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1 MDB-Final Chapter?

What is not understood about the charade conducted by American Department of Justice (DoJ) initiatives against the Malaysian government and its prime minister is that, as Malaysia and its 1MDB board has stated categorically to the US government  in response to their allegations, on more than one occasion, there are “no missing assets” or unaccounted … Continue reading

Australia Britain the US on the Brink

The Hudson is Institute an -offshoot of the extreme right wing Rand Corporation – a think tank for right wing policy studies and research. Their objectives favour a very dominant role for the USA in global politics. Over the past few days the Hudson Institute (through the Keltopcracy Initiative)  has posted a scathing and negative … Continue reading

Australia not as “Clean” as TI rates it

HOW THE CHINESE BOUGHT UP AUSTRALIA’S GOVERNMENT Billionaire property developers Huang Xiangmo and Dr.Chau Chak Wing reported to be amongst a large group of Chinese businessmen connected to the Chinese Communist party and its many tentacles abroad are now reported to have ‘taken ownership of government’ in Australia. As Trojans of the Chinese government and … Continue reading

Mukhriz Defamed by Tunku Abdul Aziz?

DEFAMATION AS A POLITICAL TOOL  A recent article in the opposition financed online portal Free Malaysia Today suggests that Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and his anointed successor and hopeful contender for the office of Prime Minister of Malaysia were defamed by Tunku Abdul Aziz the former DAP president. Whilst it is abundantly clear there is a … Continue reading

Mahathir and Anwar Planned to Deport all Stateless Indians

  It was a well thought out plan and conceived by two men who were least thought capable of harbouring and conceiving such extreme intentions of actions towards a vulnerable constituency of their own. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in a discussion with Anwar Ibrahim in the early 1980’s conspired with Anwar Ibrahim to deport all Indians … Continue reading

Sacking the FBI Chief and the Malaysian Link

A RELUCTANT CHIEF The sacking of FBI Director James Comey has once more in true American fashion caused the rumour mills to run wild. The allegations that gave rise to his sacking are that James Comey would not cease the FBI’s investigation into rumoured Russian assistance to Trump’s victory in the presidential elections. The rumour … Continue reading

Judicial Corruption=Judicial Ignorance

JUDGE ZAINUN ALI A POLITICAL ANIMAL- AND NO JUDGE “With the removal of judicial power from inherent jurisdiction of the Judiciary, that institution was effectively suborned to Parliament, with the implication that Parliament became sovereign,” Zainun Ali Justice The process of amending legislation is for parliament and parliament only to engage in. It is a … Continue reading

Mufti Zakir Naik- A Terrorist?

Waythamurthi the self righteous Waythamurthi the self-proclaimed leader of Hindraf (the Hindu Rights Action Force) a self-proclaimed human rights organization is once more at it. Waythamurthi has been circulating offensive material with respect to a ‘firebrand’ Muslim cleric from India Zakir Naik. Zakir like many other Indian activists of many different religious and political persuasions … Continue reading

Useful Idiots & Kangaroo Courts

Yuri Bezmenov, onetime head of the KGB’s foreign propaganda and disinformation campaigns, in a lecture after defecting to the west, referred to feminists as “useful idiots”. Bezmenov accused western feminists of being self-serving and dishonorable, undermining the interests of their own communities with scurrilous unproven political theories. Bezmenov had in fact planted many of those … Continue reading

Australia Concerned-Over Najib Govt Corruption

FOREIGN MINISTER JULIE BISHOP CONCERNED ABOUT CORRUPTION In August of 2016 Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop was said to have “broken her silence on the 1MDB corruption scandal engulfing Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, finally acknowledging the seriousness of the affair”. That headline was carried in the Australian, a widely read broadsheet daily newspaper circulated … Continue reading