Washington will Clear DS Najib

A leak in Washington suggests that correspondence between the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Washington over the past 6 months has laid bare the facts of the 1MDB matter which Loretta Lynch overreached and acted precipitously accusing the government of Malaysia and indirectly the prime minister himself of wrong doing.

A source in Washington says that the president is ‘aware the thorn in the side of relations between the two friends has been damaging and it is regrettable.’ He also said that ‘the President is preparing to assure the prime minister of Malaysia in a public way when he visits Washington that ‘the relationship between Malaysia and the US remains on a firm footing and an even keel.’

When asked to comments more specifically on the 1MDB affair and the kleptocracy initiative under which Loretta Lynch launched her attacks against Malaysia and its prime minister, the source said “The president is determined to mend fences and build bridges to try to repair the damage done to friends like Malaysia by the former administration.”

“We have nothing to pursue against Mr. Najib or his government and neither has the Malaysian prime minister and his government anything to fear from us. We’re just cleaning up the mess of the former administration.”

In the meantime in Australia it has been revealed that Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop told a source that she did not make the statements attributed to her and published in the Australian Newspaper last year about allegations of corruption in the Malaysian government that was of concern to her (published in the Australian in June 2016).

“The foreign minister has a close relationship with her counterpart in Malaysia and has a high regard for the Malaysian prime minister and his government.” The source went further to say that “The Australian like much of Australia’s media took a much larger statement the foreign minister made on reports from Malaysia about allegations of corruption and they got creative with it. They re-arranged her words to produce something that was both inaccurate and offensive.”

Away from the 1MDB matter, it has  been revealed that Dr. Mahathir’s secret defence arrangements with the government of the US formed the basis for the US  to compell Malaysia later under the agreement to host the illegal practice of “rendering” of “Muslim” alleged “terror suspects” kidnapped from abroad and tortured in breach of public international law and Human Rights practices for a decade.

A further disclosure indicates that the DAP was amongst  some of the local groups paid handsomely by the US government to turn a blind eye to the use of clandestine bases in Malaysia for the practice of “rendering” of so called “Muslim terror suspects” many of whom were eventually found to be innocent of charges against them.

7 Responses to “Washington will Clear DS Najib”
  1. IT.Scheiss says:

    Thanks Gopal.

    I was awaiting an opinion from you on this upcoming meeting between Najib and Trump.

    In around three weeks or so, we’ll know for sure, and if you’re right it will alter the course of this 1MDB saga in pretty interesting ways, especially for those who have been pushing it for political gain.


    • grkumar says:

      The story is based on a leak. As to whether the optimism on the Malaysian government side is justified is another thing altogether. But there are very clear and pressing defence issues the parties wish to address and thats clear. China’s expansion in the south China Sea, its attempts to expand into the Bay of Bengal. US investment in Malaysia. Its plans to make Malaysia a signals hub for south east Asia (because of its position) and the need for reviewing the existing US defence cooperation with Malaysia to widen its scope with the growing threats of Islamic insurgencies in Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are all n the table. Will keep everyone updated as and when it flows in.


      • IT.Scheiss says:

        Yes, can’t say for sure until the meeting mid-September.

        They could still discuss those matters of economic and geo-strategic mentioned but whether Trump will use his powers or can use his powers to end whatever allegations or implication of Najib which may arise during the hearings of the DoJ case is left to be seen.

        On the other hand, Trump could use the threat of implication in the case to pressure Najib to cooperate “play ball” with the US’ economic and geo-strategic objectives in the region.


      • grkumar says:

        Malaysia has always been a bullwark of the US in the region. The US will rmeain friends with countries in this very important region even if a risen Adolf Hitler were in charge. They had Suharto for 3 decades, Marcos for nearly as long, the Brunei sultanate and the Thai king (and the army). It mattered not to the US how many they killed of their own and looted their treasuries unless of course they did not toe a US line. Much of the news about Trump and his pending political death is like Mark Twain’s famous statement “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. Each day goes by with a new allegation against Trump which covers Hillary’s perfidious conduct which any other mortal would have been jailed a few lifetimes over.


  2. jakpoclio says:

    Grkumar- keep up the good work to enlighten many confused & ignorant Malaysians in our midst. Whether Malays, Chinese or Indians, these fools rather believe in lies perpetuated by a white hag from UK ms Brown or mr liar Rafizi than our own elected PM is sickening.


    • grkumar says:

      Thank you for your comment on the 1MDB allegations I presume is what you are commenting on. We would welcome any party with the proof of wrong doing and criminality that can sustain impeachment against the Prime Minister. We called for it 7 years ago. The Malaysian Bar failed to come up with anything. So too did Bersih. We are open all hours.


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