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It was the MACC and Bank Negara all along

It was a source at the MACC, the Reserve Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara), two serving members of parliament from within the ruling party and a lawyer associated with the former prime minister of Malaysia. These were the informants, “the whisperers” all along that secretly engaged the Department of Justice in the US against the … Continue reading


MONEY LAUNDERING AT THE TOP US STYLE- NO ACTION BY THE DOJ For a nation which espouses such high morals and standards to the extent they interfere with the sovereignty of smaller nations to correct their alleged ‘misconduct’, the US is not above paying ransom monies to the tune of US$400 million to Iran to … Continue reading

Lynching a Government

A LYNCH MOB OF BLACKS DRUNK WITH POWER Loretta Lynch, a most unfortunate name for an African American in the position of Attorney General of the United States. Lynch will live in infamy alongside other notorious African Americans like Colin Powell and Condolessa Rice who engaged in murderous campaigns of lies and brutality against defenceless … Continue reading


OLD WINE IN NEW WINESKINS OR …………. The only one of God’s creatures known to lick up its own vomit and consume it is the Dog. Humans come a close second when they consume their own burp belched up after a meal. It is called regurgitation. The practice consists of bringing up what one has … Continue reading

Civil war looms large in the US

The Malaysian government has little or no choice but to act to defend the security of the nation. And it cannot shirk in its duty to rein in the ultras in Malaysia by its silence and ‘tolerance’ for ‘free speech’.. These ultras include Dr. Mahathir Mohamed , his daughter Marina, Maria Chin Abdullah, Hannah Yeoh, … Continue reading


THE BEARS ARE NOT HIBERNATING- JUST PLOTTING The dearth of information about Bersih, the paucity of complaints by the Malaysian Bar, the absence of outrage by Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR and general silence of his family are not indications of an absence of malice or a conversion to common sense by these forces arrayed against government. … Continue reading


A FIREBRAND AND THE SERMON ON NEP JUSTICE  When Datuk Ali Ibrahim made that comment that selling off an MISC related company to non Bumi interests was, an unnecessary move and a departure from the essential objectives of the NEP,  long knives were drawn in a fast and furious attempt to silence the man. Datuk … Continue reading

The Myth of the Hardworking Anak Bangsa Abroad

Reproduced from a Story by Caity Stone- 7 National News A Malaysian woman who is currently facing fraud charges after it’s alleged she was mistakenly transferred $4.6 million by Westpac and then tried to flee Australia has now had her ‘extravagant’ shopping list revealed. Christine Jia Xin Lee had been living in Sydney for a … Continue reading

The Prince, The Doctor, Tin, Money and Murder

INTRODUCTION THE MAN WHO WOULD BE PRIME MINISTER In as much as he is considered to be an economic genius, pragmatic, urbane and educated, Tengku Razaleigh has a history of risk taking, feathering his own nest and ‘playing Chinese’ in business. The man is driven by a number of forces and factors.  He is in … Continue reading

AirAsia safety rated as Dangerous

UPDATE ON AIRLINE SAFETY RATINGS- IT GETS WORSE FOR AIRASIA A list of the most dangerous airlines in the world has been released and while AirAsia Indonesia is included, Malaysia Airlines is not. The list of the most dangerous airlines of the world was published in the Daily Mail (Australia edition) recently. The following is … Continue reading


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