia), the US and Hillary are now faced with a reality they had not foreseen or calculated into the matrix of politics in that region. Those same failures appear to have manifested themselves in Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Thailand and Libya.

These American funded “Springs” abroad are quickly turning into winters of discontent and rivers of blood everywhere. In light of whats happening in the Ukraine and with Putin’s fight back and local resistance, Anwar and his problems pale into insignificance and irrelevance as far as the west is concerned. Anwar and his mates (Ambiga included) are no priority for the west to deal with now.

The west have bigger fish to fry and their hands are getting burned in the process. Their media will throw a one liner on and off in the interests of hedging their bets on Anwar Ambiga and their minions. Anwar is a non entity. Ambiga is on a very slippery slope and a watch list.


Anwar is a man whose sole objective in his personal and political life has always been his ego and that of his family dynasty  interests (apart from demonizing Dr. Mahathir). And as long as that remains his creed and the main focus of his politics he will continue to be a target of his opponents, friends and foes alike. And as long as he treats the law and the courts with contempt, he can expect nothing better in return.

Anwar will continue to fall into traps he sets for others and in the process he will continue to shoot himself in what remains of his already shot out foot.

The fact of Anwar Ibrahim’s bi sexuality is legend from his days at Malay College. The fact he has been unable to shake off allegation after allegation against him in this regard is where his main problem lies. His supporters are in large part to blame for his problems. Its always been and always will be only about Anwar and his family versus Dr. Mahathir and not about his no show policies. And that’s been a fatal flaw for the opposition and Anwar in general.

Western Gay lobbies wanting to transplant their life styles and interests into the Malaysian socio political and cultural milieu stand tall amongst Anwars backers. The others who pursue personal and political interests of their own using him are the likes of Ambiga Sreenivasan  and the Kit Siang dynasty. Neither of the latter or former are any different to Anwar in many respects.

In previous articles on this blog we warned of these so called Anwar supporters. Anwar paid no heed to these warnings. Instead we were subjected to the invectives and threats by PKR supporters and followers .

Anwar should have learned to rely less on each of these so called ‘supporters,’ each of who has an agenda of their own whilst riding comfortably on his coat tails. There is no cohesion within the opposition. There never will be any as they represent disparate mainly personal interests which have no alignment with national priorities. And they never will win in their present form. That’s also because the opposition one hears of is not the only opposition to government in Malaysia. PKR are merely another set of loud mouths amongst many.


Each time the “opposition” to government in Malaysia receives a favourable judgment in the Malaysian courts, they refer to the judges who hand down those judgements as “Brave” “Great” and “Good”. Whenever an unfavourable judgment comes down on any of them or their activities however just that judgment may be, they attack the government in all its forms, the judiciary and the courts in the process.

Such conduct may be forgiveable (although it is not) when lay people attack the integrity of the courts and judges. However these attacks are often the work of lawyers and politicians. As lawyers these critics are officers of the courts, sworn to protect its integrity, to maintain and uphold its dignity at all times. They do not. That’s a dereliction of the duty of the Malaysian Bar Council and its members. And the buck ought to stop with them.

Back to Anwar Ibrahim and his present dilemma. Anwar may have thought he was running free. However he does run around like a desperate man with his past catching up behind him (if you will excuse the pun).

Anwar knew all along that the ghost of his Sodomy past ( and other sexual indiscretions) would come back to haunt him. The video images of Anwar in his tryst with an unnamed prostitute was merely the tip of a large moral iceberg. His wife and daughter as first family in waiting ought to have said or done something about it. They did not.


Anwar has never been known for his discretion. Quite the opposite. He has an ego the size of Mount Everest. Where he has no stage he  is prone to creating one either by standing on the weaknesses of others or by creating a platform of cheap rhetoric and personal attacks on others he despises. Judges, the courts and parliament. This is because Anwar is a man with whom time has caught up and to whom his mortality is now a reality.

He looks gaunt, tired, frail and emaciated at the best of times. The reasons for this are best known to those close to him. Anwar does not like being attacked. He does not mind others being the target of his bile and vitriol though.

Anwar has nothing of an achievement in political terms to boast of as a politician or a leader. His promises of late (the last decade) have been remarkable for its failures to deliver. He has never given up an opportunity to miss out on an opportunity either.


The contradictions of Anwar and his PKR (his family) are best manifest in the recent matrimonial dispute between his daughter and her beau.

Whilst spitting out secularism and democracy from one side of the PKR mouth to frothing point, Nurull Izah chose the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts to launch her divorce proceedings against the prince she married. So much for support of secular promises by the PKR.

On another score, his wife and daughter both have an overriding obligation to their constituents and to the public they claim to serve, to have said something about Anwar’s sexuality and, at the very least to have said something about the state of their family. They are after all a first family in waiting and we have a right to know about them.

There is no privacy in public life for them to hide behind. As public figures their trademark has been to condemn and defame anyone who they disagree with. Yet Wan Azziza and Nurull have remained deafening silent on at least the video. What kind of first family does the country deserve?

In the view of the PKR Datin Rosmah, the family of former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed is fair game but not the first family in waiting of Anwar, Wan Azziza and Nurul.

A year ago the country was in the grip of election fever. Anwar was so confident he would trounce the Barisan to snatch government from them and went around distributing victory speeches to select western media representatives, requesting an Australian journalist put the finishing touches to his draft.

It was not to be so and he cried foul losing the support of even those Gay journalists from abroad who crowd around the man often enough hoping he will be the crest of that tsunami sweeping the west in the advancement of Gay rights ‘uber alles’.

We reported from interviews with prominent Saudi Wahhabi clerics just prior to the elections last year 2013. Each of these clerics said Anwar categorically that Anwar was the forerunner to an Islamic state in Malaysia. And they blessed him.


Anwar is not being honest. He never was and never will be. There is and always will be need for an opposition whether that be in Malaysia, England, Japan or the USA. But an opposition for the sake of an opposition is a recipe for disaster as it is evident in Malaysia.

A weak and incompetent opposition like the PKR strengthens government and reduces its efficiency paving the way for weaknesses and yes corruption. But there is an opposition in Malaysia and it is not only the PKR or Chinese assemblies like the DAP.

The opposition we speak of does not take to the streets on Hillary Clinton and George Soros’s money or that of the National Endowment for Democracy. They are more into engagement and negotiation, proper political discourse and argument even if through blogging and writing.

The opposition we refer to are people who are proudly independent and can rely on their own intellect, intelligence and their ability to fight within a democratic parliamentary constitutional government. Their arguments based on merit, fact and not rumour. But they are not the stuff the pretend journalists of the alternative media are interested in. These are the silent achievers who do not have a finger in someone else’s pie.


Anwar shifts his policies (what policies?) and his preferences, his position on any topic like the proverbial fly does from turd to turd. He has no policies other than the borrowed clichés from wherever it falls.

He moves from constituency to constituency and from electorate to electorate unnerving even some of his closest aides and advisors. And yes Bloomberg and other trash rags seeking world domination through street campaigns would love that.

Anwar has not once posited a single costed policy of his which could be identified as an alternative to what government can or already does not provide to the citizens of Malaysia. He instead boasts of a ‘one size fits all’ raft of promises which can never be achieved in the manner he says it could be.


In 2012 a court acquitted (not dismissed ) Anwar on a charge of sodomy against his wife’s driver. That acquittal if read closely, was a precursor to an appeal. That appeal has now resulted in a higher court setting aside or overturning that earlier acquittal. The reasons for the earlier court’s decision was flawed.

That decision was unsound and the reasoning for that acquittal was peppered with appealable content chapter and verse. Anwar allowed to speak from the dock let out a tirade then which was used to hang him recently. That was the fatal flaw of his over confident lawyer. He hid from an opportunity to be cross examined, his alibis (all 13 of them) having disappeared in the heat of the hearing.

Adding to this problem one might want to know why someone like Anwar, a moving target of the government as he claims he is, would continually find himself in hot water.

To find an answer to that question a cursory read of the application drafted by lawyers acting for the Catholic church in the Allah affair would hold a clue. Anwar was and continues to be represented by incompetence from amongst the Malaysian legal profession to compliment his own.


The Church’s application is a prolix document which relegates to a small appendix at the end of their application, the questions they seek to have resolved by the court.

A copy of that 50 page document is supplied in PDF form at this site:

The document is preceded by what is meant to be a set of legal arguments. Much of what is in their pleadings in that document is not footnoted, has little reference to legal authorities or merit from a legal perspective. It is desultory and haphazardly cut and paste. It has little in the character of properly drafted set of pleadings by skilled lawyers.

This is what Anwar and the church are faced with as an opposition to government. And till they are able to correct those flaws in their strategies and their ranks they are doomed to wander in the proverbial political wilderness.


It was clear a long time back that Anwar would never be prime minister of Malaysia. At least not while he has his so called “allies” and “advisers” remain with him in the PKR.

There is not a single force within the opposition from Bersih, especially Bersih who has not made or sought to make a deal independent of Anwar during these past 3 years with the Najib government in office.

There is much evidence and documented evidence at that, that Bersih and the DAP have all acted in a conspiratorial manner to hasten Anwar Ibrahim’s demise politically.

There is much evidence that Berish’s leadership had indicated in private conversations that Anwar would never be PM. Yet the mule cart rolls on as the wheels fall off one by one and the mules die.



In 2011 in a highly controversial article in GRK we reported that Waythamurthi had been negotiating with government for his safe return to Malaysia. We also reported of the overtures Raja Petra Kamaruddin the mercurial and narcissistic blogger had been making overtures to government of Malaysia intermediaries for his safe return to Malaysia.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Waythamurthi returned to Malaysia via Johore Bahru. His return was uneventful. His office, Hindraf and Waythamurthi himself had long denied any overtures to government were made or that he was likely to strike any deal with the Malaysian government for his return.

Also read:


We have learned recently that Raja Petra Kamaruddin better known by the acronym RPK, is to return to Malaysia. RPK is reported to have concluded a deal with government he has been negotiating for sometime  in exile to secure his return to Malaysia.

What is not known though is whether the deal struck between government and RPK will allow RPK to return to Malaysia prior to the next general elections. The next general elections, Malaysia’s 13th since it gained independence from the UK is due to be held on or before April 2013. It is not known whether RPK’s return will be postponed till after the event.

What is not also known are the finer details of the deal. Whether RPK will face court on a number of outstanding charges against him including several of criminal defamation and the more serious charges of contempt may well be part of the deal between RPK and government. The charges of contempt were contemplated or even laid by prosecutors prior to RPK’s hasty departure for the United Kingdom in 2010.

The government’s reasons for agreeing to allow RPK to return to Malaysia though are clear. From what we know they are not too dissimilar to the reasons that paved the way for a deal that allowed the Hindraf former exile Waythamurthi to return to Malaysia recently. But there is a quid pro quo.


As has also been widely known for sometime there has been a gradual ‘drip feeding’ of vital information to government about the structure and identity of key individuals within the opposition and their affiliated groups. The ‘drip feed’ comes from well cultivated and strategically placed insiders in each of the opposition led organizations. They include the Malaysian Bar, Bersih and PKR as well as the many so called NGO’s.

The Catholic church and its allies have also provided a rich vein of insider information through carefully placed informers within the church. It appears that God does work in strange and mysterious ways. The result is a long list of  individuals and organizations perceived to be threats to the peace stability and security of the country. And there is good reason for that perception. Many on this list are tied to the objective of the overthrow of government outside the ballot box.

Groups like Bersih are long known to have been connected to foreign governments and their covert operating units in the Asia Pacific region. The structure and operational strategies of many of these groups are now intimately known to government and its intelligence apparatus. Information obtained by government connects specific individuals directly with foreign governments, the so called “NGO’s” and their hidden agendas, the overthrow of the Barisan government.

Much of the funding and technical assistance supplied to local branches of foreign NGO’s, opposition political parties, the alternative and social media to disrupt local politics has a distinct European (EU) and American tinge to it. The list is said to cut across a very wide spectrum of government. The list includes public servants, the diplomatic corps and the judiciary.

Sadly top tier foreign universities from Harvard, the University of London, Melbourne, the University of New South Wales and Monash universitiy have also been identified as a training ground and host for the operations of the more sinister of these groups like the Neo Cons in Washington.


What is referred to as The list is highly classified and detailed report about cladestine anti government activities locally and abroad now in government hands. In it are listed the names of high ranking public servants. As expected, members of the Malaysian Bar, the Churches and a number of judges sitting and retired feature prominently in that list. Each is identified as having participated in one way or the other in attempts to overthrow government in Malaysia. All of the named are said to be either directly or indirectly connected to foreign organizations connected to foreign governments with a specific agenda for the region. The creation of client states.

More disturbing to government is the identity of two mid ranking diplomats currently serving at major diplomatic stations abroad. Their activities have been the subject of close scrutiny by government for sometime following ‘disclosures’ by former anti government operatives living locally and abroad. The information on suspects provided in detail by exiles and active members of opposition groups who have ‘turned coat’.

Reasons believed to have been given by insider informants for turning coat against their former colleagues we are told is that many are said to have become disillusioned and disatissfied with the very elitist, exclusive manner in which many of these opposition groups and NGO’s operate.

Many within believe opposition groups have become personal feifdoms and are treated like the private enterprise of its leaders. Ambiga, Waythamurthi, Guan Eng and Anwar are but 4 of the main examples cited for the proposition. The level of foreign penetration in Malaysia’s opposition aimed at destabilising government is quite extensive it appears.

Singapore thankfully in its own interests has identified, interviewed and managed to contain informers from within NGO’s, Bersih, PKR at a very high level. Many of these informers, officers of each of these groups have been compromised into providing critical information to Singapore’s intelligence agencies. These informants are from within many of the Malaysian opposition groups and NGO’s operating in the region. There are some, foreigners who have since been deported. Needless to say such information gathering by Singpore would be incomplete without a fair share of Malaysian government informants amongst them as well.


The recent failures of USAID and various other ‘cover’ organizations such as Civil Societies in the middle east, where they have promoted radical change through funding street demonstrations has forced the US to rethink its strategies for fostering violent change worldwide. Sources within the Obama administration have begun to speculate about a new role for Hillary Clinton after the November elections there.

The British appear at least for now to have altered course from supporting the raft of opposition groups in Malaysia agitating for undemocratic overthrow of government to maintaining the status quo. No one is saying so officially of course. The conduct of the British establishment towards Malaysian opposition groups residing in London has somewhat chilled in recent months. Australia too must be considering a rethink if it hasn’t alread done so. Having failed in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, their Malaysian adventures appear to alienate them from the more progressive elements in the region.

The killing of US Ambassador to Libya last week has forced a re think of the US strategy of creating “springs” much like Mao’s  cultural revolution uprisings in far flung reaches of the globe. Their gamble in this regard has not paid off. In fact it has failed dismally with the “street revolutions” in each of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia all having turned against US interests of late.

The hands of the US government are tied.  Government is paralysed in the run up to the presidential elections this year. Their miscalculation of the Arab Spring is politically too sensitive and embarassing to the extent no one on either side of the political divide in the US wants to own up to it.

The US response to ‘friendly Arab opposition movements’ once funded by them turning against them has been muted for the same reason. They are unable to act. The damage in anti American sentiment has spread worldwide beyond the middle east. The latest victim of their misadventure is the driver of their funding to foreign groups USAID. Russian president Vladmir Putin has ordered the organization shut down and its operatives out of Russia forthwith.


When RPK (and Anwar Ibrahim) made much of the Lingham tapes, little did RPK and his handlers in the Malaysian Bar and Bersih realise that he had prized open a vital avenue for government to investigate and clean up the judiciary. Many within the ranks of judges are believed to be members and supporters of the oppostion and foreign interests.

There were no surprises it seems when names in the ‘drip feed’ list of ‘RPK’ and those NGO’s with links to USAID were put to a government official recently. The Malaysian government appears to have covered this sector quite thoroughly from the responses the official provided us on condition of anonymity.

Inflitration of each of these groups by government has been highly efficient and productive. Organization structural weaknesses in particular eltism and exclusivity has damaged many of these groups from Bersih, the DAP, Aliran. The Christian churches have fared no better.

PKR has had its own share of disasters of its own making rendering it an ineffective partner in the oppostion movement. But the RPK revelations led to more information being available by Ambiga’s own indiscretions in the media and those of one of her close confidants in a leak to a government handler.

Out of this treasure trove of information from RPK and others like him comes the most astonishing revelation. At the beating heart of opposition corruption is a core of individuals many would have little suspected of being as malleable, fickle and tradeable a comodity as the judiciary. Within their ranks government has uncovered a rotten core. A group whose purpose is to frustrate the government at every turn and make governing the country difficult bfore the next elections.

What has long been suspected about the involvement of the judiciary in foreign funded opposition groups is now confirmed. Suspects include sitting and retired judges who are active on the political and judicial circuits with the objective of undermining government.


Apparently a major problem and some say a common practice amongst Malaysia’s most prominent law firms is the practice of Judge shopping. Identified in the list of judicial officers involved in this practice are high profile judges who continue to maintain direct contact with their handlers and whose activities on the bench go dangerously beyond the scope of their work and the power and duties of their office.

The practice of judge shopping was confirmed by Waythamurthi and some others within the legal profession. The whistle blew when Ambiga, refused Hindraf legal aid from the Malaysian Bar to members of Hindraf following their arrrest and detention under the ISA in 2007. Each of these Hindraf detainees were entitled to but denied legal representation by the Malaysian Bar on Ambiga’s express instructions.

That denial of their legal rights by the Malaysian Bar appears to have been the catalyst that precipitated a major backlach against the likes of Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and the opposition to government in Malaysia in general. The government realising there was a chasm created by the Bar went to work on deepening the divide.

Ambiga’s own conduct as a legal practitioner has for some time now been under scrutiny. And there is much to write about her conduct, performance and capabilities as a lawyer during her time as chairperson of the Malaysian Bar, prior to and subsequent. Her nexus to certain members of the judiciary then when she worked at a particular top tier firm in Malaysia too has drawn a lot of attention and criticism although the criticism has for some time been muted.

Judges under investigation today for involvement in the practice include at least 4 judges from the ranks of 3 very prominent law firms in Malaysia. These firms are known to maintain close connections to sitting judges who have risen to the bench from their ranks. The many decisions of each of these judges are equally well documented and the subject of independent analysis to prove they may have favoured clients of their former employers, the major law firms over others in litigation in disregard for fairness, equity or legal principles.

Judge and jurisdiction shopping is a common practice with large law firms and certain practitioners within the Malaysian Bar. Typically this practice involves lawyers manipulating daily law lists in the court registries to have their matters brought before and tried by “preferred judges”. Preferred judes being judges familiar or known to a particular lawyer requiring his services.

Interestingly it is known now that judge shopping has been a source of overt funding for the opposition groups in Malaysia as well. Through the practice of judge shopping and ‘judicial favours’ from the bench, the pay offs that ensue flow on to fund ‘NGO’s , select members of the Malaysian Bar, compliant the judicial officers and other agitators engaging in anti government activities.

Many of the participants in this regard and their families it is believed have received benefits as scholarships to study in the UK, Australia and the US as incentives to remain within the groups. None of these scholarships being Malaysian government scholarships.


There is apparently nothing subtle about the misconduct of these judges and the conduct of the law firms that support them. The practice has been widespread for sometime now that it has become very much a part of the legal establishment in Malaysia. We have been provided access to at least half a dozen cases, complete with transcripts, pleadings, evidence, witness statements and judgements all of which go to support the proposition that judge shopping and judicial favours to large law firms are more than the suspicion of disgruntled litigants. It appears to be common practice in Malaysia.

Interestingly Raja Petra Kamaruddin himself boasted of his knowledge of this practice yet failed to pursue the subject further on his blog. It appears that his omissions in this regard may have been cured or corrected by the man by other means. The elitism of many within the bulge bracket firms and support for it by judges who favour them in court appears  for now at least to be resisted by a growing number of lawyers if for no other reason than for its economic impact on their livelihoods.

There are a number very high profile commercial cases that appear to have been the product of judge shopping. Lawyers in Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru and in the Kelang Valley who did not wish to be named, readily identified judges, individual cases in which judge shopping and judicial favours may have been involved and benefits given to clients of the larger law firms where individual judges had served as lawyers before coming to the bench.

A group of these lawyers have requested we pursue the problem further with them. Again the activities of the Raja and others like Hindraf may have been instrumental in leading government agencies to uncover and subsequently investigate the practice.

In deference to government’s on- going investigations into this matter we will not be publishing the identities of those judicial officers identified in a recently leaked document to government.


Among the best traitors Ireland has ever had, Mother Church  ranks at the very top, a massive obstacle in the path to equality and freedom.  She has been a force for conservatism… to ward off threats to her own security  and influence“.
Bernadette  Devlin.

The Church has always seemingly been at the forefront of change. But not for the reasons of justice, fairness or equalit as one might think. The IRA struggle against Britain is perhaps an great example of a betrayal of the struggle of the Catholics in Ireland by the Church.


On the list of suspected corrupt judges in Malaysia is a prominent serving High Court of Malaysia judge. The judge who is known to have presided over a highly controversial public inquiry recently is not only identified for his alleged involvement in some of these anti government activities behind the scenes, but also sadly because of the company he keeps. But he is also one of a number of judges recently found to be engaging in “judicial activism”.

More interesting is the case of a prominent  former judge of the High Court of Malaysia from a northern constituency (Perak) whose extra marital affairs has resulted in his own family supplying valuable intelligence on his personal life to government. That information we understand contains intimate details about this former judge’s many trysts with members of the underworld, acting sometimes as a go between.

Amongst the allegations of this particular former judges indiscretions include his having acted as liason between litigants (underworld figures and large corporations) and other members of the Malaysian judiciary during his tenure as a judge. It is widely believed that the man continues to offer his services in this regard for reward  liasing with at least one sitting judge in  a recent matter.

The particular informant member of the ex judge’s family asserts, the judge’s conduct in this regard was motivated for pecuniary and personal gain, to support a lavish lifestyle. The judge it is suggested had become involved with a number of mistresses, was fond of gambling. It is further alleged he had become captive to a number of high profile individuals in corporate and underworld circles for favours received in the past. However it was his infidelity and his mistresses that “broke the camel’s back” enraging his family enough for at least one member to come forward and disclose details of his other life away from the bench.


Closely linked to this judge is a former Court of Appeals judge who remains in public practice though retired from the bench. His activities are well documented by government to include his advises to Bersih and to Parti Keadilan Rakyat amongst other opposition organizations. However this judge too like Ambiga Sreenivasan had been previously highly critical of Waythamurthi and urged government action against Hindraf.

There is little doubt that at least with the Indian communities, the caste factor continues to play a key role in fostering divisions amongs those of them in opposition. However it is not their caste divisions but their misconduct in public office that has drawn the ire of government and its attention to their so called opposition political activities,

Two other former Court of Appeals judges whose controversial decisions in  recent years in high profile commercial cases  are also being investigated. Each of these retired judges is also being investigated for their conduct in other matters during their tenure in office. Both have a direct active involvement in the opposition.

Information about the conduct of judges now the subject of government interest it appears is just the tip of the ice berg. Payback time it seems may be after the general elections. Once more the informants are people closely connected to the judges, the informations having worked very closely with them.

The Lingham affair it now appears was deliberately engineered to be widely publicized and debated as an issue of judicial incompetence and corruption by the Malaysian Bar for political reasons. The Lingham tapes on analysis was used as a smoke screen to conceal the real corrupt and highly political and inappropriate activities of sitting judges within the Malaysian bench connected to the opposition and aligned to foreign interests.


Government must of its own accord and initiative now disclose the terms for the return and ‘forgiveness’ accorded to the likes of RPK and Waythamurthi. There is an obligation on the part of government to address the issues behind its decision in both cases.

Many Malaysians from all walks of life have been actively engaged in one form or the other in fostering change for the better in their country. It is the prerogative of every citizen and a fundamental human right of everyone regardless of their political complexion to seek positive change peacefully and in a democratic way.

It is also the right of every individual to expect full disclosure and the truth from their leaders. That includes not just leaders in government, but also those who claim the right to be that alternative government. Elected representatives, opposition members of parliament and those who lead unregistered political movements funded from abroad. What is needed especially from foreign funded organizations is full and frank disclosures about their sources of funding, their objectives and their organizational structures.

Thus far the opposition and especially Bersih, two groups who have hijacked the middle ground lying through their teeth claiming to have some divine or ascriptive right to be the sole voice and representative of alternative government in Malaysia have not been as transparent as they demand of government and those who oppose them. It is time that government disclosed what they have on these groups.



It isn’t the first time nor will it be the last. The perpetrators of this vile, inhumane act of treachery, deceit and greed celebrate whilst their victims grieve.  Referred to as the “Chinese Gold Scam” the perpetrators of this swindle are mainly as its name implies Chinese. Whether this revelation will prompt those in the Chinese community prepared to accept responsibility, to reject wholly and to speak out against this scam will depend on the courage of those few amongst them who are upright enough and possessed of a human conscience sufficient to compel them to stand up and to speak up.

The Chinese dominated DAP and other prominent Chinese opposition politicians like Theresa Kok have thus far chosen to remain mute on the subject of this Chinese Gold Scam. Focusing instead on the on-going saga of Lim Guan Eng and allegations of his son’s sexual misconduct, precipitating the more acute crisis and the more serious allegation that Guan Eng paid hush money to the alleged victim’s family in an effort to kill the scandal, they remain distracted from this scandal capable of bringing the economy down.


As for Ambiga Sreenivasan that “Human Rights” champion, she has thus far has remained silent, aloof and distanced from this unfolding financial disaster and human tragedy. This of course being a matter that affects Tamils not of her caste. Ambiga is Brahmin and is an unabashed Brahmin poster girl. The gold scam is a matter too remote from her politics of “human rights”. The Tamils most of Malaysia’s underclass falling well under that threshold in her view to be human or to be  useful enough to her in her political mission. They are not capable of bestowing on her the decorative honours she so covets for her ‘sacrifices’ on behalf of minorities but not the Tamils. The Tamils of Malaysia are not the French government nor are they Hillary Clinton nor are they as wealthy, exploitative or ready to pay lip service and yes real money to her in pursuit of her political goals.


Deepvali is upon us. It is the festival of light and one of the high holidays in the Hindu holy calendar. It is meant to usher in the spirit of light and bring joy to mankind. Instead for many Indian families in Peninsula Malaysia it will be a time for reflection on a tragedy so cruelly and deliberately visited upon them by the Chinese Gold Scam.  A tragedy so many of them will never ever recover from.

An unofficial  estimate reliably puts the losses from the Chinese Gold Scam over  a 12 month period at over MYR100,000,000 (one hundred million Malaysian Ringgit). That’s bigger than the gross national product of a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. Others still put that figure at three times that amount. Either ways one looks at it, it is a national disaster to rival any other to have visited the Indian communities since private companies (many of these Chinese owned) in the 1980’s drove many of them out of rubber plantations into cities displacing many thousands of them without adequate compensation.


The Chinese Gold Scam is mind boggling not only for its size but for also the unabated spread of its tentacles into remote communities now targeting Malays, conveniently leaving the Chinese out of its highly destructive path. That of itself begs a question of the Chinese led opposition. Why is it not an issue on their agendas? why is Guan Eng and Kit Siang silent? why is Theresa Kok silent, Why is Elizabeth Wong silent? where is Jeffrey Ooi the blogger of conscience? where in fact is Karpal Singh member for Chinese interests in Penang for life?

The Malays are now being enticed with a fake “Syariah compliant” tag to this Chinese Gold Scam. They are being lured into it, parting with their life savings,  getting into debt by mortgaging their properties to invest with the false promise of above average returns.

Once more the DAP, Theresa Kok and other loud mouths of the opposition and “human rights activists” like Ambiga Sreenivasan  remain mute, busy instead creating red herrings as the allegations of corruption in government for which they offer no proof, a distraction from their own failures to convince Malaysians that they are in fact a viable alternative to government or that they care for the marginalized Tamils and rural Malays the victims of this fraud.


The Tamils, the most marginalized of all communities in Malaysia have always been a choice victim of the Chinese and their criminal syndicates. In early times they were the target of job scams, labour rackets, then bootleg (moonshine) liquor and land scams, initiated and promoted by ruthless Chinese developers. It was they and not UMNO or the Barisan that bogey of the oppostion that booted helpless Tamils out of unprfitable rubber plantations in order to construct housing projects abandoning many of these later without completion, leaving home buyers out of pocket.

The Tamils, mainly labourers  have been thrown onto the streets literally by these developer scammers, these developers having bribed weak and underpaid civil servants to acquiesce in their land grabbing for a few pieces of silver. Strangely enough the DAP and Pakatan have remained mute over these scams. They have had little to say especially since the last general elections when Tamil numbers meant something to them.

The plight of Tamils and rural Malays do not concern them now because apart from a few middle class Indians like the Ambiga’s of this world, the Tamils by and large are not “their problem”. Not at least till election day comes round again. More disturbing still  are the reports that some of those behind the Chinese Gold Scams are said to be connected to the DAP and Pakatan and their leadership. At least one is an MCA operative.

The Tamils are a relative minority in numbers. They are a minority on the economic ladder. They are a minority when it comes to political representation except for the recent upheavals in Malaysian politics when the Brahmins, kicked out of the MIC, and what remained of the professional classes like Ambiga Sreenivasan went looking for and found refuge with Chinese and European backed interests.

The victims of the Chinese Gold Scam are many. Almost exclusively they are Indian and rural Malay. These too are those hardworking underprivileged who have managed to rise above that level of abject poverty reserved for them by, first the British, then created and advanced by the Chinese merchant classes who, took over the role of economic lord and master from Britain in the peninsula.


The past year has seen the growth of an ugly phenomenon of inhumane and cowardly proportions. It is unprecedented in its audacity for its deliberate planning and the effort put into tricking hopefuls from the Indian community first into planning for retirement and Deepavali with the usual clichéd political lines:

the Barisan is UMNO. It is only for the Malays and UMNO Puteras. You will always be left out. Here is your chance to be rich and to be able to live independently in retirement and pay for your children’s education abroad”.

This is very much an opposition mantra which leads to suspicion about the their involvement in the scam through their silence. At the least it is not unreasonable to blame the opposition for their silence when after all the political slogans used by these Chinese Scammers (with Indian and Malay foot soldiers for balance and effect) have come from their mouths. But for many it is nothing more than the resurgence of an old trick by the same old perpetrator communities upon the same old victim communities in an age old ritual repeating itself.


All of the perpetrators to date caught by police and charged in the recent Gold Scam targeting firstly poor Indians robbing them of their life savings are Chinese. The scam is necessarily Chinese in character and Chinese in its membership at the operational and managerial level. There are two Genneva companies. One a Sdn Bhd the other not. The one in trouble being prosecuted is the Genneva Sdn Bhd. The other having adopted that name but without the Sdn Bhd is opportunistic in that it has picked off the remaining victims of the first for a second bite at the cherry.

The sentient minds behind the Gold scams as with most major scams against the Indians in particular are Chinese syndicates. There need be no apology for making mention of the race of the perpetrators because that’s who they are. The Chinese pay little heed to the consequences of such acts as long as it does not victimise them.  There is evidence that at least 4 of the minds behind these scams have links to the DAP and at least one of the masterminds is linked to an MCA member (though not a parliamentarian).


Jet setting the world over at the expense of the Pakatan Rakyat’s and NGO purses is Ambiga Sreenivasan a lawyer who claims to be the champion of human rights in Malaysia. Ambiga has had ample opportunity to prove her mettle as a champion of human rights or to plead her case outside of her hollow rhetoric. She has failed at every given opportunity to establish her case, her credentials as a human rights campaigner and her causes (whatever these may be) thus far.

A Tamil herself Ambiga has distanced herself from the poorer Tamils and has done everything in her capacity at every given opportunity to frustrate or thwart their aspirations whether that be in selling out Hindraf to the Badawi government or keeping silent on the Chinese Gold Scam. Ambiga has been actively and relentlessly pursuing agenda’s carefully selected to bring a western focus on her western financed activities in pursuit of her own private personal political ambitions. She is also unashamedly Chinese in her outlook on Malaysian politics and has never ever championed the causes of her own community unless they are the Brahmins or middle classes of the Indians.

Ambiga could well have been the answer to Samy Velu if she was not so conceited, deceitful, selfish and self centred. Ashamed apparently of being a Tamil she has pursued all of the middle class western oriented   causes which the vast majority of Malaysians especially in rural Malaysia have neither interest nor any idea of. Ambiga is no Tamil when it comes to human rights. Her perfidious character is now legend.

Ambiga has made significant ‘off the cuff’ remarks about Anwar Ibrahim’s fate if the coalition of opposition parties is to win government. She has effectively sealed Anwar’s fate and sidelined him with her silence at the reception of the Legion of Honour award from the French government raising concerns amongst Malaysia’s opposition groups and her own inner circle about who Ambiga really represents.


Coming close on the heels of the misery of the Chinese Gold Scam and its aftermath for many, Najib Razak the prime minister,  a wily old fox has been on the hustings having received highly favourable feedback to his ‘people’s budget’ recently. He is reported to have shown great sympathy for the Tamils (and rural Malays) without having to pork barrel either of the two communities or marginalize the Chinese.

Amongst the more appealing aspects of the budget is the allocation of funding to rehabilitate another great scam, that of the abandoned affordable housing projects.  It remains to be seen what further steps will be taken by government to route out those behind the abandoned housing project scams costing many hundreds of millions of dollars and unexplained unresolved bankruptcies in its wake.


A straw poll at little India and research by Dr. Dwikarla of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad show a massive swing  away from the two opposition parties, viz the DAP, Pakatan and the independents by Indians. The figures show a swing in attitudes away from the DAP opposition and from PKR in Selangor state and an overall swing of nearly 5% amongst Tamils in most states. The swing is especially prominent  in opposition held states.

Although not said in so many words, it appears that the concentration of opposition energies in non specific ‘flash mob’ activities such as Bersih and the mushrooming of ‘NGO’ self interest groups have helped create vacuum which Najib patiently and reluctantly has exploited and filled with little or no effort.

Groups like Lawyers for Democracy, Sisters in Islam, Bersih and the irrelevance of Irene Fernandez’s and the Catholic church’s fight for everyone else except for the real marginalized groups like the rural Malays and the Tamils have perhaps come full circle. They have all without exception played to a field of the converted, to foreigners and to those interests that do not put bread on the table or a roof on the heads of those who matter. In so doing they have by default delivered the Tamil vote back to Barisan.

It is yet to be seen what impact the Chinese Gold Scam now will have on the DAP  and PKR whose main agenda now is trying to contain the fall out from the reported misbehavior of Guan Eng’s son and the alleged hush money he paid to the victim to keep the matter quiet. The other distraction for the opposition being Anwar’s sodomy trial. The Tamils themselves now feel sodomised by the opposition.

Interesting times we live in.




RPK’s statutory declaration (SD) purportedly sworn on 18 May 2008 at the High Court of Malaysia suffers from the same defects found in the Statutory Declaration made by one Balasubramaniam, former policeman turned private security & bodyguard to Razak Baginda. Baginda is one time defendant (now discharged) charged with the murder of Altantuya Sharibu (Altantuya).

This matter of Altantuya has a history which it is not necessary to go into any lengthy detail here.

Conveniently woven around the facts surrounding her tragic life and death, during the process of  the trial of the two people accused of murdering her, were fabricated stories of a  conspiracy and the alleged involvement of the Malaysian prime minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Rosmah (Najib and Rosmah).


The SD sworn by RPK in pursuit of a wider campaign to destabilise Malaysia and to literally overthrow its government through organized mayhem, contains very little information of any real substance about who killed Altantuya.

Instead it sets out to create an aura of legitimacy out of patent falsehoods, hearsay and gossip the Raja swore under oath in his SD with colourable and questionable statements. These are then supported by very noble reasons he provides in a single paragraph at the end of the SD. This being his motive as it appears for swearing that SD.

Raja’s allegations in the SD drafted outside of the form supplied in the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1962, contains unreliable, third hand hearsay of which the Raja had neither reason nor evidence sufficient for him to have declared his belief in the truth of assertions contained in that SD.

It is instead with the benefit of his recent confessions on TV 3 a monumental deception deliberate and planned that the Raja sought with hindsight to justify and embellish his SD perhaps with the benefit of hindsight and realizing the impacts and consequences of his actions.

RPK in his SD makes some very serious, unsubstantiated claims of a vile and criminal nature against Najib Razak and Datin Rosmah. These allegations he subsequently revealed in admissions he makes in an interview with TV 3 to have been the result of pressure on him to do so at the behest of the head of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Anwar Ibrahim.

Now whether or not the reasons proffered by RPK for having lied under oath in his SD are valid defences to a charge of falsifying evidence at the very least, he does not deny that his allegations were in fact a fabrication of lies against both Najib and Rosmah. For that he needs to be charged, tried and if convicted penalised as prescribed by law.


Seemingly clever he omitted having to attest to his belief in the truth of the statements in that SD by not using the prescribed form for an SD under the Statutory Declarations Act 1962 (Act).

A provision of the Act is the form in which SD’s are to be made. The preamble to the declaration is clear that the statements are made by the deponent declaring his belief in the truth of the assertions he swears to in the SD.

RPK may have deliberately omitted that form and the prescribed preamble to his SD in the belief it would mitigate the offences he committed in creating such a document in the event it were to be challenged or the truth revealed otherwise. But that may not be as easy as the Raja thinks or was advised would be the case.

If he had been properly advised by a lawyer who may have assisted in the drafting of his SD (which I suspect was the case) then he should have been cautioned against making statements about matters over which he had no evidence or direct knowledge of to support the SD.

RPK should have been warned of the consequences of making a deposition in an SD especially where the contents of the SD have turned out to be outrageous, defamatory and without any proper foundation in truth; Added to this outrage of his, is his subsequent admission to having sworn the SD under pressure not believing in  the truth or veracity of the statements he swore to be true. The lawyers again. Who were they?

At the very least he could have qualified his statements in the SD by stating as is prescribed in the Act that he makes the statements in his SD with words to the effect that “the statements he makes he conscientiously believes them to be true” if that were indeed the case.

It is not suggested that by adding these words he would have made his statements in his SD any more reliable or true. They were lies and they remain lies.

RPK then proceeds to play the role of self appointed moral policeman of the country with the last paragraph (7) of his SD with the following statement:

“The purpose of this Statutory Declaration is to urge all these parties who have been duly informed and have knowledge of this matter to come forward to reveal the truth so that the police are able to conduct a proper and thorough investigation into the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.”

If it weren’t so tragic this particular statement by the Raja would be hilarious. apart from anything else he is tacitly admitting that he does not know the truth about the Altantuya affair. If he did he would not have to call on others “who have knowledge and duly informed” to come forward.

Who these ‘parties’ are who ‘have been duly informed’ he does not say. Something cryptic in his message coded in the SD perhaps? It appears more like the workings of a delusional mind like that of his mentor and sometime friend and political ally Anwar Ibrahim and perhaps even the two lawyers who assisted Balasumbramaniam with his SD.

Grand statements with an aura of nobility, authoritative but without a shred of truth to it or the moral mandate the Raja claims for himself to support.

The idea it appears was to create a semblance of authority to his otherwise unimpressive hollow incitement in writings and fictitious claims he managed to fool his followers with for so long.

In omitting or discarding the prescribed form for a SD and by making the declaration in the way in which RPK’ swore his SD, he may not have cured the defect of the material lies contained in it, nor has he escaped liability for his misstatements  and defamation a product of his SD.

RPK is unlikely to escape liability let alone punishment for the offences that have resulted from the deliberate misstatements in that SD the Malaysian Bar demanded be ventilated in court at the trial of the two convicted for the murder of Altantuya.

RPK’s recent admissions on TV 3 which amount to a retraction of his allegations against Najib and  Rosmah’s involvement in the death and disposal of the corpse of Altantuya and an admission that what he swore his SD as fact had no basis in fact or law is crucial in understanding the undercurrent of opposition plans to literally overthrow a lawfully elected government using unconstitutional means.

And at the very least RPK’s revelations in the TV 3 interview demonstrates he did not conscientiously believe the hearsay he promoted in his SD which he conveniently blames now on a number of factors:

a)      Anwar Ibrahim and certain other people putting pressure on him

b)      The Colonel Buyang being the source of his statement (which he did not check for its veracity).


RPK’s defences (or excuses) he now proffers to the public are the kind of excuses mockingly referred to as “the devil made me do it defence”.

It is something NH Chan Retired Justice may be able to interpret through the widest possible extrapolation and distortions of obscure case law to fit the situation or  to justify RPK’s mischief.

Chan may still have both capacity and the temerity to repeat his somewhat esoteric though embarrassing interpretation of legal reasoning to a decision in R v Dudley and Stephens (QBD 1884) to a coalition audience of academics, opposition groups and lawyers not long ago in Malaysia.

What RPK’s SD is unequivocal about is a declaration made under oath that he now admits was a deliberate and planned defamation, a politically motivated one at that, made with malice aforethought with the sole intent of causing as much damage as possible to the credibility and character of Najib and Rosmah. Raja justifies that act in infamy by now claiming the “devil made him do it”. The devil of course being none other than Anwar Ibrahim.

The lies in that controversial SD conceived, promoted and pursued by RPK in advancing his own agenda as a blogger retracted in his recent admissions on TV3 is dwarfed in stature by comparison to the shocking allegations he makes against Najib and Rosmah  in the SD itself.

RPK has unequivocally admitted in more ways than one that he had no belief in the scurrilous criminal allegations he repeats in inadmissible and unacceptable hearsay against his targets Najib Razak and Datin Rosmah.

He proffers no defence for his misconduct. He has no valid defence for his misconduct, nor has he offered a reasonable excuse as to why he now sees fit to withdraw those allegations against Najib and Rosmah.

Why would he have risked inviting ridicule on himself in the first place? And why would he embark on a campaign to smear the good reputation of two people at the behest of others? Especially if those others were none other than Anwar Ibrahim himself?

There is a vocal minority in Malaysia who would like to convince the world that their views are those of the majority in Malaysia. In addition to this they attempt to justify the phenomenon of being anti-government in Malaysia as a national right of a disgruntled and imagined marginalized persecuted majority.


Amongst that shrill, bellicose minority of opposition to government in Malaysia is a phenomenon often erroneously referred to as NGO’s (non governmental organizations). These are in fact the stalking horse of private single interests groups operating under a foreign ideological purpose directed often from outside of Malaysia and without a mandate from the people they claim to serve in Malaysia.

There is an old saw in law which says “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. It may mitigate what wrongs we do but it is no defence to plead ignorance against an offence at law.

RPK so readily proffers views about those he says coerced him into making the SD. Anwar for one. He has a view and an opinion about everyone except his precious self. Anwar has always been a naked stalking horse of not one but as many NGO’s.

RPK now also claims Anwar cannot be trusted or believed anymore. As if to say what he RPK has to say about anyone including Anwar following his own recent admissions about the outrageous claims in his SD carries any weight in any respect of his views about Anwar or Anwar’s credibility.



RPK claims in most of his articles in Malaysia Today (a publication he owns and has total editorial control over) that he knows the constitution and laws of Malaysia better than anyone in government. Well at least that is the inference one is compelled to draw on reading his criticisms of government and its servants.

The Malaysian Bar and the opposition funded media in Malaysia encouraged the man, carried his defamation as if it were the gospels and added layers of their own spin to it for effect.

Further if as he claims, RPK was being intimidated by of all persons Anwar Ibrahim, “the punching bag of government”, then RPK was on neutral and safe ground in Australia  and in Malaysia when he still resided there in respect of the ‘threats and pressure’ brought to bear upon him by Anwar. He did not.

What these pressures are that Anwar brought to bear on RPK sufficient for him to lie under oath he does not disclose.

Regardless of what went on in the background, RPK cannot avail himself  of the defence or justification of pressure by Anwar for his lies, for his misconduct.

Malaysia would have been and remains the safest place on earth for someone having a beef or confrontation with Anwar Ibrahim if that were genuinely the case.

Anwar is certainly not Malaysia’s most popular man let alone its most popular politician. He makes waves yes attracts controversy wherever he goes, but that has less to do with his popularity for his policies than it has to do with his slip ups and delusionary statements in defence of his indefensible position in general.

RPK has no legitimate or moral defence for what he has done. He must be charged with contempt, sedition and for incitement for his actions. And when the government gets around to charging him, it would make a number of people in Malaysia’s fragmented coalition of self interested opposition very, very nervous. Not least of these would be some of the most high profile of its body of legal practitioners.

What RPK has done goes beyond betrayal of the trust of his many of his ignorant and naieve followers. This even though many of them deserve what they got from him for being wantonly naieve, selectively ignorant allowing themselves to be fooled by the biggest fool of all.



The role of the Malaysian Bar and its high profile members in this sordid affair needs to be closely scrutinised by government and the attorney general of Malaysia. This is a professional body that is very partial in politics and cannot serve without ‘fear or favour’ . It lacks public confidence for its involvement in politics struggling in the process to come to terms with its credibility and integrity.

The 2008 press conference given by  Amrick Siddhu Singh, Sivarasa and Manjit Singh Dhillon to respond to questions about a Statutory Declaration Siddhu assisted the controversial Bala ex PI to draft is now the subject of further controversy linked to same subject.That being of Najib and his wife being linked to the death of Altantuya Sharibu.

The Bala/ Siddhu Statutory Declaration subsequently overridden by a second Statutory Declaration made by the same deponent, Siddhu’s client, Balasubramaniam a former policeman turned private investigator needs closer scrutiny by the authorities investigating RPK and the conspiracy that RPK has been at the heart of a movement created with the intent of overthrowing government.

One merely has to pay attention to the language and the confidence with which the lawyer sitting with Siddhu (Sivarasa) delivers his diatribe on a ‘serious crime’ having been committed (meaning the murder of Altantuya Sharibu) leading his audience to  draw the inevitable inference that someone in high office (Najib Tun Razak) was in some way connected with the murder of Altantuya Sharibu.

He proffers no evidence or proof for such an outrageous claim. None. And having relied on the RPK lie corroborated in some respects by the Balasubramaniam lie, Sivarasa, Siddhu and Dhillon were on a very rickety platform with the proverbial noose around their necks by Sivarasa’s actions and words at that conference.

It beggars belief that the man, a high profile lawyer and politician is able to get away with such scandalous statements with impunity (thus far) saying what he said with such equanimity as if he were corroborating fact (the lies of RPK) as he appears to be doing.

These are some of the the incriminating words of his extracted from youtube of his performance at that conference:

“because ultimately the offence (of Bala being induced or threatened to change his earlier statements in a Statutory Declaration) is of manipulating suppressing evidence related to a a murder trial (trial of the two men charged with the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu) which involves personalities you know, not ordinary personalities but people who run this country” (for the full press conference)

Who are these ‘people who run this country‘ that Sivarasa refers to in his statement ? He appears to be a bit more coy on that point than his ally PKR leader, Raja Petra Kamaruddin who in his SD claims it was the wife of Najib Tun Razak, Datin Rosmah he believes was present at the disposal of the corpse of Altanatuya Sharibu.

RPK in that SD proffers the following reasons for making that SD:

“I also make this Statutory Declaration because I am aware that it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help the police in its investigation of the crime.”

Why would R Sivarasa an officer of the courts himself not be motivated by such a high ideal to name ‘those people who run this country‘ as RPK misguided had so boldly made in his SD instead of inviting the public to draw their own inferences that the ‘people running this country’ he refers to  are in fact Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah?


The drafters of RPK’s SD and his legal advisors for starters could well be the same lawyers who advised and drafted Balasubramaniam’s first Statutory Declaration,  Balasubramaniam’s lawyer Amrick Siddhu. It is objectively likely that both R Sivarasa and Anwar were complicit in the drafting of the RPK SD.

Then there is Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan, apart from Sivarasa other members of Malaysia’s Bar who either expressly or by their conduct, and support for the claims made by RPK and Balasubramaniam against the state, Najib Tun Razak and Datin Rosmah, who are tainted by their association with the Balasubramaniam and RPK.

It was deliberate, it was planned and it was calculated. The claims and their support of those claims by RPK  and Balasubramaniam were seditious, malicious, defamatory and an incitement to bring down a legitimately elected government through an unlawful campaign of lies and fabrication of evidence.

There are also those lawyers who acted for the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock who presented a forged document from RPK purporting to have been written by disgruntled members of the MACC. That unsigned document in contempt of court was presented as a piece of evidence to the coronial inquiry into Teoh Beng Hock’s death. It had been published also in contempt by RPK on his Malaysia Today blog prior and subsequent to it being submitted to the inquiry.

Elements of the media who published his defamation from Malaysia Kini, the Nutgraph and a number of prominent blogs and members of parliament who mainly from the opposition took the opportunity to use RPK’s slander as a political weapon to advance the causes of individuals in opposition and the Malaysian Bar to bring down the government of the Barisan Nasional in Malaysia.

Each of these are people who by their public commentary on the subject of RPK’s arrest and his detention entered into the fray with statements of their own in some form or the other supporting RPKs’ lies are burdened with criminal liability for their actions.

This whole campaign involving Balasubramaniam and RPK  was a political circus designed and choreographed in part by elements of the Malaysian Bar. It had nothing to do with free speech, democracy or ‘corrupted government’. Each of the participants in this farce that includes members of the Bar and the media  implied that the country was not free, government and its institutions corrupted and that RPK had been unfairly treated before the courts in breach of his constitutional rights.


Something needs clarification here and we say this guardedly.

RPK it is said had confided to an associate of his that Abdullah Badawi former Malaysian Prime Minister and his faction within UMNO were the primary drivers of this campaign to destroy Najib Razak and that this faction had in fact actively encouraged and pursued spreading  of the rumours RPK had concocted in his SD. They engaged sympathisers within the Malaysian Bar to act knowing full well the impact statement of lawyers and journalists would have on an unsuspecting public.

It is further suggested that Abdullah Badawi may have in fact had prior knowledge of the defamation against Najib Razak and Datin Rosmah and it is suggested that it had all been part of an internal factional feud within UMNO with some degree of support from elements within the US state department.


It is known that a prominent Malaysian representative at the UN  some time ago had been cultivated by US interests whilst he served as Malaysia’s ambassador to the UN.  Nothing new about such a practice by the US state department and its clandestine agents within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is an age old practice now unravelling itself courtesy of leaks presented to Wiki Leaks and other public interest groups.

It is widely suspected that Badawi is amongst a group of ‘sleepers’ cultivated by both the US and their nearest errand boy in the region Australia over the past 2 decades to be put to effect at a time of their choosing.

Anyone who believes RPK acted alone has a problem with reality.

There is more much to be raked over and much more will be said in the coming weeks months and perhaps even years. Its not over by a long shot yet.


It appears that this saga of the Raja and his rumour mongering, spinning lies and creating fictitious scenarios has not quite come full circle. RPK has now come out with a sob story about how he was coerced into making the admissions he made on TV3 under threats that his son Raja Azman under incarceration in Malaysia would be further harmed.

RPK reputedly told Malaysian’s in Australia during his recent tour that his son Raja Azman had swallowed razor blades earlier this year whilst in custody in order to end his torture in captivity under the ISA.

RPK told Malaysian’s in Australia that his wife and he were living in fear for the welfare and safety of their son Raja Azman who they were reminded by someone from government could be further harmed if he RPK continued with his campaign against Najib Tun Razak and his wife.

A note on Raja Azman. Raja Petra had claimed in his blog that his son inflicted the injuries on himself as he could no longer take the physical and mental torture he was subjected to by the prison authorities .

Raja Azman was earlier this year charged with receiving stolen property and criminal trespass. Raja Azman a young man of privilege by his title is also known amongst his associates to always want to have his way whenever possible and to’spit the dummy’ if he does not get his way, being destructive and abusive in the process.

It is odd that Raja Petra Kamaruddin so eager otherwise to lodge reports and to claim in his SD the following:   

“I also make this Statutory Declaration because I am aware that it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help the police in its investigation of the crime.”

once so ready to report a ‘Crime’ that was allegedly committed by Najib and  Rosmah appears less eager to report a crime committed by his own son.

The more one examines this farce for the motives behind such bizarre behaviour the more one is compelled to conclude that it all boils down to a question of credibility and personality in the end.

NH Chan a Myth in his own Lunchtime


There is not yet an outpouring of public sentiment in support of NH Chan’s novel interpretation of the Sultan’s exercise of his discretion in the so called Perak crisis. This is perhaps because the former judge NH Chan’s attack on the Sultan is embarrassing, provocative, demonstrates an unparalleled level of ignorance and it fails to properly particularise those legal issues at the core of his argument. Those who claim to support him will not lend their name to his egregious position in this matter. Not for now at least.

Those who do support the retired judge and the position he has adopted in the Perak constitutional crisis as it is now referred to, do so out of a misguided sentiment of respect for the man who for a time held high office as a judge in Malaysia.

There is also a suicidal remark from one of his colleagues, the  Court of Appeals Judge Sri Ram Gopal who for reasons of self preservation I suspect refers to NH Chan as a fine judge (Malaysian Insider). A daring testimony and one that must hang like a millstone around Sri Ram Gopal’s neck after a review of NH Chan’s performance in the link below.

In many respects Chan’s argument on the Perak crisis is an embarrassing  manifestation of his very narrow understanding of the constitution or how it operates in the context of political and legal matters. Hopefully his views in this regard are limited to his politics alone and not characteristic of his tenure as a judicial officer in Malaysia.

NH Chan’s analysis of the so called “Perak Crisis”  is flawed for a number of reasons. I will attempt to go through each of these in turn. Forgive me if I do not complete my responses in greater detail to NH Chan’s gratuitous insults on the intelligence of average readers of the constitution.

I now add to this essay a link to a public address to lawyers by the controversial judge NH Chan:

NH Chan struggles to come to terms with words in his prepared speech which lacks any depth, flow or logic, raising serious doubt about the man’s understanding of the law even as he sees it. The irrelevance of his speech and the precedents he draws from makes one wonder if there will ever be a tribunal for people like him in future over his imposition of the death penalty on prisoners who have appeared before him during his tenure as judge.


At the outset NH Chan’s claim that the Mentri Besar ‘can only dissolve the legislative (state) assembly where “he does not command the confidence of the majority of its members” is fundamentally wrong and unenlightened. His flawed understanding of the workings of government and the constitution unravels itself throughout a rather unconvincing,  feeble and desultory argument to support his views on this matter.

It is fact that the Mentri Besar may, under the constitution, seek a dissolution of the house (legislature) for other reasons than that single reason postulated by NH Chan. Only one of these reasons being a situation where the Mentri Besar  “ has lost the confidence of the house“. This is but just  one situation where the Mentri Besar may seek the dissolution of the house and not the only situation as NH Chan claims.

There are many other instances where the Mentri Besar may seek dissolution of parliament. They include a situation where the Mentri Besar could decide to take advantage of his government’s increased popularity at  an any stage of his government’s life, to opportunistically enlarge his majority at an election he may wish to call before the end of his government’s term in office.

The latter may not be common practice in the state of Perak (at least on its contemporary recent history), but the provisions for the early dissolution of a parliament is universal within the commonwealth and in other common law countries as well. It is a tactical privilege available to any incumbent  government of the day.

Chan appears to be selectively interpreting provisions of the constitution as a document for his own ends (as if it were the ten commandments cast in tablets of stone). In the absence of any valid reason on his part to support his limited conclusions it is open to any reader then to extrapolate his reasons for doing so.

The constitution may and can be amended, circumvented or circumscribed for particular political, tactical, strategic or legal ends by those with a clearer understanding of the subject. It is a malleable document (where it exists in such form) and the idea of stretching its boundaries outside of its conventions is not new or novel.



The Federal Constitution of Malaysia like the constitutions of most other common law nations, is a dynamic document on doctrine and theoretical concepts. Constitutions are principals fashioned on political concepts  and theories. They are not ‘Supreme Laws‘ as postulated by NH Chan and many Malaysian legal observers of the Malaysian Constitution. Even though the Constitution of Malaysia in its documentary form does say in its preamble that the Federal Constitution is the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’, an enlightened reader of the Constitution will know that that statement can be and is often misleading and that the Federal Constitution is not law.

Judges in Malaysia dealing with a matter of constitutional law are often confronted with the principles they have to apply in interpreting the constitution. That is because unlike most constitutions there is no guide to the Constitution of Malaysia as to what principles of interpretation should apply. It is not codified anywhere or stated  within the Constitution itself as to what principles of interpretation should apply. More often than not judges in Malaysia are found to deal with constitutional matters as if dealing with a statute and therefore they end up dealing with a constitutional matter as if they were dealing with a criminal, property or a matter of administrative law. NH Chan exemplifies that problem with the Malaysian Constitution and the inability of its judges to deal with properly such matters.

Neither the Federal Constitution nor the State Constitutions of Malaysia manifested exclusively in or restricted to the articles of the written document.

It (the Constitution) consists instead of a combination of written documents and conventions that become whole when read together when put into practice. Conventions exist in every constitution. They are as binding as the written components of the Constitution.

The Malaysian Federal Constitution and its state derivatives are not static principles or documents or a combination of both and were never intended to be so by their drafters.

Where Chan’s argument and all of his fire power turns into that proverbial “damp squib” is where he quotes verbatim to his detriment, the key phrase from the relevant article of the constitution “May act in his Discretion…………”. Discretion being the operative word in the relevant article he reads from. The word “He” is in reference to the Sultan.

The Sultan of Perak, much like the Agong as sovereign, enjoys certain powers under the Constitution. Some of these powers, they are able to exercise as Discretions. It is bestowed on them by the Constitution to exercise as discretionary powers. They are not powers imposing obligations on them compelling them to act in any specific way. Chan argues otherwise.

Chan fails to distinguish properly between a prerogative power, like the discretion available to the Sultan to exercise, and an imperative which imposes a duty upon a party, whether the party is the Sultan, NH Chan, you or I. That obligation compels the subject of the obligation to exercise their powers in a certain way.

Chan’s inability, his failure to distinguish between a discretion and an imperative is evident in and fatal to his commentary on the subject. He does not address the issue of the Discretion to the extent it is at the core of the Sultan’s decision derived from his powers under the Constitution.  Instead he attempts to sideline it to a collateral issue that requires a brief passing comment.


The opposition and elements of the Malaysian legal profession sprinkled with a vocal chorus of hot heads, without thinking for a minute about the accuracy Chan’s view, joins him in condemning the Sultan, treats the Sultan disrespectfully and vilifies him and his office by accusing him of having acted unfairly and unconstitutionally. That of itself is seditious.

In the process Chan and in other published commentary attributed to him (which he has failed to properly disassociate himself from), has brought the judiciary in Malaysia into disrepute. And it must be said that in doing so he has also brought parliament in Perak into disrepute as well.


Chan goes on to quote copiously and verbatim from the constitutional provisions which he believes are relevant to his argument and gives each of these an unbalanced and embarrassingly narrow interpretation as this following example shows:

“There is Clause (7) of Article XVI which states that ” The Executive Council other than the Mentri Besar shall hold office at His Royal Highness’s pleasure”. (He does not use the word “provide” as it is a Provision of the constitution he refers to here. Instead he refers to it as a Statement which it is not by his saying “it states”). May sound a bit trivial but if someone argues perfection then they may as well be perfect themselves.

Interestingly Chan then goes on to suggest patronisingly that the Sultan “forgot” to sack the executive. He then rants and raves about consequences of not having done so which are not provided for in the constitution. How does Chan come to the conclusion that the Sultan “forgot” to sack the executives in the process? What evidence other than a personal dislike of the Sultan’s decision does he draw from?  Why could the Sultan not of his own volition in the exercise of his Discretion not decide that a sacking was not in order?

The Sultan did not forget to do what he could do. He merely exercised his Discretion properly available to him under the Constitution and some like Chan simply quite clearly did not like that. Perhaps it is because it failed to satisfy Chan’s very limited knowledge of the constitution or the outcomes Chan decided.





Gopal Raj Kumar

Al Islam and Catholic Outrage-Unmasked

Having been supplied with a copy of this Catholic Church inspired and instigated chain letter about an alleged “attack on the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Communion by a Muslim Spy” journalist, I decided to review the letter and its contents in the context of such an outrageous heading. My responses are drawn from what information is openly available about the Catholic Church, the article in question and the actions of the journalist responsible for this “Outrage”.

My comments and responses addressing each allegation to Martin Jalleh’s (the author of the chain letter to which I respond) appears in Martin’s letter reproduced below with my responses and comments in Italics . 

Gopal Raj Kumar 

An Open Letter to a Muslim Journalist “Spy”

I just read that recently you and a friend visited one of the churches that I belong to. I was surprised that you had to do it in disguise. You should have told the Catholic community there that you were coming and we would have given you a grand welcome.

The churches are meant to be open to all whether dressed in disguise or as themselves. There are many Catholics and non Catholics alike, who when attempting to return to  or join the fold, have been  turned away by the Church. Its called excommunication or a refusal to communion with the Catholic Church. So where does Jalleh obtain his special powers from to “welcome” anyone to the Church?  That’s up to the church as to whether they observe the teachings of their gospels or not.

Jalleh’s statement in this regard is not only redundant. It is also inaccurate and self serving nonsense. Jalleh’s comments are further ignorant and part of the wider campaign of  feigned outrage being expressed by a wider anti Malay anti Islamic coalition within the Churches including the Roman Catholic Church. It has nothing to do with Christianity, Catholicism or good Christian charity which encourages its adherents to be inclusive and forgiving.

Such was the experience of the MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad from PAS, who was even given a standing ovation when he visited and had a dialogue with the parishioners of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam last year.

Honestly would the Catholics in Shah Alam have dared to turn him away? And in any event his attendance was a PR coup for the Catholic Church. Now where does it say anywhere in Catholicism or any other Christian denomination that permission or notice is needed to come to Church? if that were the case all churches would be empty or near empty. Once more our friend’s point here is irrelevant and unnecessary self serving nonsense. Perhaps it is an adornment to his otherwise bland provocative rantings and ravings devoid of any real substance. Seeking attention

Some time back I was attending a Mass (Catholic worship) in a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya and was very moved by the presence of a group of Muslim students together with their Muslim professor who had taken them there as part of their “exposure programme”. None of them were converted.

You see we are not an underground church nor do we function in a clandestine manner. Our hearts are on the holy and not on the hideous. We even pray for Najib the PM, though I feel we do not pray enough for the Opposition. We also pray for people like you who do more harm than good to the name of your religion of peace, tolerance and compassion.

We even pray for Najib the PM” as if to say that’s doing something extraordinary as a Catholic. This chap is not aware that his mind betrays his latent and deep prejudices in his letter.  His contumely and his hypocrisy dominate the bile he heaps on Islam and Malays trying to convince Blind Freddy it is his outrage at the “desecration” of the Holy Eucharist he somehow has a monopoly on that which is at the centre of his letter. Someone should ring a bell and tell him there is a double decker bus up his behind. He does not pray enough for the opposition because he knows his security, economic prosperity and freedoms are guaranteed by Najib Razak’s BN government. Not by the opposition who would likely take it away.

Secondly what is there to boast about a group of Muslims students coming to his Church? What’s so great and commendable about it? If Catholics lived by their creed which commands exemplary behaviour of each of them, more Muslims and even myself would have come visited them. But under these circumstances no thank you!

As an example of what the Church ought to be; In Albania during the reign of Enver Hoja, Catholics covered the statues of saints each Friday in their Churches in order that Muslims in some of the villages there would be able to attend to their obligatory Friday prayers in an appropriate environment  in complying with Islamic theology and their traditions. The Churches were converted into mosques temporarily for the purpose because there were not enough mosques in Albania then.

It was not a charitable exercise by the Church.  The country Albania was a Maoist communist country and Hoja an atheist. Jalleh should also realise that Catholics are a Church of proselytizers. It is the duty of every practising Catholic to preach and to convert. Where has he been hiding his head all this time?

Further, what takes place in Catholic churches is highlighted in our in-house newspaper which was quite unknown to the whole population and whose readers formed an insignificant number ? until the Government decided to prevent it from using the word “Allah”. Alas, the Herald should thank the Government for making it so well-known today.

Religious Misfits
It is a pity that you have gone through so much trouble to “investigate” under guise what is going on in Catholic Churches or that “Muslim teenagers were being converted to Christianity in Kuala Lumpur ‘s churches every Sunday”. You should have gone directly to the Special Branch, which sends it officers to visit our churches occasionally. Surely they will be able to tell you that you would be only wasting your time!

 As for the information that Muslims are being driven in droves into Catholicism (which you have concluded to be “false” in your article) it has been a fallacious and stale rumour for quite some time, spread by those who have an obsession and paranoia or by the increasing number of lower echelon zealots or “Little Mullah Napoleons” running riot with their brand
of religion.

Perhaps young Mr. Jalleh should not be so provocative with his name calling by using borrowed Anti Islamic narratives manufactured by the US in their mistaken and misguided war on terror . It is a war which resulted in over a million innocents deaths at the hands their (US and Vatican sanctioned) bombs.

 And Mr. Jalleh may well be reminded that the Pope was not only silent during that campaign by Bush. He openly supported it calling Islam the most evil religion in the world. All this from a Nazi Cardinal Ratzinger the Pope, who till today protects pedophiles and other monsters within the Church some of whom visited their evil trade on many of us as boys and continue to do so internationally with impunity even after they are caught.

Mr. Jalleh “People in Glass Houses”……….The point remains that Catholics try like the Muslims to convert. There is no secret about it unless the Malaysian Catholic Church has suddenly created a set of cannons all their own. The Novena devotions in Bras Basah Road in Singapore and in other places in Malaysia then in the 1960’s were designed to do exactly that. Proselytizing is part of the Christian/ Islamic character.

In Feb. 2006, the Mufti of Perak, Haji Harussani Haji Zakaria, claimed that 250,000 Muslims (of which 100,000 were Malays) had apostatized themselves, while 100,000 more had submitted applications to do so. Of course he was unable to substantiate his claim because it was false.

In Nov. 2006, about 500 Muslims protested in front of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Ipoh following a SMS wherein the same Mufti had disclosed that about 600 Muslim students of the Ungku Omar Polytechnic were to be baptized by national mariner Azhar Mansor! The church was not converting Muslims but instead was holding the First Holy Communion Mass (one of the rites of initiation to the faith) for 98 Catholic children, many of whom were traumatised by the sight of a threatening mob. Imagine the very unfortunate impression the young Catholics would have got of Islam and of Muslims.

So ‘one swallow does a summer make’ in your view Mr. Jalleh?. The baseball batting in Detroit by Church going Christians against anyone “looking Muslim” (meaning anyone of olive complexion like the Lebanese including their many Christians) is therefore not worthy of your condemnation? imagine the  traumatization of Christians by Christians simply because they ‘looked Muslim’.

This Mufti cannot surely represent the sentiments of all Muslims you condemn now can he? If so then all Catholics must be considered Nazis and Pedophiles would you not agree? There are more of these deviants amongst Catholics than there is in this one or two or even ten Mufti’s that err. (to err is human to forgive is divine).

If the conduct of the Catholic Church at its highest levels to the Pope and the acts of other Christians within the US, Britain and Australia were worthy of your condemnation and true outrage which as a  Christian you ought to have felt and circulated like this bit of tripe before the invasion of Iraq, the Muslims in Malaysia would not align you with the evil of the American or the Vatican.

After all the Vatican is a sovereign state and you are someone who apparently places your loyalty to them ( a foreign state) above your loyalty to the state which really protects you which you call your home of which you are a citizen.

The mufti who had proven to be more of a misfit, was not man enough to own up. He blamed it on an SMS sent out by a woman! Why no action was taken against the mufti, and why the authorities remained mute (on both occasions) over his “mischief” remains but a mystery.

And neither is this Pope nor Pious the XII the other Nazi and Nazi supporter who befriended and blessed Hitler’s top brass as most of them were Catholics anyway (these two must be misfits if not outright war criminals of the highest order). Pope John Paul 2 did not have the courage to investigate the murder of Pope John Paul the 1st. Instead he ordered a cover up.

More important than all of that, none has come out publicly to apologize for and to admit at the same time there is a huge problem within the Church of homosexuality out of which arises the shameful criminal and most evil practice of predatory behavior on children. Its called pedophilia.

They pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive and exemplary damages to its victims when caught, but refuse to apologize and acknowledge these crimes. Give us a break. One Mufti 100 Mufti’s. There are 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide including those who continue to give you a home in a Muslim majority Malaysia Mr. Jalleh.

You are a Burmese Eurasian Mr. Jalleh which means you have no homeland. The Church sanctified the actions of those who planted their wild oats in your women then returned to their Homeland leaving you without security, identity or roots at the end of the British empire. The Malay and the Muslim allowed you to remain with them and this is your gratitude to them? Of people like you Mahatma Gandhi once said:

 “Monuments to European Adultery in the East, possessing the virtues of neither but the vices of both” Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi.

You have to give them (the Malay and the Muslim) credit for not having forced conversion on you in spite of the things you say here about them. That in itself requires a bit of tolerance and courage on their part. They could have banned the Catholic church because of the international scandals and enemity the Catholic has shown Muslims. Catholicism was once of itself in its original form good. But it has since over the years been perverted by missionaries with its politics and supporters like you. The fact you remain in the church whilst millions continue to desert the Church you somehow think it is a virtue may be something for you to consider. 

The Muslim classmates and friends that I had in St Michael’s Ipoh are still good and respected Muslims today, and such was their appreciation and respect for the La Salle Brothers that they made sure that their children in turn would attend a La Salle school or a Convent! Sacrilegious Sadly, your disrespect knew no bounds.

You see again this man Jalleh shows his latent racial biases without realizing it. Why should a friend be Muslim, Catholic, Malay or Chinese? he is either your friend or he is not. Why qualify your friendship on the basis of race or creed? Sending a student to La Salle or the Convent is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or a virtue. It’s a matter of choice.

 Is Jalleh saying Malays never had a choice before? if he does I tend to agree wholeheartedly with the man. But I do not think it was intended that his hypocrisy be revealed in such a blatant yet ignorant way. Jalleh is no moral authority nor an authority where the Church is concerned. Sadly I must say, neither are many of the other ignorant Catholics and Christians who preach this anti Malay anti Islamic creed an authority on religion or anything else for that matter.

You chose to abandon all human and religious decency with impunity as a journalist and a Muslim. Under pretense of being a Catholic you participated in the church service and even partook of the Holy Communion (a white and sacred wafer) strictly meant only for Catholics.

This is license on the part of Jalleh. Where does he say he did it as a Muslim? The fact of his being a Muslim is being raised by people like Jalleh. Should we raise the Jalleh family background and their provenance for each thing they do and qualify it by that?

And what did this man do that is not decent? if receiving holy communion for whatever reason is indecent I think Mr. Jalleh has made out a case for the majority of Catholics who receive holy communion each day without being ‘worthy’ of doing so. In fact the Hymn during communion is testimony to that.; “Oh Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldst come to me”. 

You consumed the white wafer which Catholics hold as very sacred and treat with utmost reverence, and both of you spat out the remnants, photographed it and published the picture in an article entitled “Tinjaun Al Islam Dalam Gereja:Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad” which was published in the May 2009 issue of the Al Islam magazine. 

If Jalleh has proof that the communion was “spat out” I am prepared to sue the journalist involved. Jalleh again engages in inflammatory language without any proof of his assertions because of his feigned outrage which is a thinly veiled anti Malay anti Muslim propaganda exercise which even the west has toned down of late but which Jalleh wallows in.  An abject unmitigated fraud. 

This nonesense about the wafer being consumed which is very sacred is all about an excuse in Muslim bashing. The wafer is symbolic of something deeper than a mere host which is likely to cause outrage by an ignoramus who claims exclusive possession of God. That’s what Jalleh is doing here.

God and Jesus never were and are not Catholic. Jesus had a lot more in common with the journalist as a rebel. Christ was a  Jew ( a people theologically closer to Islam than Catholicism) than Jalleh and his many hypocritical followers within and without the Catholic Church.

Christ did not at the last supper say “Take this all of you Catholics and eat of it. This is my body which is to be given up for Catholics so that sins may be forgiven” (well the truth is Catholics believe he said it in Shakespearean English). Neither did Christ say “Eat this not Judas for thou shall sell me for 30 pieces of silver……or Do not eat this Peter, thou shalt deny me when the cock crows thrice”)

I shudder to think of what could happen if the reverse took place — if for instance two reporters from the Herald were to enter a mosque disguised as Muslims, partake of the rituals and desecrate something which the congregation considers very sacred. I can imagine Khairy Jamaluddin leading a group of Umno Youth thugs and burning the effigy of the Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and even threatening to set fire to a few churches, and Zulkifli Nordin rousing up a mob and invading the Herald’s office and demanding that it be shut down for good; or certain Muslim NGOs insisting that the two
journalists be jailed under the ISA!

The first part: There are Non Muslims who desecrate mosques misguided by the Church, government agencies and the press in Italy, France, the US, Germany, UK, Israel and Australia.

 The governments of each of these countries have openly admitted and demonstrated in court cases that they not only falsely parade their agents  as Muslims in mosques but also infiltrate, recruit and train weaker mercenary Muslims to carry out acts against public places which is later used as a tool to justify the increased defence budgets in these places and to reinforce the bogey of Islam as a threat.

Remember that the Taleban was an American creation in the first place. So shudder all you want. The patience of Malays and Muslims will eventually wear thin and tired of your insults and you may well need a new place to live. And remember unless you are prepared to play second fiddle to a white man your position of peace, tranquility and prosperity is not guaranteed amongst them as a refugee.

In the second part Jalleh’s true target  in his narrative finally arrives. UMNO. If Malays did burn an effigy of the Archbishop of KL then it would have been a little too little a little too late. The Churches are the reason many Indians languish in poverty and deprivation in places like Malaysia. And if the Muslims in Malaysia did what Jalleh claims they did, they would not be alone. Many more would be  encouraged to join in with them. Attacking the Churches happens regularly in other countries regularly the world over. 

If UMNO Malays did attack the Church and its Bishops it could not be any worse than what the US did in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Chile where they have assassinated Bishops, priests and nuns who worked for the poor and persecuted against Military Juntas supported by the Vatican and the US.

As for the ISA it was designed to shut people like Jalleh for inciting racial and religious intolerance and bigotry  creating tensions without any good reason.

 In fact it was the Christian British who created the ISA not knowing one day it could be used against them and their agents or groupies like Jalleh

It makes me wonder how does a “creature” like you exist in this country? Are you the product of the educational, social or even religious system or process created by null leaders (also read as “null”) over the past 30 years?
How is it possible that you could blatantly trespass into a place of worship, violate its sanctity, insult its adherents, even publish your transgression and completely ignore the implications and consequences (will there be any)? What gives you such audacity?

It all points to the reality of you being a cog in null machine ? a political party that has politicised religion for its survival by creating unfounded insecurities amongst Muslims and a distrust of other religions. Meanwhile it dominates, dictates, decides and even defines what non-Muslims can and cannot discuss, deliberate on, and display in print. Malaysia in one big mess!

As I join my Catholic brothers and sisters in forgiving you (a Catholic duty we are reminded of!), I also pray that you will feel the full weight of God’s wrath upon you. I feel sad for the many good Muslims in this country who have a respect for peoples of other faiths, for not only have you insulted Catholics but you have insulted them too. Islam would do well without religious misfits like you!

Martin Jalleh has a serious problem. His Christian or Catholic brothers and sisters? who are these? forgiving this man after chastising him, insulting him and the government of Malaysia, insulting one fifth of humanity in its most diverse forms, then after one racial slur after another Forgiveness? I rest my case.

Gopal Raj Kumar on Martin Jalleh

Martin Jalleh
(15 July 2009)

Fraud the Malaysian Bar

Unable to contain their deep political and social prejudices against a ruling government, that hive of professional incompetence and surrogates of a dishonourable political opposition, the Malaysian Bar (with a few exceptions), appears content to wallow in its own intellectual swill, threatening the integrity of the legal profession and the courts of which they are sworn officers with their insults and misleading attacks on the Malaysian government.

The Malaysian Bar through their governing board is content to attack government, hiding behind the skirts of their equally incompetent props in the opposition like the narcissistic Theresa Kok and Elizabeth Wong (minister of her own publicity and the occasional nude photograph) sniping at government and anyone who does not agree to digest their bile. All of this driven from behind the scenes by a self promoting Brahmin and former head of the Malaysian Bar one Ambiga Sreenivasan.

Ambiga generously funded by the civil societies movement is joined by her acolytes like Kok and Wong, Anwar Ibrahim and a sprinkling of former public servants, academics and intellectuals play Martha one day and Arthur the next, waiting for that moment they dream of when they will have critical mass ready to topple the government, but outside of the ballot box.

Ambiga in another of her typically weak thesis on politics and the law, this time on the sacking of judges in 1988, undressed herself (metaphorically) for her peers to see what she is made of. What a pathetic  sight that was to behold. She demeaned the profession, brought it and the courts into disrepute and in the process vilified the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamed the primary object of her ‘courage’. In truth Dr. Mahathir was an ally all along.

There are other embarrassing episodes of this lawyer’s legal incompetence which appear in statements attributed to her on the public record. Her most recent being one with Tommy Thomas also a legal practitioner commenting on the Anwar trial (impending).

For her ‘services’, Ambiga later went on to accept the cheap and tokenistic decoration, the ‘Woman of Courage’ award from the US government for her ‘courage in the face of political adversity'(a bone to a dog)  supporting US hegemony in Southeast Asia.

That token from a government (US government) not particularly celebrated for its courage, truth or honour when it comes to human rights, the dignity of man or the rule of law domestically and internationally (give or take an invasion or two) did not embarrass Ambiga or her colleagues at the Malaysian Bar. In fact it encouraged them to continue with destabilizing the Malaysian government with an intense propaganda offensive financed by civil societies and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) a sinister US foreign policy initiative aimed at spreading their influence amongst ‘lesser’ peoples the world over.

Ambiga and her colleagues at the Bar clearly does not see the irony in her having accepted such an  award from Hillary Clinton representing an international bully and an equally discredited US administration disrespectful of the sovereignty and democratic institutions of its ‘friends’ in other nations. From the other side of her mouth comes her ‘championing’ of democratic and libertarian values in Malaysia. Ambiga  is from her conduct (and that of the highly politicized Malaysian Bar) no champion of anything other than the destruction of democratic government, the dehumanization of Muslims (which the majority Malays are) and the advancement of the political and economic objectives of a foreign power like the US in her home country.

The US and this organization (The Malaysian Bar) appear to have found in each other strange bedfellows through this woman in the middle. Full of cliched rhetoric and terribly short on substance in her arguments, Ambiga Srinivasan Theresa Kok, Mariah Chin Abdullah and somewhat subdued Elizabeth Wong and  their cronies may well be Malaysia’s version of Lord Haw Haw and even  the reincarnation of Rose Chan. This is after all a shadow war. A propaganda war for the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

This blog is open not only to those who do not  subscribe to the populist mindless rhetoric of the Malaysian Bar and its many illegitimate and immoral ventures.  In that we include the slander mongering lilly livered scribble of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his ilk. All of whom are aided and abetted by Srinivasan, Anwar Ibrahim’s backers and the Malaysian Bar who somehow see these vandals of free speech through a distorted prism of light as being martyrs for their causes of ‘democracy and freedom of expression’ where it is already well entrenched. So what are they fighting for?

This Blog is created as a platform to test the competence of the members of the Bar, the self righteous who attack  public officials (not necessarily public servants) and those who dare to question their objectives and the truth of their assertions. It is a blog to pursue those amongst the Malaysian Bar and the political opposition who inspire hatred, social, racial and religious bigotry and promote division between the 3 major communities of Malaysia in the name of the law.

It is also a platform to test the reader’s ability to think and act critically, analytically and independently with the “courage” Ambiga and the Bar lacks. It is designed as a tool to fight political slander, vilification, race hate promoted by elitist groups in an opposition grouping of overdressed drunks.

Vent your spleen, serve your bile and vitriol in generous doses but watch your language and don’t disagree with us (just kidding).

We may well be latently from the same camp (no pun intended) of Anwar Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong, Theresa Kok and now the ignorant swarms of so called Catholics and born again Christians who unwittingly or consciously  have joined the ranks of stirrers with their feigned outrage on the Al Islam article.

Catholics and Evangelicals would be well advised to concentrate on the dangers of pedophiles lurking amongst them like  a Lucifer within the church who preys (not prays) on little boys. The clergy. That practice within the church is universal and universally acknowledged. Not to fight it is to condone it.

There is every opportunity here to take on and to challenge your member of parliament, your public official and government policy (or lack of it) providing you are serious about change in a participatory inclusive democracy.


Gopal Raj Kumar