It never ceases to amaze as to how corrupt and reckless many in government can be. And when I say government I mean UMNO Baru.

Datuk Seri Najib’s farcical corruption trial as well as the trials of his wife Datin Rosma Mansor and the trial of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  all have one thing in common. The source of the corrupt funds is alleged to have come from UMNO if you listen to the prosecution. Thats what the prosdecution is trying to prove.

And although in the case of this trio if it were independently heard by an impartial judge may not be provable on the “facts” before it the judge concluded that DS Najib is guilty. It is highly probable now that Daint Rosma Mansor and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will likely be found guilty on the same basis that the trial judge in DS Najib’s trial found him guilty of the charges he faced.

Now here’s what confronts the prosecution. The prosecution has the smell of decay but it is unable to and has not found not the decaying corpse to support their case of corruption against for the present DS Najib. It is circumstantial evidence they rely on.

No one from the prosecution or government will touch the real evidence with a barge pole because the evidence points to the billions in slush funds, Dr. Mahathir wanted diverted to his projects even after he left office. And to go after that pot of gold now smelling like a rotting corpse is to unravel the rot and financial corruption of ona monumental scale in UMNO Baru.

The prosecution will urge the judges to find each of these individuals “guilty”. Each of them will then file appeals. Tose appeals will run into years by which time witnesses will either fall out of high rise buildings, be found strtangled in banana plantations or the evidence will become stale and the case difficult to prove.

The involvement in UMNO’s corruption and its gatekeeper in many instances are eminent persons in various honarary government positions sitting on the boards of many large government or government linked corporations today on a sinecure if nothing else.

Zeti (although not Zeti alone) is under investigation by US authorities as part of a wider investigation into the funding of radical Islamic groups and to the group that was behind the USS Cole bombing and 9/11. That much we can now reveal having spoken to one of several law firms acting for the victims of 9/11.

Thus far these are mere allegations not the subject of irrefutable proof of corruption. They are allegations the subject of circumstantial evidence against each of the defendants. Having money in your bank account is not a criminal offence. Transferring money from any account into a recipients bank account without their knowlege or authority is an offence.

Everyone knows where the billions of dollars that went into projects, transfers, transactions in most corruptions have come from, yet no one in the prosecution or even in the defence including Bank Negara wants to ‘bell the cat’ by calling out the sources and disclosing the records of these transfers and transactions.

The South China Morning Post ran an article more than 10 years ago identifying the Mahathir government as being the benefactor of Yeoh Tiong Lay and his group in their purchase of power stations, large construction contracts domestically and abroad and of government guarantees (similar to that used to prop up Air Asia today) to fund these large investments.

All these guarantees and ‘loans’ (largesse of Mahathir’s government) without proper parliamentary scrutiny, reporting or disclosures that were required under law for such transactions and ‘favours’. Why was there no corruption probe and subsequent trial into any of these transaxctions by UMNO or their supporter beneficiaries of UMNO Baru and Mahathirs government ?

UMNO Baru is coming under increasing scrutiny and heat to explain the unauthorised flow of money from Petronas to individuals and politicians and their side kicks. The qualifications of someone like Rafidah Aziz to sit on Air Asia’s board.

There is ample material on the Mahathir years, on ther Bank Negara Malaysia and the Bank Bumi scandal, the Port Klang Free Trade Zone, Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia and other large scale projects funded with government money and approved by government (under UMNO Baru) compiled and researched by “a large media organization of investigative journalists” which could blow many in Malaysia’s government (and its opposition) out of the water.

Apparently there has also been significant pressure exerted on the group by the US state department and certain individuals and governments not to release any of the information.

Unless Malays and UMNO supporters raise their voices in these trials of DS Najib, Datin Rosma and Zahid, all of them (the Malays) are doomed to return to the days of becoming peons and drivers for the wealthy Malays and Chinese.


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