The only one of God’s creatures known to lick up its own vomit and consume it is the Dog. Humans come a close second when they consume their own burp belched up after a meal. It is called regurgitation. The practice consists of bringing up what one has consumed in a meal, partially digested, through the gastric canal as ‘seconds’ then taking it back in.

The re-emergence of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia for over 2 decades, now attempting to galvanize a raft of failed opposition parties is the political equivalent of what dogs and some humans do.  It is political regurgitation of an indigestible old meal. Vomit or Burp. Either ways the politics of this man and his new found allies (otherwise sworn enemies) is political indigestion.


Dr. Mahathir’s new political party consists of an unimpressive,undignified, insipid, mercenary coterie of narcissists. They are otherwise sworn enemies of the man Tun Dr. Mahathir.

‘He would not have pissed on any of them if they were on fire’: to borrow a befitting Australian expression to describe Dr. Mahathir’s relationship with his new found allies. Yet these same enemies of old now come groveling to the nonagenarian in a desperate bid to try to snatch government from the Barisan Nasional (read Datuk Seri Najib Razak). And for Anwar Ibrahim’s wife Wan Aziza to sit at the same table with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is more a demonstration of the amorality of that woman and her politics.

There once ran on the internet a short clip of ‘Wan Aziza’ (or at least someone who resembled her very closely) in a compromising intimate position with a Caucasian male whilst Anwar was in detention. Whilst neither the government nor anyone we know of actively encouraged or advanced the belief that the woman in that clip was indeed Wan Aziza  (since removed from the internet), by contrast Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR aggressively and unfairly advanced and nurtured the allegation that the former chief Tun Fairuz was guilty of corruption and misconduct in office by virtue of the so called Lingham tapes.

For our part we are in no hurry this time round to be as generous as we were then in regards to stories surrounding either the Tun Dr. Mahathir, Wan Aziza or their political juggernaut, justifying such publication by their standards. Wan Aziza like the rest of her clan appears to be capable of anything in pursuit power. And does the country really need such a collection of tramps as leaders?


What the DAP, the Anwar Ibrahim Family, Berish and the Malaysian Bar and their Pakatan Rakyats are attempting to achieve by dragging a discredited politician like Tun Dr. Mahathir into their ‘causes’ is akin to what the old Soviets used to do in dragging the preserved corpse of Josip Stalin warmed up to liven up the party and scare the recalcitrants in their midst . Such is the state of desperation with the Tun Dr. Mahathir’s political ambitions and the new allies he has assembled from a raft of losers in an effort to overthrow the Najib Razak government.

There is a distinct rancid odour to this new coalition inspired by the Tun. All the signs of failure and desperation appear to follow this group wherever they go, however they disguise themselves. The sour decomposing ingredients of the old guard of the Pakatans are there in this new mix.  A regurgitated political banquet from the past thrown up for seconds. Burp!!

This is yet another policy free coalition with a primary focus on overthrowing government (outside the ballot box). It is an assembly of hopefuls with a demonstrated history of an inability to do anything but shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. They will never win government. With or without the Tun they  will go nowhere unless they are able to present to the public something more than their sinister NED, civil societies drawn agendas of scurrilous, regurgitated rumours of corruption and self serving defamatory statements against individuals and government by incompetent lawyers like Ambiga Srinivasan and the Malaysian Bar.


By hitching the Tun’s daughter Marina Mahathir to their wagons they gain nothing but an added burden to their politics, whilst government circles their wagons as the opposition wheels fall off one by one.

The Tun may well kick a solitary ball or two with his mate and bagman Vincent Tan in a photoshoot to promote his new found political energy. Tan a crony of Dr. Mahathir’s did very well sidestepping the rules to enrich himself at the expense of the state and its citizens courtesy of the Tun. The two may yet have their own proverbial balls kicked  in time to come, so to speak, if they (especially the Tun) don’t pull their head in. And we say this with extreme prejudice.

The Tun like Wan Aziza is a person devoid of morals. He is devoid of religious, cultural or political morals. The Tun may yet rue the day he re entered politics in Malaysia for all the wrong reasons with all the wrong people. His past has recently begun to rise from the dead to catch up with him.

These are no anti Najib style rumours we speak of. They are about well documented acts and misdeeds by the man whilst prime minister of Malaysia. It is about his secret deals with the American defence establishment and the more secretive illegal deals he conducted using state revenue to enrich people like Vincent Tan, Eric Cheah and Yeoh Tiong Lay.

The Tun’s indiscretions run into the tens of billions of dollars. The Tun it seems could be singularly credited with the destabilization of Malaysia more than anyone else in its recent history.


Dr. Mahathir’s daughter Marina Mahathir had been politically compromised a long time ago when she became the recipient of CIA funds and the assistance of prominent foreigners seeking to turn Malaysia into another Yangon, now Paris or Damascus. War is big business. Civil war is even bigger business.

It is the belated realization of this agenda of civil societies, the NED and similar organizations by Britons that resulted in the Chillcot inquiry now set to drag former British PM Tony Blair before parliament for misleading it.

Lets make no mistake of the misguided sentiments of this group of haters who pretend that they have the interests of the majority at heart. They don’t.  Apart from the elected representatives within the opposition political parties, Ambiga, Marina and Dr. Mahathir Mohamad have no lawful mandates to speak for anyone. They are about as representative as ISIS is of Islam. What they fear from the ballot box they seek to gain from chaos and civil strife instead. 

Britain and France are now paying a very heavy price for their experiments and misadventures abroad in places like Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Iraq. In each of these countries they set up the equivalent of Bersih and the NGOs that exist in Malaysia, forcing regime change there. Many now realize  that the root causes of all their economic, social and security problems lie in the civil societies NED regime change agendas. They were forced on each of these states they destroyed against the will of the majority there

The events of today, Bastille Day in Nice France, should serve as a reminder to all people everywhere of the very sinister and dark agenda of civil societies, the National Endowment for Democracy and their French and other European equivalents. Each of these regime change agendas are supported actively in Malaysia by the likes of Bersih, Ambiga Srinivasan and Maria Chin Abdullah on the one hand, Marina Mahathir and her group Sisters in Islam, The Malaysian Bar, PKR, the DAP and the 80 odd NGOs operating in Malaysia. 

Turkey too was a big supporter of Anwar. It also attempted to adulterate Islam and rewrite its tenets to support a western agenda like the Sisters in Islam do in Malaysia. They too gave refuge to Tunisians, Egyptians and Syrians who sought to overthrow their governments outside the ballot box.

What occurred in Turkey in recent weeks (airport bombing amongst others) is an example of what the NED, the French and civil societies actually wish to achieve in all of the countries they infect with their so called‘democratic liberal ideologies’. It always ends up in tears and in civil wars a few benefit from. Their attempts at social engineering and ‘regime change’ outside the ballot box is undemocratic and a recipe for disaster. 

The government would do well to establish a royal commission of inquiry on its own terms to investigate the source of funding and control of Bersih, the Malaysian Bar, the DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat, lest all Malaysian perish in the same war that rages in Turkey, the Ukraine, former Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Syria and now France.


  1. Be glad to Dog shit. Anytime. But do you have the wherewithal to read and understand a constitutional argument.? from your retort to the blog there appears to be no chance. It will be like casting pearls before swine. But then again I suppose even swine are entitled to pretend that they can read or are human.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well the good thing about my style of writing (not perfect) is that it appeals to you. You spend so much time criticizing it for all the wrong reasons but instead of falling asleep like you suggest readers will do on reading the “shit” I suspect you consume it. I have lots of it to dish out to hungry people (ooops thats an exaggeration now) like you. And the dead Bishop who robbed the poor.

      Bon appetite


  2. I understand ur perspective, and am inclined to make it more universal. Isn’t it smart to pick all our allies according to this principle? Every one of us is a mess in one way or another, so why not choose to blend our fates with those whose messiness entertains us and teaches us the most?


    1. Why do you say everyone of us is in a mess? who do you mean by everyone? even if your assumptions were true do we all need to follow the pied piper of Hamlin. Are we really mice?

      Are we not responsible (w with some exceptions) for our own fates? Don’t we get the government we deserve in the end? are we not being spectators to our own demise by firstly listening to the rumours of Bersih and Anwar then jumping on a train to the death camps because no other conveyance is available and we don’t wish to walk to our destination otherwise?


  3. You efficiently surmise the precise nature of the tasks at hand, and do what’s necessary to accomplish them. There’ll be no false starts or reliance on iffy data or slapdash trial-and-error experiments. You’ll have a light touch as you find innovative short cuts that produce better results than would be possible via the grind-it-out approach.


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