It never ceases to amaze as to how corrupt and reckless many in government can be. And when I say government I mean UMNO Baru.

Datuk Seri Najib’s farcical corruption trial as well as the trials of his wife Datin Rosma Mansor and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  all have one thing in common. The source of the corrupt funds is alleged to have come from UMNO if you listen to the prosecution. That is what the prosecution is trying to prove.

And although in the case of this trio, if it were independently heard by an impartial judge, it could not be proved on the “facts” before the courts, the judge in the 1MDB trial concluded that DS Najib is guilty.

It is highly probable now that Datin Rosma Mansor and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will likely also be found guilty on the same basis that the trial judge in DS Najib’s trial found him guilty of the charges he faced.

Now here’s what confronts the prosecution. The prosecution has a whiff of the smell of decay but it is unable to and has not found the corpse, the source of that smell to support its case of corruption against DS Najib, for the present, . It is circumstantial evidence they rely on. Even then that circumstantial evidence is very thin. Why?

The prosecution is reliant on certain facts and the evidence of certain persons and their documents which have been conveniently excluded by the court or that they simply simply can’t be found or compelled by the court to be produced or to attend in person to be cross examined or to testify.

No one from the prosecution or government will touch the real evidence with a barge pole because the evidence points to the billions of dollars in slush funds, Dr. Mahathir wanted diverted to his projects even after he left office.

And to go after that pot of gold now smelling like a rotting corpse is to unravel the rot and financial corruption within UMNO Baru on a monumental scale. It has at various times infected the opposition (yes the religious parties and the DAP too have been recipients of UMNO Baru’s largesse over the years).

The prosecution will urge the judges to find each of these individuals “guilty”. Each of them will then file appeals. Those appeals will run into years of court room dramas, submissions, counter submissions, reviews and stale evidence by which time witnesses will either fall out of high rise buildings, be found strangled in banana plantations or the evidence will become irrelevant and the case difficult to prove.


The involvement in UMNO Baru’s corruption and its gatekeeper in many instances are eminent persons in various honorary government positions sitting comfortably on the boards of many large government or government linked corporations on a sinecure in sworn silence .

The Malays and in fact all other communities placed their faith in UMNO believing all Malays and successive leaders of UMNO would be imbued with the natural leadership qualities of Tunku Abdul Rahman. Not so after one look at UMNO in the years that followed Merdeka.

Zeti, a privileged non Malay whose pedigree was built on marriage into a royal household (although not alone in this regard) is under investigation by US authorities as part of a wider investigation into the funding of radical Islamic groups and to the group behind the USS Cole bombing and 9/11.

This much we are able to reveal, having spoken to one of several law firms acting for the victims of 9/11. Zeti relies on her royal pedigree and her late father’s reputation as an academic to indemnify herself from her shameful conduct as most royals tend to do with a wink and a nod from UMNO Baru (courtesy of Dr. Mahathir’s precedents laid in holding royalty to ransom).


Thus far what DS Najib and his wife face are mere allegations not the subject of irrefutable proof of corruption. They are allegations the subject of circumstantial evidence against each of the defendants.

Having money in your bank account is not a criminal offence. Transferring money from any account into a recipients bank account without their knowledge or authority is an offence if that money is tainted with a crime.

Everyone knows where the billions of dollars that went into projects, transfers, transactions in most corruption matters have come from. Yet no one in the prosecution or even in the defence legal teams or Bank Negara wants to ‘bell the cat’ by calling out the sources and disclosing the records of these transfers and transactions.

Yeoh Tiong Lay according to the South Morning Post written some time back was the recipient of several hundreds of millions of dollars courtesy of the Malaysian government (read Petronas) and UMNO Baru’s coffers and guarantees.

The South China Morning Post article of more than 10 years ago identified the Mahathir government as being the benefactor of Yeoh Tiong Lay and his group in their purchase of power stations, large construction contracts domestically and abroad and of government guarantees (similar to that used to prop up Air Asia today) to fund these large “investments”.

And the truth is that the likes of Zeti knew or were legally bound to know about the trail of government and UMNO Baru money being channeled unlawfully to benefit private companies and individuals at public expense. Public money (UMNO Baru, Petronas and the government), Private benefit (YTL, Air Asia, Anand Krishnan, Vincent Tan and others).

All of these guarantees and ‘loans’ (largesse of Mahathir’s government) were made and given without proper parliamentary scrutiny, reporting or disclosures required under law for such transactions and ‘favours’.

Why was there no corruption probe and subsequent trial into any of these transactions by UMNO Baru or their supporter beneficiaries of UMNO Baru and Mahathir’s government ?

UMNO Baru is coming under increasing scrutiny and heat to explain the unauthorised flow of money from Petronas, UMNO Baru’s coffers to individuals and politicians and their side kicks over the past 7 decades.

The qualifications of someone like Rafidah Aziz to sit on Air Asia’s board, the right of wealthy Chinese and Indian businessmen to benefit from billions of dollars of cheap loans from UMNO Baru’s treasure chest whilst many Malays and the national economy go begging for scraps, flies squarely in the face of the claim that only Malays are privileged in Malaysia.

There is ample material on the Mahathir years, on the Bank Negara Malaysia and the Bank Bumi scandal, the Port Klang Free Trade Zone, Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia and other large scale projects funded with government money approved by government (under UMNO Baru) researched and compiled by “a large media organization of investigative journalists” could blow many in Malaysia’s government (and its opposition) out of the water.

But they won’t because there is a sinister hand at play behind the seemingly unnoticed corruption that riddles Malaysia helped by that unseen hand of the US funded NED.


There is a view. and it is one that cannot be ignored, that significant pressure has been exerted on the ICIJ (International Consortium of Independent Journalists) by the US state department and certain powerful individuals not to release any of the information they hold on Malaysia’s institutionalized corruption from the Mahathir years. There is good reason for it.

George Soros and the Clinton Foundation (currently being wound up too late) who backs the ICIJ want to demolish the real UMNO (as opposed to UMNO Baru) by completely destroying Datuk Seri Najib and his wife first.


Demonize them first then destroy them.

Soros’ first experiment in mobilizing opposition by using significant minorities (Gypsies or Roma and Hungarians of Transylvania) in Romania into a lethal movement that toppled the Caucescue government.

The immediate aftermath of that mob rampage funded and fuelled by Soros and the CIA was a frenzied mock trial (completely illegal and unconstitutional) of the Caucescues.

What followed was a media celebrated lynching of Nicolaue Ceausescu and Elena before a hastily assembled firing squad.

The Romanian experiment turned Romania into a case study for Soros and the CIA to be repeated the world over in from Yugoslavia to Tunisia, from Egypt to Thailand, from Malaysia to Hong Kong where only the Asians managed to stave off the influence of Soros and the CIA because of China’s covert intervention and some resistance from locals.

Bersih and the other 80 or so Soros/ US funded regime changers have not quite finished with DS Najib. They have run UMNO from behind the scenes using their agents of influence like those who sit on boards of large corporations and influence the destruction of Malaysia’s economy.

Unless the Malays and concerned UMNO supporters raise their voices in the trials of DS Najib, Datin Rosma and Zahid, all of them (the Malays) the Malays are doomed to return to the days of being peons and drivers for the wealthy Malays and Chinese.

A real fear is that DS Najib and Rosma will be turned against each other. Najib’s star is rising. No one wants him to be leader again lest he unleash his revenge on those who betrayed him and the country.

Nicola and Elena Caucescue were in the process of spring cleaning their government when Gorbachev’s political recklessness gave Soros and the CIA the opportunity to engage in their own spring cleaning in Romania and use Romania as their lab for regime change. For a time they succeeded.


  1. Sidang Pengarang
    Sinar Harian

    Pada pendapat saya, Ismail Sabri patut

    Sejak Ismail Sabri mengeluarkan konsep Keluarga Malaysia ramai petualang mengambil kesempatan untuk memusnahkan keluhuran perlembagaan Tanah Melayu mengenai Bahsa Melayu dan biasiswa. Konsep Keluarga Malaysia mesti di dalam konteks Perlembagaan. Jadi tindakan Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid mengembangkan bahasa Mandarin dalam khidmat awam kerajaan Melayu sangatlah dikesalkan kerana ianya bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan, undang2 tertinggi negara.
    Adakah PTPTN bukan dari perkhidmatan awam sedangkan duit 58 bilion datang dari kerajaan? Saya tanya Ahmad Dasuki. Bukankah PTPTN dibangunkan untuk memajukan orang Melayu? Bukankah tiada dalam Perlembagaan tiada peruntukan untuk orang Cina yang datang dari negeri Cina memohon kerakyatan mendapat biasiswa?
    Kongres Ekonomi Melayu meratapi kemisikinan orang Melayu setiap tahun. Orang2 seperti Ahmad Dasuki inilah yang mengkhianati perjuangan Melayu untuk merdeka dan memertabatkan bangsa, bahasa dan negara.
    Berselindung di sebalik konsep pelanggan, Ahmad Dasuki menyalahgunakan dana PTPTN dari rakyat dengan memberi kepada orang Cina dan Tamil yang tidak layak melalui biasiswa untuk mereka yang konon mencapai kecemerlangan. Walaubagaimana gembira kita pun terhadap orang2 Cina dan Tamil dengan kepandaian mereka, kita mesti ingat ini Tanah Melayu. Tiada anak Melayu yang cemerlang diberi biasiswa di negeri Cina atau India. Pinjaman dari wang rakyat sepatutnya mencukupi dan anak Cina yang berjaya sepatutunya membalas budi membayar balik pinkaman PTPTN dan bukan di kayakan denagan ratusan ribu biasiwa. Wang2 biasiswa untuk anak2 Cina yang cemerlang boleh digunakan untuk membantu anak2 Melayu yang keciciran.
    Tetapi apa Ahmad Dasuki buat? Tiap2 tahun katanya PTPTN memerlukan 3 bilion! Mcmn duit bapak dia. Dahlah bagi anak2 Ciia biasiswa sekarang nak perkhidmatan awam belajar bahasa Mandarin pula!! Ini menunjukan beliau tidak faham prlembagaan. Beliau ingat duit datang melayang, bagi bisiswa ikut hati dia yang menyalahi undang2 dan Perlembaaan. Hanya Melayu dan bumiputera yang layak diberi biasiswa oleh kerajaan.
    Wan Saiful perlu balik PH yang hanya tahu mengkayakan Cina. PTPTN bukan alat untuk memajukan orang Cina atau Tamil wahai Ahmad Dasuki. Peminjam PTPTN bukan pelanggan kamu, bahlol, mereka adalah aset negara, anak2 muda Melayu masa depaN NEGARA. Dah bagi pinjaman kepda anak2 Cina pun dah cukup bagus, Amerika pun tak bagi baisiswa. Bayar balik kerana anak2 Cina yang pandai ini dapat kerja gaji tinggi. Bukan tugas dan hak PTPTN meraikan mereka dengan ribauan ringgit. Itu duit untuk pelajar Melayu yang lain. Ada anak Melayu yang dilarang oleh ibu bapa mengambil pinjaman walau cemerlang kerana mereka tidak tahu ia akan dijadikan biasiswa. Tetapi kolej dan anak Cina berebut. Adakah ini adil!!!
    Sepatutnya anak2 Melayu dibagi biasiswa oleh PTPTN. Berapa juta sudah diberi kepada anak2 Cina? Adakah PTPTN dibangunka supaya mengkayakan anak2 Cina yang kemudian akan mencaci orang Melayu sebagai bodoh dan mereka akan keluar negara konon sebagai brain drain?

    Pejuang Bahasa dan Bangsa Melayu


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