Dudley House, MARA and that Red Herring

CORRUPT MALAYSIAN MONEY?- A RED HERRING- A RED THREAT It appears that fortune does indeed favour the brave. At least in the case of Malaysian politicians and public servants in charge of cashed up trusts, charitable foundations, government and semi government agencies, this appears to be true. An article titled “Corrupt Malaysian Money” published in… More Dudley House, MARA and that Red Herring


A FOOTNOTE AT THE HEAD The High Court in the United Kingdom has thrown out the suit brought by members of Hindraf and their leader Waytha Murthi (acting ostensibly on behalf of Malaysia’s Indians). Our article below preceded that decision and warned of such an outcome. It is not the first time we have in… More HINDRAF’S CLAIM AGAINST HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT

Air Asia on the Nose?

LIQUIDATING OR DOWNSIZING? The disposal of significant amounts of the operating assets of any company is quite often viewed as a paring down of the company’s operations, a partial liquidation of the company (much like the paying of large dividends) or an attempt by the company to raise money in a market which may not… More Air Asia on the Nose?

Nurul Izzah’s Parliamentary Outbursts is No Privilege

PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE While Members of parliament (for convenience Members) can be said to enjoy absolute privilege in terms of freedom of speech and debate during ‘proceedings in parliament’, not all of such speech engaged in by Members may fall within ‘proceedings in parliament’. There has been considerable debate over the different forms and occasions of… More Nurul Izzah’s Parliamentary Outbursts is No Privilege

Anwar: Blow by Blow

ANWAR: CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN TRUTHS ABOUT THE MAN AND MYTH Anwar Ibrahim did nothing to reform the system when he was an insider. And mind you, he was sitting at its apex and even acting as prime minister between May and July 1997.He did nothing towards a repeal of the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition… More Anwar: Blow by Blow


A MUCH AWAITED DECISION: NO SURPRISES “Consider how this matter first arose. As Hansard (dated 22 October 1997, 18 December 1997) recalls, the very first time an MP stood up in parliament holding a statutory declaration that accused Anwar Ibrahim of sexual – homosexual – assault, Anwar Ibrahim was Deputy Prime Minister and his accuser… More ANWAR ANWAR OH ANWAR